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Area: Highgate (Act 4), The Quarry (Act 9), Highgate (Act 9)
Functions: Ex-Dirigeant of Highgate (Deceased)

Oyun is an NPC that can be found in Highgate in Act 4, with a significant role in several quests.

Always composed and rational in her behaviour, she is the sekhema - leader - of the Maraketh, who broke with over two centuries of tradition started by Deshret, admitting exiles into Highgate and allowing for the breaking of Deshret's Seal.

Oyun is voiced by New Zealand actress Helen Wong.


Despite strong opposition and criticism of Kira, Deshret's descendant, Oyun decided to end the two centuries long isolation of Highgate and allow exiles into the city (Petarus and Vanja being the first ones) in order to gain knowledge of the outside world, seeing that Dominus' Blackguards have begun attacking the Maraketh.

Oyun also believes that imprisoning The Beast inside the Mines resulted in nothing more than "trading one curse for another", and putting great faith in the help of Tasuni, who is apparently gifted - or cursed - with visions allowing him to understand The Beast, she decided that an outsider, not limited by the ties and ways of the Maraketh, will finally be able to break Deshret's Seal and kill The Beast once and for all.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Oyun now has a white tiger.
  • Introduced to the game.