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Location(s) The Wetlands
Quest(s) Deal with the Bandits
The Bandit Lord Alira
The Bandit Lord Kraityn
The Bandit Lord Oak
Resistance(s) Resists Elemental Damage
Resists Chaos Damage
Skill(s) Enduring CryEnduring CryWarcry, AoE, Duration
Radius: 60
Mana Cost: (7-16)
Can Store 1 Use(s)
Cooldown Time: 4.00 sec
Cast Time: 0.25 sec
Requires Level 16Performs a warcry, adding endurance charges proportional to the number of surrounding enemies and granting life regeneration to you for a short time if there are nearby enemies. Taunts all nearby enemies to attack the user. Shares a cooldown with other Warcry skills.Per 1% Quality:
3% increased Area of Effect
(8-36) Endurance Charges granted per one hundred nearby enemies
Base duration is 0.75 seconds
Regenerate (48-394) Life per second
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
Enduring Cry skill icon.png

Immortal CallImmortal CallSpell, Duration, Guard
Mana Cost: (21-36)
Can Store 1 Use(s)
Cooldown Time: 3.00 sec
Requires Level 34Take less Physical and Elemental Damage for a short time. Consumes up to 5 Endurance Charges to lengthen the buff and further lessen Physical Damage taken. Shares a cooldown with other Guard skills.Per 1% Quality:
1% increased Skill Effect Duration
(25-34)% less Elemental Damage taken
(25-35)% less Physical Damage taken
15% less Physical Damage taken per Endurance Charge removed
20% increased Buff Duration per Endurance Charge removed
This Skill's Cooldown does not recover during its effect
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
Immortal Call skill icon.png

Leap SlamLeap SlamAttack, AoE, Movement, Travel, Melee
Radius: 15
Mana Cost: 10
Cast Time: 1.40 sec
Requires Level 10Jump into the air, damaging and knocking back enemies with your weapon where you land. Enemies you would land on are pushed out of the way. Requires an Axe, Mace, Sceptre, Sword or Staff. Cannot be supported by Multistrike.Per 1% Quality:
1% increased Stun Duration on enemies
Deals (100-120)% of Base Damage
+0.55 seconds to Attack Time
(20-39)% increased Stun Duration against Enemies that are on Full Life
Damaging Hits always Stun Enemies that are on Full Life
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
Leap Slam skill icon.png

SweepSweepAttack, AoE, Physical, Melee
Radius: 26
Mana Cost: 8
Cast Time: 1.15 sec
Attack Speed: 70% of Base
Effectiveness of Added Damage: (170%-225%)
Requires Level 12Swings a two handed melee weapon in a circle, knocking back monsters around the character.Per 1% Quality:
0.5% increased Area of Effect
Deals (170-225)% of Base Damage
(5-75) to (8-113) Added Attack Physical Damage
Knocks Enemies Back on Hit
+(0-4) to radius
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
Sweep skill icon.png

Oak is a unique bandit located in The Wetlands.

Defeating him is part of the quest Deal with the Bandits, The Bandit Lord Alira or The Bandit Lord Kraityn - as he drops the quest item Oak's AmuletOak's AmuletA relic of a sundered relationship,
it awaits reconciliation with its kin.
; siding with him is part of the quest The Bandit Lord Oak.

If siding with Oak he will reward the character with the following bonuses:

  • 1% of Life Regenerated per second
  • 2% additional Physical Damage Reduction
  • 20% increased Physical Damage


Before the fight, be sure to take note of what enemies are at what location. Most importantly, you want to keep good tabs on where the archers are, for they deal great damage, and unlike the melee enemies, their damage can't be avoided simply by running away. Usually there are two melee henchmen at the door, followed by several groups standing all standing in a circle with each group consisting of two melee henchmen and one ranged character between the two. One group, however, is just two archers standing by each other.

When the fight starts, it is a good idea to take cover behind the tents. This enables you to take minimal damage from the arrows as well as give you some protection from Oak. Oak cannot jump over the tents if you are on the other side, and will rarely chase very far. From there you can pop in and out picking off each henchmen starting with the ranged so that you don't have to avoid all the arrows. If Oak or the melee henchmen are coming up on you at the tent then you want to simply move behind a different tent.

Once the minions are down it is a simple act of attacking Oak, running away if you need to heal, and avoid getting hit by his leap slam attack. It is best that you try to bait him into doing the leap slam attack, backing up to avoid, then attacking him while he is still in the leap slam animation and cannot do anything.


Oak is voiced by American-born New Zealand actor, Campbell Cooley.[1]

Oak: So an enemy of hope has fallen. Kraityn will not be missed. Did you do it for a higher purpose, perhaps? Something worthy… like peace?

Every day my brethren must battle and die with Alira’s thralls of the old road. To spare the lives of many, you need take only one.

But if peace isn’t enough reward for you, bring me the amulet that hangs around Alira’s worthless neck. I trust you have Kraityn’s in hand already? I thought so. When joined with mine, those trinkets will forge us a new strength, you and I. The strength to bring about peace.


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