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Passive Skill:AscendancyAscendant42

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Ascendancy Passive Skill
Integer Id39598
Reminder Text(You can only take one of the three Duelist Ascendancy passives)
(Fortify grants 20% reduced Damage Taken from Hits)
(Enemies you Taunt can only target you, and deal 10% less damage to anyone else. Taunt lasts for 3 seconds)
(Intimidated enemies take 10% increased Attack Damage)
(When an Impaled enemy is hit, the Impale reflects 10% of the physical damage of the Impaling hit to that enemy. Impale lasts for 5 hits)
Ascendancy ClassAscendant
Your Hits permanently Intimidate Enemies that are on Full Life
25% chance to Taunt on Hit
Enemies Taunted by you take 10% increased Damage
10% chance to Fortify on Melee hit
20% chance to Impale Enemies on Hit with Attacks
You and nearby Allies have 8% increased Movement Speed
Champion (Ascendants) passive skill icon.png