List of divination cards granting currency

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This is a list of divination cards which grant currency items as reward. Other card lists: gem, map, prophecy, six-link, unique, other, all.

Effect(s)Drop AreasAdditional
Drop Restrictions
Abandoned WealthAbandoned Wealth53x Exalted OrbWhen the world burned, the greedy burned with it, while the clever left as paupers.53x Exalted OrbArsenal MapPrecinct MapMao KunN/A
AcclimatisationAcclimatisation220x Orb of AlterationThe world is ever-changing.
Once-lush woods now lost
beneath shifting sands,
Great cities now drown beneath turbulent waters.
Adapt or perish.
220x Orb of AlterationN/AN/A
Alluring BountyAlluring Bounty710x Exalted OrbA treasure worth killing for
is a treasure worth dying for.
710x Exalted OrbThe Apex of SacrificeThe Alluring AbyssN/A
Brother's StashBrother's Stash15x Exalted OrbEven though he found the stash just in time,
He would trade it all away and then some to have him back.
15x Exalted OrbN/AN/A
Chaotic DispositionChaotic Disposition15x Chaos OrbLife isn't what you make of it, it's already been made for you.15x Chaos OrbPoorjoy's AsylumN/A
Coveted PossessionCoveted Possession95x Regal OrbA taste of power brings a hunger for more.95x Regal OrbThe CatacombsThe Ossuary (Act 5)The Ossuary (Act 10)Bone Crypt MapN/A
Demigod's WagerDemigod's Wager7Orb of AnnulmentSometimes you need to make your own luck.7Orb of AnnulmentN/AThe Cleansing Light of Basilica MapBasilica MapMap Level: 72
Map Tier: 5
Guild Character: »
Built so the prayers would echo. A resonance no god could hear.Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
Emperor's LuckEmperor's Luck55x CurrencyThe house always wins.55x CurrencyThe Imperial GardensThe High GardensCourtyard MapOrchard MapTerrace MapN/A
Harmony of SoulsHarmony of Souls99x Shrieking EssenceShrieking souls locked away
Hate splits frozen cells asunder
The knot of corruption
undone at last
99x Shrieking EssenceN/AN/A
House of MirrorsHouse of Mirrors9Mirror of KalandraWhat do you see in the mirror?9Mirror of KalandraThe Alluring AbyssN/A
LoyaltyLoyalty53x Orb of FusingBound by fate,
inseparable by choice.
53x Orb of FusingThe Den (Act 7)Barrows MapGrotto MapLair MapN/A
Lucky ConnectionsLucky Connections720x Orb of FusingLuck is a fool's game, and I know plenty of rich fools.720x Orb of FusingThe DocksThe QuayPier MapPort MapShipyard MapWharf MapN/A
Lucky DeckLucky Deck910x Stacked DeckWhen the outcome is the same, does it matter if it is fortune or trickery?910x Stacked DeckRamparts MapMao KunAlso Shaped variants.
MonochromeMonochrome310x Sextant"You cannot portray the world using just one colour. Together, you and I, we will paint our world into perfection."
- Kyra, renegade thaumaturgist
310x SextantMaelström of ChaosThe Vinktar SquareThe Coward's TrialPillars of ArunThe Twilight TempleMao KunWhakawairua TuahuPoorjoy's AsylumOba's Cursed TroveVaults of AtziriN/A
No TracesNo Traces930x Orb of ScouringThere is no mistake so great that it cannot be undone.930x Orb of ScouringThe Ossuary (Act 5)The Reliquary (Act 10)The Ossuary (Act 10)Mausoleum MapRelic Chambers MapSepulchre MapN/A
Rain of ChaosRain of Chaos8Chaos OrbFire filled the sky that night
Chaos reigned
Where the shards fell
All was destroyed
-Jozen Kasigi, retelling an urban legend of the Cataclysm
8Chaos OrbThe Crossroads (Act 7)The Imperial FieldsCastle Ruins MapN/A
Seven Years Bad LuckSeven Years Bad Luck13Mirror ShardIf enough people believe something to be true, whether or not it is becomes irrelevant.13Mirror ShardDefiled Cathedral MapN/A
Society's RemorseSociety's Remorse110x Orb of AlterationWe live to dream of worlds we aren't in,
a false narrative that we use to fill our souls with doubt;
The world is already beautiful,
there's no need to dream.
110x Orb of AlterationN/AN/A
The CacophonyThe Cacophony83x Deafening EssenceNothing can be heard above the din or seen amongst the turmoil. The senses are shattered. All is left to fate.83x Deafening EssenceMaelström of ChaosCemetery MapCrimson Temple MapExcavation MapMineral Pools MapSepulchre MapUnderground Sea MapN/A
The CartographerThe Cartographer110x Cartographer's ChiselIt's always easier to find your way if you draw a map of the progress you've made.110x Cartographer's ChiselN/ACan drop from Cartographer's Strongboxes.
The CatalystThe Catalyst3Vaal OrbSimple actions can lead the world to an early grave.3Vaal OrbThe CausewayThe Vaal CityThe Temple of Decay Level 1The Temple of Decay Level 2Ancient City MapMaze MapVaal Pyramid MapVaults of AtziriVaal Temple MapN/A
The FoolThe Fool420x Orb of ChanceEven the most learned man is a fool to his own fate.420x Orb of ChanceN/ACan drop from members of the Immortal Syndicate.
The GemcutterThe Gemcutter3Gemcutter's PrismIn the hands of a master craftsman, a worthless pebble can adorn the crown of a king.3Gemcutter's PrismN/ACan drop from Gemcutter's Strongboxes.
The Heroic ShotThe Heroic Shot117x Chromatic OrbTry a thousand times, and eventually you'll have to give up.117x Chromatic OrbN/ACan drop from Arcanist's Strongboxes.
The HoarderThe Hoarder12Exalted Orb"More! I want more!" - Faendris, the Insatiable12Exalted OrbThe Belly of the Beast Level 1The Belly of the Beast Level 2The Harvest (area)The Rotting CoreVault MapN/A
The ImmortalThe Immortal10House of Mirrors"Greetings! Just because you think I'm greedy doesn't mean I'm not willing to share.
You'll just have to kill me first."
-Grandmaster Dy'Ness
10House of MirrorsThe Hall of GrandmastersN/A
The InnocentThe Innocent1040x Orb of RegretHis brother would not atone, so he took his brother's life, and with it, his sins.1040x Orb of RegretThe Chamber of InnocenceBasilica MapN/A
The InventorThe Inventor610x Vaal OrbJump right in,
But beware
Of things broken
Or beyond compare.
610x Vaal OrbThe Temple of Decay Level 1The Temple of Decay Level 2Maze MapVaal Pyramid MapVaults of AtziriVaal Temple MapN/A
The JourneyThe Journey3Harbinger's OrbOh the places you will go, the sights you will see, the things you will meet.3Harbinger's OrbLighthouse MapN/A
The Long ConThe Long Con4Elderslayer's Exalted Orb"This was the proudest moment of my life."

"... so far"
4Elderslayer's Exalted OrbN/AN/A
The Master ArtisanThe Master Artisan520x Quality CurrencyPerfection is the standard, excellence will be handled on a case by case basis.520x Quality CurrencyN/ACan drop from Artisan's Strongboxes.
The PuzzleThe Puzzle55x Breachstone SplinterAs countless fractures weaken the divide, nightmares seep through from the other side.55x Breachstone SplinterN/AThe Puzzle can drop from Beyond demons.
The Saint's TreasureThe Saint's Treasure102x Exalted OrbPublicly, he lived a pious and chaste life of poverty. Privately, tithes and tributes made him and his lascivious company very comfortable indeed.102x Exalted OrbThe SlumsThe MarketplaceThe Imperial FieldsThe Grain GateAlleyways MapArcade MapBazaar MapGhetto MapPort MapPrecinct MapN/A
The ScholarThe Scholar340x Scroll of WisdomIt is with the smallest of words that we find the largest of truths.340x Scroll of WisdomThe LibraryThe ArchivesAcademy MapMuseum MapScriptorium MapN/A
The SeekerThe Seeker93x Orb of AnnulmentAll that is flawed is worthless. The slightest error, and this might as well be trash.93x Orb of AnnulmentThe Temple of AtzoatlN/A
The SephirotThe Sephirot1110x Divine OrbIf the path to divinity were simple, we'd all be gods.1110x Divine OrbThe Upper Sceptre of GodPalace MapDominus or corresponding bosses
The SurvivalistThe Survivalist37x Orb of AlchemyA lucky number
For us all
To help us through
The perils told.
37x Orb of AlchemyThe Wetlands (Act 2)Flooded Mine MapMineral Pools MapUnderground Sea MapN/A
The Tinkerer's TableThe Tinkerer's Table55x FossilTrying to bring your vision to life is enough to drive you mad.55x FossilArid Lake MapAtoll MapBarrows MapGeode MapMesa MapMud Geyser MapN/A
The UnionThe Union710x Gemcutter's PrismOn the 21st of Eterni,
two become one,
their light outshines
the setting sun.
710x Gemcutter's PrismCemetery MapGraveyard MapN/A
The WrathThe Wrath810x Chaos Orb"Daughter of catastrophe, mother of pain. Amongst the filth of Wraeclast, she wanders, and her wrath follows." - Quintoon the Returned810x Chaos OrbThe Cathedral Rooftop (Act 5)The CanalsThe Feeding TroughThe Cavern of Anger (Act 6)Belfry MapLava Lake MapN/A
Three Faces in the DarkThree Faces in the Dark73x Chaos OrbFor every threat you spy in the shadows, there are two others you don't.73x Chaos OrbThe MarketplaceThe Imperial FieldsThe Grain GateThe RefineryArsenal MapFactory MapN/A
Three VoicesThree Voices33x EssenceThe village elders had a curious rule: If you hear three voices scream for aid, flee as fast as you can.33x EssenceArena MapCity Square MapCourthouse MapCourtyard MapCrystal Ore MapGraveyard MapRacecourse MapVaal Pyramid MapVaal Temple MapThis item can be acquired in maps that have 3 bosses.
Underground ForestUnderground Forest410x Awakened Sextant"In the forest again... But at least I have these."410x Awakened SextantN/AN/A
Unrequited LoveUnrequited Love1619x Mirror ShardThe pale flame of his heart
disappeared in his azure reflection.
The work of a life.
Ambitious, and unfinished.
1619x Mirror ShardN/AN/A
Vinia's TokenVinia's Token510x Orb of RegretYou can change your name, but you cannot change your history.510x Orb of RegretThe Lunaris Temple Level 2 (Act 3)The CrematoriumOvergrown Shrine MapShrine MapN/A