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List of bestiary modifiers

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Name Lvl. Beast type Effect(s)
Aspect of the Hellion 1 Summons a spectral hellion which chase after the player. On contact, it detonates itself into multiple fire projectiles.
Blood Geyser 1
Churning Claws 1
Craicic Presence 20 Has an aura which grants 60% of Physical Damage as Extra Cold Damage and 20% reduced Damage taken.
Crimson Flock 1
Crushing Claws 1
Deep One's Presence 20 Has an aura which grants 60% of Physical Damage as Extra Lightning Damage and 25% chance to Blind on Hit.
Erupting Winds 1 Summons tornadoes in a nova, which deal physical damage over time.
Farric Presence 20 Has an aura which grants 15% increased Attack Speed, 50% increased Accuracy Rating, and 50% increased Critical Strike Chance.
Fenumal Presence 20 Has an aura which grants 25% of non-Chaos Damage as Extra Chaos Damage and 100% chance to Poison on Hit.
Fertile Presence 20 Has an aura which grants 30% increased Damage, Stun immunity, and prevents action speed from being lowered below the base.
Hadal Dive 1 Summons spectral crabs that detonate to create a Vortex.
Incendiary Mite 1
Infested Earth 1
Putrid Flight 1 A spectral vulture flies over and drops bombs over its flight path.
Raven Caller 1
Saqawine Presence 20 Has an aura which grants 10% chance to Dodge Attacks and Spells and 15% increased Movement Speed.
Satyr Storm 1 Multiple spectral goatmen leap down to deal damage.
Spectral Stampede 1 A large row of spectral rhoas stampede in a straight line.
Spectral Swipe 1
Tiger Prey 1 Aided by a spectral tiger which attacks with a large AoE swipe attack.
Unstable Swarm 1 Several spectral spider burrow into the ground. After a delay, the detonate for large amounts of chaos damage.
Vile Hatchery 1
Winter Bloom 1