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List of innate rare monster modifiers

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This is a list of modifiers that are granted to monsters with the rare rarity automatically.

MonsterRare1Monster gives 750% increased Experience on death (Hidden)
MonsterRare1010% increased Character Size (Hidden)
MonsterRare11Monster drops gear 2 levels above its own level (Hidden)
MonsterRare2463% more maximum Life (Hidden)
MonsterRare31400% increased Quantity of Items dropped by this Monster (Hidden)
MonsterRare41000% increased Rarity of Items dropped by this Monster (Hidden)
MonsterRare5Monster deals 50% more Damage (Hidden)
MonsterRare6Monster gives 500% increased Flask Charges on death (Hidden)
MonsterRare7Monster does not flee. (Hidden)
MonsterRare825% increased Movement Speed
MonsterRare9Monster has 33% more Attack Speed, 33% more Cast Speed and 33% less Damage (Hidden)