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List of nemesis mods

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List of Nemesis modifiers that can appear on Monsters.

Ancestral PowerN/A
Blessing of ElementsGain 50% of Physical Damage as Extra Damage of a random Element (Hidden)
Always cause Elemental Status Ailments (Hidden)
Bringer of BonesN/A
Bringer of FragilityCurse Enemies with Vulnerability on Hit
Bringer of Weakness100% chance to Curse Enemies with Enfeeble on Hit (Hidden)
ChronophageCurse Enemies with Temporal Chains on Hit
Corrupting BloodN/A
Elemental ThornsN/A
Elemental ThornsN/A
Final GaspCorpse can not be destroyed (Hidden)
Can not be dominated (Hidden)
FracturedMonster spawns (8-12) Monsters on death (Hidden)
Inferno BoltN/A
Inner TreasureMonster drops 1 additional Unique Item (Hidden)
Light BoltN/A
Lightning MirageN/A
NullifierHas a 100% Chance to remove Flask Effects on Hit (Hidden)
Always removes Charges on Hit (Hidden)
Physical ThornsN/A
Physical ThornsN/A
Proximity ShieldN/A
Shroud WalkerN/A
Snow BoltN/A
Soul ConduitCorpse can not be destroyed (Hidden)
Can not be dominated (Hidden)
Soul EaterGrants 1% increased Character Size to aura owner on death (Hidden)
Grants 5% increased Attack Speed to aura owner on death (Hidden)
Grants 5% increased Cast Speed to aura owner on death (Hidden)
Grants 5% increased Damage Reduction to aura owner on death (Hidden)
Soul is consumed on death (Hidden)
Storm HeraldN/A
Vile TouchAttacks poison (Hidden)
Vine SnareN/A
Volatile FlamebloodN/A
Volatile FlamebloodN/A