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Mysterious Darkshrine

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A Mysterious Darkshrine

Mysterious Darkshrines can be found in the Lord's Labyrinth. When activated, a shrine will impart a beneficial effect. There are four darkshrines in each run. They are found by pulling switches on the walls. The minimap will show the passageway, but it won't appear in the game itself. They will always appear on the upper part of the walls.

Izaro's voice-over

Activating a Mysterious Darkshrine plays a randomly selected voice-over line, spoken by Izaro. Depending on the player's game settings, a text transcript of the voice-over may be displayed in the chat log. These voice-overs should not be confused with the text that appears in the chat log to describe the effect of the activated shrine. There are three possible voice-over lines:

Transcript Audio
A potent little gift from our primitive past.
Dark influences reside in dark places.
The pursuit of power can be a grotesque affair.

List of shrine effects

There are a limited number of shrine effects, all beneficial. Which effect a Mysterious Darkshrine will impart is determined by the layout of the Labyrinth. "Be Twice Blessed" is the only effect which can occur more than once, but will provide no additional bonus for multiple effects.[citation needed]

Chat Text Effects
Be twice blessed The player will receive an additional use of the Divine Font. This effect can be gained more than once per Labyrinth, but multiple effects will not stack.
To the worthy go the spoils Izaro will drop one additional unique item when defeated in the final encounter.
Discover what lies within Izaro will drop one additional Treasure KeyTreasure KeyThis item is required to open one of Izaro's Treasure Chests located in the Labyrinth. This item will drop on the ground when leaving the Labyrinth. when defeated in the final encounter.
Movement ceases, tension mounts Labyrinth traps are disabled in the final encounter with Izaro. (NOTE: Stationary traps will still deal damage.)
Death doesn't wait The character and any party members in the same area gain a random shrine effect that persists until leaving the Labyrinth.
The heart quickens, the blood thickens All areas within the Labyrinth gain the following modifiers:

50% reduced Damage Taken from Hits from Labyrinth Traps
50% reduced effectiveness of Damage over Time Debuffs from Labyrinth Traps on Players

Restore that which was lost. Players are regenerating life and mana.
Courage stands tall. Players in the Labyrinth are affected by massive shrine

Version history

Version Changes
  • Updated the Labyrinth to not be able to spawn Darkshrine effects that could overwrite a Darkshrine effect already in the Labyrinth.
  • Added new darkshrine effects designed specifically for the Labyrinth, all of which positively affect the run in some way. All of the previous darkshrine effects have been disabled.

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