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Master rotation

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The Forsaken Masters expansion introduces a daily quest per master in the player's hideout. A master rotation describes a group of players coming together in order to finish the daily quest of one of each player's masters in order to maximize experience gain. Since a player is awarded 250% experience from doing his own daily quest and 100% from participating in other dailies, a rotation where all players offer the same master yields an expected 750% experience for each individual player's master. In other words, doing masters together is three times as effective as doing them alone.

Kinds of rotations
  • Certain masters only. This one is very typical, e.g. a "Vorici rotation" means all players contribute a Vorici daily quest.
  • Mixed rotations. This rotation allows joining with any master. Useful to level one's lower level masters by spending a higher level one's daily quest.
  • Level limits. Most, if not all, rotations are limited to a certain level, so that the daily quests shared all yield similar amounts of experience. A "Tora 6+ rotation" means that all participating players are required to share a Tora of at least level 6.
    • Rotations may have player with a wild (i.e. non-daily) master quest in a map where the monster level is comparable to what a daily quest would yield; for example, a wild Elreon in a 71 map might be admissible in a "7+" rotation.
    • See Master Reputation and Favour#Daily Missions for master reputation area levels.
  1. A rotation or desire to join one is announced in a forum, chat channel, or similar. Example announcements:
    • LFM Cata 6+ rota - "Looking for more players to join our Catarina rotation with at least level 6"
    • LF3M mixed 5+ rota (so far Elreon 5, Zana 6, Vagan 6) - "Looking for 3 more players to join our mixed rotation of master of at least level 5. So far we've got Elreon 5, Zana 6, Vagan 6 already."
    • LFG Elreon 7+ rota, offering 74 wild - "Looking for group of Elreons of at least level 7, I'd contribute a wild Elreon in a level 74 area"
  2. Players are invited, or ask for an invitation by whispering. For mixed rotations, this typically involves telling which master one would like to contribute ("got Haku 7 here").
  3. Once a group of 6 is filled, the order of players is written into the group title ("1. Alice - 2. Bob - 3. Caesar - ...").
  4. Players join the hideout/area of the player at turn and do the daily.
  5. Repeat until everyone contributed the daily.