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List of monster prefix mods

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List of prefix modifiers that can appear on Monsters.

Accuracy and Crits Aura45% increased Global Accuracy Rating
75% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
Cannot Die AuraCan not die (Hidden)
Deadly300% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
+65% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier (Hidden)
Energy Shield Aura30% of Maximum Life is added to Maximum Energy Shield (Hidden)
Large Physical Damage Aura50% increased Global Physical Damage (Hidden)
Life Regen AuraRegenerate 1% of Life per second
Massive25% increased maximum Life
20% increased Character Size (Hidden)
Medium Physical Damage Aura30% increased Global Physical Damage (Hidden)
Plated40% increased Armour
Precise40% increased Global Accuracy Rating
Resists Aura+35% to all Elemental Resistances (Hidden)
SanguineRegenerate 0.67% of Life per second
Savage25% increased Damage
Shimmering100% increased maximum Energy Shield
Slow Aura25% reduced Movement Speed
Speed Aura35% increased Attack Speed
35% increased Cast Speed (Hidden)
75% increased Movement Speed
SplittingSkills fire 2 additional Projectiles
SteadfastCannot be Stunned
Swift50% increased Movement Speed
VengefulGroup Frenzy on Death