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Path of Exile Royale was a Game Mode added for April Fool's Day 2018. The game mode pits 100 players in a last-man-standing match on a large island.


Joining a Royale match works like joining a race league. Characters created for Royale are placed in the Void league.

Once in the game, you won't be able to move until the game starts. Once there are 20 players, there will be 30 additional seconds for players to join (up to maximum of 100) before the game starts.

Each player spawn on the edge of the map, and the safe zone periodically shrinks towards the center every 2 minutes. The danger zone is marked with a red border and the next danger zone is marked with a green border. An arrow under the character will point towards the safe zone if you are within the green zone. Players inside the danger zone will take damage over time which increases over time.

Various loot containers exist in the map:

  • Supplies: Found in the starting areas, these boxes drop identified magic equipment and skill gems.
  • Cache: Contains identified magic to unique equipment, flasks, and rarer skill gems.
  • Trove: Contains crafting currency items.

On death, you can choose to Spectate, turning into an invisible ghost that can freely roam the map.

The winner of PoE Royale receives a Rhoa Dinner Hideout decoration.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.