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Maramoa Patua is an NPC located in Act 3 and Act 8.


Unlike other exiles, Maramoa intentionally became an exile to be free of slavery in Oriath. She is a Karui woman descended from Kaom.


Maramoa is voiced by Ana Corbett.[citation needed]


Maramoa Patua thanks you, exile, for returning our Clarissa to us. She is the gentle heart of this place, a spirit still capable of love in this wasteland of hatred. Yet that gentle heart remains in jeopardy. Tolman isn’t deserving of Clarissa, but she’ll not smile until he’s by her side.

General Gravicius

General Gravicius demands absolute obedience from his Blackguards... meaning he's surrounded himself with cowards and lackwits unable to lift a finger without orders.

If you are able, traverse the river and murder Gravicius in his own barracks. You'll be ripping the very mind from the skulls of our enemies.

The Ribbon Spool

This Ribbon Spool device… why would the Blackguards want to protect it, on this side of the river too? What is its import to them? And why have they not taken it back to their encampment?

I give you only questions, I know. You found it near the Solaris Temple? Then perhaps that’s where you should look for your answers.

Ebony Legion

Dominus and his Ebony Legion arrived some time ago. Now the Blackguards scour Sarn like hungry maggots on a carcass. What’re they looking for? Only that which is best left unfound.

The Purity Rebellion

It's an often-told story among the Karui. How Voll of Thebrus bent on his knee to my ancestor, King Kaom, and promised freedom in return for war. While Voll raised his Purity Rebellion in the heart of the Empire, Kaom took Lord Lioneye's head and the southern coast all the way to the Siren's Cove. It was the greatest conquest the Karui had ever seen.

Crossing the River

If I knew how to cross the river safely, I'd be wearing Gravicius' head on my belt.

Traversing the sewers under the river. I should have thought of that myself. Yet, the more of a picture you paint of that Undying concoction in the sewers, the less I want to see it.

If you manage to destroy it, expect a storm of undeath to descend upon you. The dark is their home, and there’d be nowhere more homely to the Undying than a pitch-swathed drain under a river.


Clarissa will weep for Tolman. She must. The cloud is darkest before the rain.


Hargan is a man of many claims, and those claims seldom dance harmoniously together. A lie is a death sentence in Ngamakanui, so I was raised a daughter of Truth. Hargan is a son of self interest. He's no warrior nor spirit-singer; He's a korangi. I don't know the right word in Oriathan, but in Karui it means 'he who wins wars with false promises'.


Grigor straddles two worlds. one foot planted on this soil, one in the dirt of spirit and shadow. When you speak with him, be sure to know from which world his words arise.

The Undying

Citizens of Sarn that was... the Undying have been around for hundreds of years. Left to their own devices, they're likely to survive for hundreds more. Still, they're not immune to mortality's touch. They can be killed... with some difficulty.


There’s still prey out there. An over-reaching witch, floundering out of her depth. Happy hunting, Makoru.

Piety (after defeating Piety)

You have claimed the most worthy of prey, Makoru. Piety, the Mistress of Corruption. I’m not saying the war is over, but you’ve given Wraeclast a much needed respite. Because of you, this land lives to see another dawn.

And don’t forget that you’ve done Grigor a justice of some magnitude. He will wish to speak to you.


To kill a man like Dominus, that’s an accomplishment worthy of Kaom, my greatest ancestor. Were we in Ngamakanui, I’d make you a makanga, an honoured warrior. But we are not in Ngamakanui. We dwell in a city of death, and my respect is all the honour I can bestow on you.

Piety and Dominus

You have claimed the most worthy of prey, Makoru. Piety and Dominus, the Harbingers of Nightmare. I’m not saying the war is over, but you’ve given Wraeclast a much needed respite. Because of you, this land lives to see another dawn.

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