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Modifier:SynthesisImplicitLifeRegenPerEnduranceCharge1 ~~ ~~ ~

Mod IdSynthesisImplicitLifeRegenPerEnduranceCharge1____
Mod typeLifeRegenerationPercentPerEnduranceCharge
Mod domainItem (Id: 1)
Generation typeUnique (Id: 3)
Req. Level50
EffectRegenerate 0.3% of Life per second per Endurance Charge
Granted Buff Id
Granted Buff Value
Granted Skill
Tagsresource, life
Tier Text
#Stat IdMinimumMaximum
Spawn weights
Generation weights
Modifier sell price
6Alchemy Shard

SynthesisImplicitLifeRegenPerEnduranceCharge1____ is the internal id of an unnamed modifier.

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