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Mana cost

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Mana cost refers to the amount of mana spent to perform a certain skill once.


Skills generally have a base mana cost which is modified by mana multipliers on linked support gems. The rate of mana use is also affected by cast speed, attack speed, and other speed modifiers such as temporal chains, chills, and Suppressing Fire.

Blood Magic makes character spend life instead of mana on skills.

Mana multipliers on gems and passives are multiplicative. [1] Elreon mod jewelry applies to the mana cost after all multiplication.[2][3]

Skill gems

Unique items

Passive skills

Ascendancy Class Name Bonuses
Hierophant avatar.png
Sanctuary of Thought
  • 50% reduced Mana Cost of Skills
  • Gain 30% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield
  • 50% reduced Mana Cost of Skills while on Full Energy Shield

Name Bonuses
Mana and Reduced Mana Cost
    • 5% increased maximum Mana
    • 3% reduced Mana Cost of Skills
    • 8% increased maximum Mana
    • 4% reduced Mana Cost of Skills
  • 16% increased maximum Mana
  • 5% reduced Mana Cost of Skills