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The list below displays items that are rewarded from quests.

Quest Rewards

Due to item restrictions in the time limited leagues, quest rewards might be different than shown here.

Class →WitchShadowRangerDuelistMarauderTemplarScion
Quest ↓
Enemy at the Gate
Act 1
Kinetic Bolt
Raise Zombie
Cobra Lash
Ethereal Knives
Explosive Trap
Stormblast Mine
Caustic Arrow
Frost Blades
Ice Shot
Ground SlamFrostbolt
Purifying Flame
The Caged Brute
Act 1
Infernal Legion Support
Lightning Warp
Minion Damage Support
Summon Skeletons
Multiple Traps Support
Siphoning Trap
Arrow Nova SupportMaim SupportShield Charge
The Siren's Cadence
Act 1
Creeping Frost
Flesh Offering
Fire Trap
Icicle Mine
Lightning Trap
Venom Gyre
Elemental Hit
Lightning Arrow
Lightning Strike
Siege Ballista
Toxic Rain
Shattering Steel
Chain Hook
Infernal Blow
Searing Bond
Storm Call
Breaking Some Eggs
Act 1
Summon Raging SpiritShrapnel BallistaBlood and Sand
War Banner
Molten ShellHoly Flame Totem
Summon Holy Relic
Mercy Mission
Act 1
Medium Life Flask (iLvl 4)
Medium Mana Flask (iLvl 4)
Quicksilver Flask (iLvl 4)
Mercy Mission
Act 1
Swift Assembly Support
The Marooned Mariner
Act 1
Book of Skill (The Marooned Mariner)
The Dweller of the Deep
Act 1
Book of Skill (The Dweller of the Deep)
A Dirty Job
Act 1
Book of Regrets (A Dirty Job)
The Way Forward
Act 1
Book of Skill (The Way Forward)
The Sacred Grove
Act 1
Pylon (iLvl 1)
Lifeforce Collector
Act 1
Wild Lifeforce Collector (iLvl 1)
Lifeforce Disperser
Act 1
Disperser (iLvl 1)
Lifeforce Storage
Act 1
Storage Tank (iLvl 1)
Different Seeds
Act 1
Primal Lifeforce Collector (iLvl 1)
New Seeds
Act 1
Vivid Lifeforce Collector (iLvl 1)
The Great White Beast
Act 2
Chain Belt (iLvl 15)
Greater Life Flask (iLvl 15)
Greater Mana Flask (iLvl 15)
Heavy Belt (iLvl 15)
Leather Belt (iLvl 15)
Quicksilver Flask (iLvl 15)
Rustic Sash (iLvl 15)
Sharp and Cruel
Act 2
Minion Speed Support
Predator Support
Nightblade Support
Trap and Mine Damage Support
Through Sacred Ground
Act 2
Book of Regrets (Through Sacred Ground)
Survival Instincts (iLvl 1)
Survival Secrets (iLvl 1)
Survival Skills (iLvl 1)
Intruders in Black
Act 2
DesecrateBlade Blast
Summon Skitterbots
Ensnaring ArrowFlesh and StoneHerald of Purity
Wave of Conviction
Deal with the Bandits
Act 2
The Apex
Lost in Love
Act 3
Sewer Keys
Lost in Love
Act 3
Purity of Elements
Assassin's Mark
Plague Bearer
Sniper's MarkDread Banner
Rallying Cry
General's Cry
Infernal Cry
Victario's Secrets
Act 3
Book of Skill (Victario's Secrets)
A Fixture of Fate
Act 3
Charged Mines Support
Charged Traps Support
Faster Projectiles Support
High-Impact Mine Support
Fork SupportIncreased Duration Support
A Swig of Hope
Act 3
Coral Ring (iLvl 30)
Gold Ring (iLvl 30)
Paua Ring (iLvl 30)
The Ribbon Spool
Act 3
Amber Amulet (iLvl 28)
Gold Amulet (iLvl 28)
Jade Amulet (iLvl 28)
Lapis Amulet (iLvl 28)
Fiery Dust
Act 3
Infernal Talc
Sever the Right Hand
Act 3
Dark Pact
Glacial Cascade
Kinetic Blast
Raise Spectre
Winter Orb
Flamethrower Trap
Lightning Spire Trap
Pestilent Strike
Pyroclast Mine
Seismic Trap
Artillery Ballista
Scourge Arrow
Wild Strike
Lancing Steel
Ancestral Warchief
Consecrated Path
Dominating Blow
Shock Nova
Shockwave Totem
Piety's Pets
Act 3
Book of Skill (Piety's Pets)
The Eternal Nightmare
Act 4
Cluster Traps Support
Minefield Support
Vile Toxins Support
Brutality SupportIgnite Proliferation Support
Breaking the Seal
Act 4
An Indomitable Spirit
Act 4
Book of Skill (An Indomitable Spirit)
Return to Oriath
Act 5
Ruby Ring (iLvl 41)
Sapphire Ring (iLvl 41)
Topaz Ring (iLvl 41)
Two-Stone Ring (ruby and sapphire) (iLvl 41)
Two-Stone Ring (ruby and topaz) (iLvl 41)
Two-Stone Ring (sapphire and topaz) (iLvl 41)
The Key to Freedom
Act 5
Colossal Hybrid Flask (iLvl 42)
Hallowed Life Flask (iLvl 42)
Hallowed Mana Flask (iLvl 42)
Quicksilver Flask (iLvl 42)
Silver Flask (iLvl 42)
Stibnite Flask (iLvl 42)
In Service to Science
Act 5
Book of Skill (In Service to Science)
Death to Purity
Act 5
Fight for Survival (iLvl 1)
First Snow (iLvl 1)
Frozen Trail (iLvl 1)
Hazardous Research (iLvl 1)
Inevitability (iLvl 1)
Omen on the Winds (iLvl 1)
Overwhelming Odds (iLvl 1)
Rapid Expansion (iLvl 1)
Ring of Blades (iLvl 1)
Spreading Rot (iLvl 1)
Wildfire (iLvl 1)
The King's Feast
Act 5
Assassin's Haste (iLvl 1)
Poacher's Aim (iLvl 1)
Warlord's Reach (iLvl 1)
Kitava's Torments
Act 5
Book of Skill (Kitava's Torments)
Essence of Umbra
Act 6
The Father of War
Act 6
Book of Skill (The Father of War)
Fallen from Grace
Act 6
Book of Regrets (Fallen from Grace)
Bestel's Epic
Act 6
Agate Amulet (iLvl 45)
Chain Belt (iLvl 45)
Citrine Amulet (iLvl 45)
Heavy Belt (iLvl 45)
Leather Belt (iLvl 45)
Rustic Sash (iLvl 45)
Turquoise Amulet (iLvl 45)
The Puppet Mistress
Act 6
Book of Skill (The Puppet Mistress)
The Cloven One
Act 6
Book of Skill (The Cloven One)
The Master of a Million Faces
Act 7
Book of Skill (The Master of a Million Faces)
Essence of the Artist
Act 7
Web of Secrets
Act 7
Obsidian Key
The Silver Locket
Act 7
Basalt Flask (iLvl 54)
Diamond Flask (iLvl 54)
Granite Flask (iLvl 54)
Jade Flask (iLvl 54)
Quartz Flask (iLvl 54)
Kishara's Star
Act 7
Book of Skill (Kishara's Star)
In Memory of Greust
Act 7
Agate Amulet (iLvl 57)
Citrine Amulet (iLvl 57)
Gold Amulet (iLvl 57)
Greust's Necklace
Onyx Amulet (iLvl 57)
Turquoise Amulet (iLvl 57)
Queen of Despair
Act 7
Book of Skill (Queen of Despair)
Essence of the Hag
Act 8
Two-Stone Ring (ruby and sapphire) (iLvl 59)
Two-Stone Ring (ruby and topaz) (iLvl 59)
Two-Stone Ring (sapphire and topaz) (iLvl 59)
Unset Ring (iLvl 59)
Reflection of Terror
Act 8
Book of Skill (Reflection of Terror)
The Wings of Vastiri
Act 8
Conqueror's Efficiency (iLvl 1)
Conqueror's Longevity (iLvl 1)
Conqueror's Potency (iLvl 1)
Love is Dead
Act 8
Book of Skill (Love is Dead)
The Gemling Legion
Act 8
Book of Skill (The Gemling Legion)
The Ruler of Highgate
Act 9
Book of Skill (The Ruler of Highgate)
The Storm Blade
Act 9
Fossilised Spirit Shield (iLvl 61, 3-linked)Alder Spiked Shield (iLvl 61, 3-linked)Lacquered Buckler (iLvl 61, 3-linked)
Tempered Foil (iLvl 61, 3-linked)
Teak Round Shield (iLvl 61, 3-linked)Ebony Tower Shield (iLvl 61, 3-linked)
Sundering Axe (iLvl 61, 4-linked)
Branded Kite Shield (iLvl 61, 3-linked)
Fastis Fortuna
Act 9
Book of Regrets (Fastis Fortuna)
Queen of the Sands
Act 9
Book of Skill (Queen of the Sands)
Bottled Storm
Safe Passage
Act 10
Aquamarine Flask (iLvl 65)
Divine Life Flask (iLvl 65)
Divine Mana Flask (iLvl 65)
Hallowed Hybrid Flask (iLvl 65)
Quartz Flask (iLvl 65)
Silver Flask (iLvl 65)
Sulphur Flask (iLvl 65)
Death and Rebirth
Act 10
An End to Hunger
Act 10
Book of Skill (An End to Hunger)
No Love for Old Ghosts
Act 10
Book of Regrets (No Love for Old Ghosts)
Map to Tsoatha
Act 10
Chain Belt (iLvl 66)
Cloth Belt (iLvl 66)
Heavy Belt (iLvl 66)
Leather Belt (iLvl 66)
Rustic Sash (iLvl 66)
Studded Belt (iLvl 66)
Vilenta's Vengeance
Act 10
Book of Skill (Vilenta's Vengeance)
Picking Up the Pieces
Act 11
Mausoleum Map (Heist) (iLvl 68)
Park Map (Heist) (iLvl 68)
Tower Map (Heist) (iLvl 68)
Volcano Map (Heist) (iLvl 68)
The Redeemer (quest)
Act 11
Cobalt Watchstone (iLvl 1)
The Crusader (quest)
Act 11
Crimson Watchstone (iLvl 1)
The Warlord (quest)
Act 11
Golden Watchstone (iLvl 1)
The Hunter (quest)
Act 11
Viridian Watchstone (iLvl 1)