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Elegant Ringmail
Quality: +20%
Armour: 452
Energy Shield: (122-164)
Movement Speed: -5%
Requires Level 64, 90 Str, 105 IntHas 6 Sockets
Adds (4-10) to (14-36) Physical Damage to Attacks
+(8-24) to all Attributes
(20-60)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
+(15-50) to maximum Energy Shield
+(20-60) to maximum Life
+(20-50) to maximum Mana
(6-30)% increased Rarity of Items found
(15-50)% increased Elemental Damage
Your Maximum Resistances are (76-78)%
When it comes to finding a use for surplus,
a rich man has within himself
boundless creativity.
Loreweave inventory icon.png
This item can be acquired by vendoring 60x Unique Rings.
Purchase Costs
Unique8x Chaos Orb
Sell Price
12x Alchemy Shard
21x Alteration Shard
Item class: Body Armours

Loreweave is a unique Elegant RingmailElegant RingmailArmour: 377
Energy Shield: 87
Movement Speed: -5%
Requires Level 64, 90 Str, 105 Int


The Your Maximum Resistances are (76-78)% modifier is a hard cap on the player's maximum resistance. Players cannot get above the stated roll, even when using a purity aura, but also cannot drop below the stated value, usually as a consequence of map modifiers. So the maximum resistance will always stay at that number. Players still have to gather resistances to get to that number, Loreweave doesn't grant the resistances by itself.

Like with many vendor recipes, the resulting Loreweave's itemlevel is equal to the lowest itemlevel of all the unique rings used to create it. Consequently the item often does not meet the required item level of 50 to have up to six sockets naturally. The mod Has 6 Sockets ignores this limit and grants the item six sockets to begin with. One can reduce the amount of sockets with Vorici's Artisan bench, but can not use the bench to get back to six sockets (attempting to do so results in a "Item has fixed Sockets" error message). Using Jeweller's OrbsJeweller's OrbStack Size: 20Reforges the number of sockets on an itemRight click this item then left click a socketed item to apply it. The item's quality increases the chances of obtaining more sockets.
Shift click to unstack.
on a Loreweave is only possible when the socket amount was lowered below the natural socket maximum from item level. In this case a single Jeweller's Orb restores the item to six sockets. Note that one risks getting stuck at two sockets if the item level is 1, as two sockets then counts as fully socketed which prevents the use of Jeweller's Orbs and the Artisan bench cannot force one socket.

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  • Corrupted rings can be used.
  • The recipe will not work if The Mysterious GiftThe Mysterious GiftA merchant seeks to trade misfitting gifts. Five for one, but what is the one?You will trade five unique items with a vendor.Right-click to add this prophecy to your character.Seal Cost:
    1x Silver Coin
    prophecy is active.
  • Loreweave will be a Shaper item or Elder item if all rings are Shaper items or Elder items respectively.

Legacy variants

Loreweave has a legacy variant.

Version Discontinued Modifiers

Has 6 Sockets
Adds (4-10) to (14-36) Physical Damage to Attacks
+(8-24) to all Attributes
(20-60)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
+(15-50) to maximum Energy Shield
+(20-60) to maximum Life
+(20-50) to maximum Mana
(6-30)% increased Rarity of Items found
(15-50)% increased Elemental Damage
Your Maximum Resistances are (76-80)%


Version history

Version Changes
  • Loreweave now sets your Maximum Resistances to a maximum of 78% (from 80%). Existing versions of this item can be updated to the new values with a Divine Orb.
  • Updated the Loreweave, KingmakerKingmaker
    Despot Axe
    Two Handed Axe
    Quality: +20%
    Physical Damage: (281.2-307.8)(381.1-417.15)
    Critical Strike Chance: (6.50%-7.00%)
    Attacks per Second: (1.39-1.46)
    Weapon Range: 13
    Requires Level 66, 140 Str, 86 Dex(250-285)% increased Physical Damage
    (7-12)% increased Attack Speed
    (30-40)% increased Critical Strike Chance
    Nearby Allies have 30% increased Item Rarity
    Nearby Allies have Culling Strike
    Insufficient Mana doesn't prevent your Melee Attacks
    Nearby Allies have +50% to Critical Strike Multiplier
    Nearby Allies have Fortify
    A King and his people are linked together
    like a soul and a beating heart.
    Both can be severed by a same edge,
    then forged anew.
    , and The TamingThe Taming
    Prismatic Ring
    Requires Level 30+(8-10)% to all Elemental Resistances20% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments per Freeze, Shock and Ignite on Enemy
    +(20-30)% to all Elemental Resistances
    30% increased Elemental Damage
    10% chance to Freeze, Shock and Ignite
    30% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
    "Moon after moon did Berek make fools
    Of the great and Untamed Three
    Until malice for a Brother
    Slew the hatred of the Other
    And Berek did hunt
    Alone and free."
    - Berek and the Untamed
    vendor recipes to give Shaper and Elder results if all the inputs were Shaper or Elder items.
  • Introduced to the game.