Lightning Aegis

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NameLightning Aegis
Skill IdLightningAegis
IconLightning Aegis skill icon.png
Cast Time1s
Level Req.1
Attack Speed100%
Effectiveness of Added Damage100%
Soul Gain Prevention0.003s
Damage Multiplier100%
Calls forth a protective aegis which takes lightning damage from hits for you until depleted. The aegis will be restored to its full value after a short delay if you stop taking lightning damage from hits.
Lightning Damage from Hits is taken from the Aegis before your Life or Energy Shield
Aegis can take 1000 Lightning Damage
This Spell is Triggered when Equipped
You cannot Cast this Spell directly

Lightning Aegis is a skill that applies a protective buff on the character and absorbs lightning damage from hits up to a certain amount before it temporarily dissipates.


Lightning Aegis can only be obtained by equipping PerepiteiaPerepiteia
Ezomyte Spiked Shield
Quality: +20%
Chance to Block: 25%
Evasion: (760-941)
Energy Shield: (147-182)
Movement Speed: -3%
Requires Level 62, 85 Dex, 85 Int2% chance to Dodge Spell Hits
<One to three random synthesis implicit modifiers>
+(1-3) to Level of Socketed Lightning Gems
Triggers Level 20 Lightning Aegis when Equipped
(1-20)% increased Attack Speed
(1-20)% increased Cast Speed
(300-400)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
+(1-75) to maximum Mana
(1-20)% increased Movement Speed
Something within the machine never stops moving,
but Oriathan scholars dare not open it to find out why.

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Version history

Version Changes
  • No longer has its recharge timer interrupted by damage if the buff is depleted
  • Introduced to the game.