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List of rings

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This is a list of ring base items.


Breach RingBreach RingProperties are doubled while in a BreachCorrupted1Properties are doubled while in a BreachCorrupted
Coral RingCoral Ring+(20-30) to maximum Life1+(20-30) to maximum Life
Iron RingIron RingAdds 1 to 4 Physical Damage to Attacks1Adds 1 to 4 Physical Damage to Attacks
Paua RingPaua Ring+(20-30) to maximum Mana1+(20-30) to maximum Mana
Unset RingUnset RingRequires Level 5Has 1 Socket5Has 1 Socket
Sapphire RingSapphire RingRequires Level 8+(20-30)% to Cold Resistance8+(20-30)% to Cold Resistance
Topaz RingTopaz RingRequires Level 12+(20-30)% to Lightning Resistance12+(20-30)% to Lightning Resistance
Ruby RingRuby RingRequires Level 16+(20-30)% to Fire Resistance16+(20-30)% to Fire Resistance
Diamond RingDiamond RingRequires Level 20(20-30)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance20(20-30)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
Gold RingGold RingRequires Level 20(6-15)% increased Rarity of Items found20(6-15)% increased Rarity of Items found
Moonstone RingMoonstone RingRequires Level 20+(15-25) to maximum Energy Shield20+(15-25) to maximum Energy Shield
Two-Stone RingTwo-Stone RingRequires Level 20+(12-16)% to Fire and Cold Resistances20+(12-16)% to Fire and Cold Resistances
Two-Stone RingTwo-Stone RingRequires Level 20+(12-16)% to Cold and Lightning Resistances20+(12-16)% to Cold and Lightning Resistances
Two-Stone RingTwo-Stone RingRequires Level 20+(12-16)% to Fire and Lightning Resistances20+(12-16)% to Fire and Lightning Resistances
Amethyst RingAmethyst RingRequires Level 30+(9-13)% to Chaos Resistance30+(9-13)% to Chaos Resistance
Prismatic RingPrismatic RingRequires Level 30+(8-10)% to all Elemental Resistances30+(8-10)% to all Elemental Resistances
Cerulean RingCerulean RingRequires Level 80(8-10)% increased maximum Mana80(8-10)% increased maximum Mana
Opal RingOpal RingRequires Level 80(15-25)% increased Elemental Damage80(15-25)% increased Elemental Damage
Steel RingSteel RingRequires Level 80Adds (3-4) to (10-14) Physical Damage to Attacks80Adds (3-4) to (10-14) Physical Damage to Attacks
Vermillion RingVermillion RingRequires Level 80(5-7)% increased maximum Life80(5-7)% increased maximum Life

Drop disabled

Golden HoopGolden HoopRequires Level 12+(8-12) to all Attributes12+(8-12) to all Attributes
Jet RingJet Ring(5-10)% increased Global Defences1(5-10)% increased Global Defences