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List of divination cards granting other items

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This is a list of Divination cards which grant non-unique items as reward.

  • Bowyer's DreamBowyer's Dream6Six-Link Harbinger Bow
    Item Level: 91
    If this is my dream, I don't wish to wake.
  • The Carrion CrowThe Carrion Crow4Life ArmourFrom death, life.
    From life, death.
    The wheel turns,
    and the corbies wheel overhead.
  • The Celestial JusticarThe Celestial Justicar6Six-Link Astral PlateWrapped in the glory of the heavens, she comes to mete out justice for the fallen.
  • The Chains that BindThe Chains that Bind11Six-Link Body ArmourScarier than any criminal is an innocent man in chains, for when he breaks free, his revenge will be justified.
  • The Dapper ProdigyThe Dapper Prodigy6Six-Link Body Armour
    Item Level: 100
    "Many believe murder is a grisly, grim, and grotesque crime. Then there are those who simply make art of it."
  • The Dark MageThe Dark Mage6Six-Link Staff
    Item Level: 55
    With staff in hand
    and wrath in heart,
    your soul and corpse
    shall surely part.
  • Destined to CrumbleDestined to Crumble5Body Armour
    Item Level: 100
    "Let us not forget the most important lesson the Vaal taught us:
    Nothing is eternal."
    - Siosa Foaga, Imperial Scholar
  • Emperor of PurityEmperor of Purity7Six-Link Holy Chainmail
    Item Level: 60
    True to his title,
    Voll, newly crowned,
    had many of the
    Eternal Empire's signature
    extravagances destroyed.
  • The EtherealThe Ethereal7Six-Link Vaal Regalia"Long ago, people looked to the stars, believing they influenced us. Soon, it will be us who influence the stars."
    - Doryani, Queen's Thaumaturge
  • The Flora's GiftThe Flora's Gift5Five-Link Staff
    Item Level: 66
    Sturdy and strong,
    grown from the stream.
    The Flora that live here,
    A combatant's dream.
  • The InoculatedThe Inoculated4Seraphim's ArmourChaos spread, wreaking havoc and death. They said none would be spared, and yet here I stand.
  • The JesterThe Jester9Merciless One-Hand Weapon
    Item Level: 100
    Summoned for the King's desire,
    soon applause came from the court.
    However insanity was his only sire,
    so the King's reign was cut short.
  • The King's BladeThe King's Blade5Bloodthirsty Eternal Sword
    Item Level: 66
    "To know for what you fight. To get up again when you've been struck down. To outmanoeuvre someone faster, trick someone smarter, crush someone stronger. That's what it takes to claim the crown."
    - Daresso, the King of Swords
  • Lantador's Lost LoveLantador's Lost Love7Two-Stone RingThey fought the storm together as one,
    Until the longest of days was done.
    Their love grew stronger
    with every breath,
    Until it was broken apart in death.
  • The Lord in BlackThe Lord in Black6Ring of Bameth
    Item Level: 83
    Thy knee shall bend
    in shifting dark,
    thy blade shall serve his vigil.
    Thy oath shall bind thee
    to his mark,
    thy flesh shall bear his sigil.
  • The LoverThe Lover2Jewellery
    Item Level: 79
    "I wanted to give you three things. I've given you my eternal love. I've sung to you my most beautiful song. I'd have given you the moon last, but it couldn't be found. I hope you'll accept this instead."
  • Merciless ArmamentMerciless Armament4Merciless Two-Hand Weapon
    Item Level: 100
    "Through thick and thin,
    blood and bone,
    a peaceful life
    is one I can't condone."
    - Tukohama, Father Of War
  • The Metalsmith's GiftThe Metalsmith's Gift6Prismatic RingA month's work, a year's wages, a foolish shortcut through a Rhoa's nest, and a grieving bride-to-be, who never received her betrothed's great gift.
  • The PorcupineThe Porcupine6Six-Link Short Bow
    Item Level: 50
    The first quill separates the quick learners from the dead.
  • ProsperityProsperity10Perandus' Gold RingAccumulating wealth has its own costs.
  • The Rabid RhoaThe Rabid Rhoa4Malicious Gemini Claw
    Item Level: 83
    "Experiment 22A: Rhoas, when deprived of water, secrete a most delightfully potent toxin."
    - Maligaro
  • The Road to PowerThe Road to Power7Runic One-Hand Weapon
    Item Level: 100
    A beacon on the horizon; a guiding light, a call for help, or a warning to turn back.
  • Shard of FateShard of Fate4Vivid JewelTheir whims left unknown,
    Their life left for others.
  • The SigilThe Sigil3Unassailable AmuletThree men travel
    through the gate;
    they carry a protective ward.
    A faction conspires
    against their fate,
    but magic unravels the sword.
  • The Spoiled PrinceThe Spoiled Prince4Dictator's Prophecy Wand
    Item Level: 100
    A boy who grows up with everything learns to appreciate nothing.
  • The SurgeonThe Surgeon4Surgeon's Flask"He might be lacking in vision, but his virtuosity is undeniable."
    - Malachai, on Maligaro
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  • The TyrantThe Tyrant9Merciless Weapon
    Item Level: 100
    "Fear controls the masses."
    - Laszlo, the Scourge
  • The Valley of Steel BoxesThe Valley of Steel Boxes9Monstrous Treasure"The most valuable treasures should be hidden in plain sight."
    - Ina, Keeper of Goods
  • The VoidThe Void1Reach into the Void and claim your prize.
  • The WardenThe Warden4Amulet
    Brutus' first innovation as Lord Incarcerator was a weighted chain around every neck so that his prisoners would forever bow to him.
  • The WarlordThe Warlord6Six-Link Coronal Maul
    Item Level: 83
    To cure the Goddess,
    and break the chains of corruption,
    you must shatter the world.