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Mana Rune
Mana Rune status icon.png
You are taking Lightning Damage and losing Mana.

Mana Rune is a detrimental ground effect. The ground effect is casted by the Conqueror boss Baran, the Crusader and found in maps influenced by him.

A active Mana Rune as seen in the Baran Arena

The Runes take a short amount of time once casted in order to activate and apply the debuff to the player.

A inactive Mana Rune as seen in the Baran Arena

Active Mana Runes "shine" brighter than their counterpart. Mana Runes that have been activated only last for a certain amount of time before vanishing.

See also

  • StormbindStormbindSpell, AoE, Channelling, Lightning, Duration
    Mana Cost: (5-14)
    Cast Time: 0.20 sec
    Requires Level 28Channel to improve runes placed by Stormbind based on the mana you spend channelling this skill. Release to detonate the targeted rune, which will cause other runes to detonate in a chain reaction.Per 1% Quality:Base duration is 12 seconds
    Deals (36-306) to (108-919) Lightning Damage
    Runes can be improved 3 times
    Runes deal 100% more Damage with Hits and Ailments for each time they have been Improved
    50% reduced Movement Speed
    A Rune is Improved for each (5-24) Mana Spent
    Runes have 30% more Area of Effect for each time they have been Improved
    Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
    Rune Blast skill icon.png

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