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List of glove enchantment mods

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List of enchantment modifiers that can spawn on gloves.

EnchantmentOfBladesOnHit1Trigger Word of Blades on Hit
EnchantmentOfBladesOnHit2Trigger Edict of Blades on Hit
EnchantmentOfBladesOnHit3Trigger Decree of Blades on Hit
EnchantmentOfBladesOnHit4Trigger Commandment of Blades on Hit
EnchantmentOfFlamesOnHit1Trigger Word of Flames on Hit
EnchantmentOfFlamesOnHit2Trigger Edict of Flames on Hit
EnchantmentOfFlamesOnHit3Trigger Decree of Flames on Hit
EnchantmentOfFlamesOnHit4Trigger Commandment of Flames on Hit
EnchantmentOfForceOnHit1Trigger Word of Force on Hit
EnchantmentOfForceOnHit2Trigger Edict of Force on Hit
EnchantmentOfForceOnHit3Trigger Decree of Force on Hit
EnchantmentOfForceOnHit4Trigger Commandment of Force on Hit
EnchantmentOfFrostOnKill1Trigger Word of Frost on Kill
EnchantmentOfFrostOnKill2_Trigger Edict of Frost on Kill
EnchantmentOfFrostOnKill3Trigger Decree of Frost on Kill
EnchantmentOfFrostOnKill4Trigger Commandment of Frost on Kill
EnchantmentOfFuryOnHit1Trigger Word of Fury on Hit
EnchantmentOfFuryOnHit2Trigger Edict of Fury on Hit
EnchantmentOfFuryOnHit3Trigger Decree of Fury on Hit
EnchantmentOfFuryOnHit4Trigger Commandment of Fury on Hit
EnchantmentOfInfernoOnKill1Trigger Word of Inferno on Kill
EnchantmentOfInfernoOnKill2Trigger Edict of Inferno on Kill
EnchantmentOfInfernoOnKill3Trigger Decree of Inferno on Kill
EnchantmentOfInfernoOnKill4_Trigger Commandment of Inferno on Kill
EnchantmentOfIreWhenHit1Trigger Word of Ire when Hit
EnchantmentOfIreWhenHit2Trigger Edict of Ire when Hit
EnchantmentOfIreWhenHit3Trigger Decree of Ire when Hit
EnchantmentOfIreWhenHit4Trigger Commandment of Ire when Hit
EnchantmentOfLightWhenCrit1Trigger Word of Light when you take a Critical Strike
EnchantmentOfLightWhenCrit2Trigger Edict of Light when you take a Critical Strike
EnchantmentOfLightWhenCrit3Trigger Decree of Light when you take a Critical Strike
EnchantmentOfLightWhenCrit4Trigger Commandment of Light when you take a Critical Strike
EnchantmentOfReflectionWhenHit1Trigger Word of Reflection when Hit
EnchantmentOfReflectionWhenHit2Trigger Edict of Reflection when Hit
EnchantmentOfReflectionWhenHit3Trigger Decree of Reflection when Hit
EnchantmentOfReflectionWhenHit4Trigger Commandment of Reflection when Hit
EnchantmentOfSpiteWhenHit1Trigger Word of Spite when Hit
EnchantmentOfSpiteWhenHit2_Trigger Edict of Spite when Hit
EnchantmentOfSpiteWhenHit3Trigger Decree of Spite when Hit
EnchantmentOfSpiteWhenHit4Trigger Commandment of Spite when Hit
EnchantmentOfTempestOnHit1Trigger Word of the Tempest on Hit
EnchantmentOfTempestOnHit2_Trigger Edict of the Tempest on Hit
EnchantmentOfTempestOnHit3Trigger Decree of the Tempest on Hit
EnchantmentOfTempestOnHit4Trigger Commandment of the Tempest on Hit
EnchantmentOfTheGraveOnKill1__Trigger Word of the Grave when your Skills or Minions Kill
EnchantmentOfTheGraveOnKill2Trigger Edict of the Grave when your Skills or Minions Kill
EnchantmentOfTheGraveOnKill3Trigger Decree of the Grave when your Skills or Minions Kill
EnchantmentOfTheGraveOnKill4Trigger Commandment of the Grave when your Skills or Minions Kill
EnchantmentOfThunderOnKill1Trigger Word of Thunder on Kill
EnchantmentOfThunderOnKill2Trigger Edict of Thunder on Kill
EnchantmentOfThunderOnKill3Trigger Decree of Thunder on Kill
EnchantmentOfThunderOnKill4Trigger Commandment of Thunder on Kill
EnchantmentOfWarOnKill1Trigger Word of War on Kill
EnchantmentOfWarOnKill2Trigger Edict of War on Kill
EnchantmentOfWarOnKill3_Trigger Decree of War on Kill
EnchantmentOfWarOnKill4Trigger Commandment of War on Kill
EnchantmentOfWinterWhenHit1Trigger Word of Winter when Hit
EnchantmentOfWinterWhenHit2Trigger Edict of Winter when Hit
EnchantmentOfWinterWhenHit3Trigger Decree of Winter when Hit
EnchantmentOfWinterWhenHit4Trigger Commandment of Winter when Hit