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List of glove enchantment mods

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List of enchantment modifiers that can spawn on gloves.

15 mods per tier.

Name For generated item/monster modifiers the minimum item/monster level respectively. Some generation types may not require this condition to be met, however item level restrictions may be raised to 80% of this value. Effect(s)
EnchantmentOfBladesOnHit132Trigger Word of Blades on Hit
EnchantmentOfBladesOnHit253Trigger Edict of Blades on Hit
EnchantmentOfBladesOnHit366Trigger Decree of Blades on Hit
EnchantmentOfBladesOnHit475Trigger Commandment of Blades on Hit
EnchantmentOfFlamesOnHit132Trigger Word of Flames on Hit
EnchantmentOfFlamesOnHit253Trigger Edict of Flames on Hit
EnchantmentOfFlamesOnHit366Trigger Decree of Flames on Hit
EnchantmentOfFlamesOnHit475Trigger Commandment of Flames on Hit
EnchantmentOfForceOnHit132Trigger Word of Force on Hit
EnchantmentOfForceOnHit253Trigger Edict of Force on Hit
EnchantmentOfForceOnHit366Trigger Decree of Force on Hit
EnchantmentOfForceOnHit475Trigger Commandment of Force on Hit
EnchantmentOfFrostOnKill132Trigger Word of Frost on Kill
EnchantmentOfFrostOnKill2_53Trigger Edict of Frost on Kill
EnchantmentOfFrostOnKill366Trigger Decree of Frost on Kill
EnchantmentOfFrostOnKill475Trigger Commandment of Frost on Kill
EnchantmentOfFuryOnHit132Trigger Word of Fury on Hit
EnchantmentOfFuryOnHit253Trigger Edict of Fury on Hit
EnchantmentOfFuryOnHit366Trigger Decree of Fury on Hit
EnchantmentOfFuryOnHit475Trigger Commandment of Fury on Hit
EnchantmentOfInfernoOnKill132Trigger Word of Inferno on Kill
EnchantmentOfInfernoOnKill253Trigger Edict of Inferno on Kill
EnchantmentOfInfernoOnKill366Trigger Decree of Inferno on Kill
EnchantmentOfInfernoOnKill4_75Trigger Commandment of Inferno on Kill
EnchantmentOfIreWhenHit132Trigger Word of Ire when Hit
EnchantmentOfIreWhenHit253Trigger Edict of Ire when Hit
EnchantmentOfIreWhenHit366Trigger Decree of Ire when Hit
EnchantmentOfIreWhenHit475Trigger Commandment of Ire when Hit
EnchantmentOfLightWhenCrit132Trigger Word of Light when you take a Critical Strike
EnchantmentOfLightWhenCrit253Trigger Edict of Light when you take a Critical Strike
EnchantmentOfLightWhenCrit366Trigger Decree of Light when you take a Critical Strike
EnchantmentOfLightWhenCrit475Trigger Commandment of Light when you take a Critical Strike
EnchantmentOfReflectionWhenHit132Trigger Word of Reflection when Hit
EnchantmentOfReflectionWhenHit253Trigger Edict of Reflection when Hit
EnchantmentOfReflectionWhenHit366Trigger Decree of Reflection when Hit
EnchantmentOfReflectionWhenHit475Trigger Commandment of Reflection when Hit
EnchantmentOfSpiteWhenHit132Trigger Word of Spite when Hit
EnchantmentOfSpiteWhenHit2_53Trigger Edict of Spite when Hit
EnchantmentOfSpiteWhenHit366Trigger Decree of Spite when Hit
EnchantmentOfSpiteWhenHit475Trigger Commandment of Spite when Hit
EnchantmentOfTempestOnHit132Trigger Word of the Tempest on Hit
EnchantmentOfTempestOnHit2_53Trigger Edict of the Tempest on Hit
EnchantmentOfTempestOnHit366Trigger Decree of the Tempest on Hit
EnchantmentOfTempestOnHit475Trigger Commandment of the Tempest on Hit
EnchantmentOfTheGraveOnKill1__32Trigger Word of the Grave when your Skills or Minions Kill
EnchantmentOfTheGraveOnKill253Trigger Edict of the Grave when your Skills or Minions Kill
EnchantmentOfTheGraveOnKill366Trigger Decree of the Grave when your Skills or Minions Kill
EnchantmentOfTheGraveOnKill475Trigger Commandment of the Grave when your Skills or Minions Kill
EnchantmentOfThunderOnKill132Trigger Word of Thunder on Kill
EnchantmentOfThunderOnKill253Trigger Edict of Thunder on Kill
EnchantmentOfThunderOnKill366Trigger Decree of Thunder on Kill
EnchantmentOfThunderOnKill475Trigger Commandment of Thunder on Kill
EnchantmentOfWarOnKill132Trigger Word of War on Kill
EnchantmentOfWarOnKill253Trigger Edict of War on Kill
EnchantmentOfWarOnKill3_66Trigger Decree of War on Kill
EnchantmentOfWarOnKill475Trigger Commandment of War on Kill
EnchantmentOfWinterWhenHit132Trigger Word of Winter when Hit
EnchantmentOfWinterWhenHit253Trigger Edict of Winter when Hit
EnchantmentOfWinterWhenHit366Trigger Decree of Winter when Hit
EnchantmentOfWinterWhenHit475Trigger Commandment of Winter when Hit