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Lost in Love

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Lost in Love
Lost in Love quest icon.png
Required Yes
Start Meeting Clarissa in City of Sarn
Objective Rescue Clarissa and Tolman
Completion Talk to Clarissa
Boss Piety of Theopolis
Piety of Theopolis


This Quest is given to you by Maramoa upon arriving in Sarn Encampment or by meeting Clarissa in City of Sarn. The goal is to find two lovebirds, Clarissa and Tolman, who went missing in Sarn Slums.

The assignment can be completed by first finding and rescuing Clarissa from a group of Blackguards in City of Sarn. Clarissa then gives you the task of finding Tolman who was dragged off by Piety's henchmen into the Crematorium.

Clarissa: I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but we’ve no time for talk. Tolman was out here with me and now… Piety has him.

They’re headed for the Crematorium . I’ve no chance against Piety her Blackguards, but you – you’re another matter entirely.

Please, you found it in your heart to rescue me. Tolman is just as worthy of your generosity.

The entrance to the Crematorium is in the Slums. At the end of the Crematorium you can find Tolman's body and take his bracelet after fighting off a full team of blackguards and Piety (who flees after losing half of her health). Alternatively, you can go to the Crematorium first and get the bracelet and then rescue Clarissa who recognizes it immediately. Either way, Clarissa returns to Sarn Encampment and fills the role of accessory trader which isn't available in town before you find her.

Clarissa: Poor Tolman. I made this bracelet for him… when he first arrived here. Idiot said he’d never take it off. I called him a liar. He didn’t, though. Not once.

Clarissa: I need to give you something. I asked a lot of you out there in the Slums. More than I should have.

You tried, and that’s all we exiles can ever hope to do.

Return to Sarn Encampment and talk to Maramoa to receive your reward.

Maramoa: Tolman’s dead then. Another victim of Piety’s cruelty. Perhaps he escaped lightly. Look upon Grigor to see what life entails under Piety’s influence.

I give you this, in recognition of all that you have done for us. We shall mourn Tolman’s death as we shall treasure Clarissa’s life.

Quest rewards

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Vendor rewards

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