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If you're new to the Path of Exile Wiki project, please read the Help page, and don't forget to check the Editing page for details on how to format pages.

Getting started

New to wiki editing?

New to the path of exile wiki?

Helping out on the path of exile wiki

The wiki is community maintained and we need everyone to help out. Check out Path of Exile Wiki:To-do list for a list of general to-do that are being worked on.

There are also some minor improvements to be done, here are some ideas:

  • Browse Category:Maintenance and improve any pages
  • Improve existing pages (see the section below for more details)
  • Create new pages if you can't find the information you seek (or create redirect pages if the information exists)
  • Reduce content-duplication by implementing Labeled Section Transclusion
  • Help with any of the projects listed on this page

Improving existing pages

  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Make sure the pages are in line with other similar pages (i.e. share similar layout and order of sections)
  • Adding sources
  • Add missing information
  • Improve the understanding of pages by
  • Adding interwiki links to other articles
  • Verify the information on the page is still correct in regards to the current version of the game
  • Port existing templates to lua modules

Language translation

See Translation guidelines.

Querying data from the wiki

See Path of Exile Wiki:Data query API


Uncompressed DDS files from the ggpk for the wiki

If you've been trying to get images for the wiki from the content.ggpk recently, you'll probably have noticed that they are "no valid dds file".

The image files are compressed with google's brotli library. The first 4 bytes of the file are not part of the image data, but rather a byte-size of the uncompressed image. Some "dds" files may also be text file to contain a pointer to another dds file (like *2DArt/

If you don't want to handle that yourself you can use PyPoE as long you install the brotli library manually, basically follow those steps

  • Install Python 3.4 (NOT 3.5) and PyPoE
  • Navigate to the brotli releases
  • Download the lastest wheel for 3.4, i.e. Brotli-0.5.2-cp34-cp34m-win32.whl
  • Install with pip install Brotli-0.5.2-cp34-cp34m-win32.whl

Then using the pypoe_ui command in the ggpk viewer, you have check in the options menu that dds files are uncompressed upon extracting them.