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Maelström of Chaos (Original)

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Maelström of Chaos
Atoll Map
Map Level: 67
Map Tier: 2
Guild Character: Ç
Item Quantity: (+40%-+60%)
Item Rarity: (+200%-+400%)
Area has patches of chilled ground
20 patches with Ground Effect per 100 tiles (Hidden)
Ground Effect has a radius of 14 (Hidden)
Monsters deal 50% extra Damage as Lightning
Monsters are Immune to randomly chosen Elemental Ailments or Stun
Monsters' Melee Attacks apply random Curses on Hit
Monsters reflect Curses
Whispers from a world apart
Speak my name beyond the tomb;
Bound within the Maelström's heart,
Will they grant me strength or doom?
Travel to this Map by using it in the Templar Laboratory or a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
Maelström of Chaos inventory icon.png
Purchase Costs
Unique10x Chaos Orb
Sell Price
12x Alchemy Shard
Item class: Maps
Maelström of Chaos
Map area, Unique Map area
No Waypoint
Area level67
Area type tagsmountain
Tagsunique_map, map, area_with_water, old_map_series
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