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List of abyss jewel corrupted modifiers

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List of corrupted modifiers that can spawn on abyss jewels.

NameStatsSpawn Weighting
V2CorruptedBloodImmunityAbyssalJewelCorruptedCorrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on youdefault 1000
V2HinderImmunityAbyssalJewelCorruptedYou cannot be Hindereddefault 1000
V2IncreasedAilmentEffectOnEnemiesAbyssalJewelCorrupted(5-7)% increased Effect of non-Damaging Ailments on Enemiesdefault 1000
V2IncreasedAreaOfEffectAbyssalJewelCorrupted(4-5)% increased Area of Effectdefault 1000
V2IncreasedCriticalStrikeChanceAbyssalJewelCorrupted(8-10)% increased Global Critical Strike Chancedefault 1000
V2IncreasedDamageAbyssJewelCorrupted_(4-5)% increased Damagedefault 1000
V2MaimImmunityCorrupted_You cannot be Maimeddefault 1000
V2MinionDamageCorrupted__Minions deal (4-5)% increased Damagedefault 1000
V2ReducedManaReservationCorrupted_1% reduced Mana Reserveddefault 1000
V2SilenceImmunityJewelCorrupted__You cannot be Cursed with Silencedefault 1000