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League bosses

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Some challenge leagues will introduce challenging unique enemies. This page contains a list of such monsters. This list does not include bosses from league-exclusive maps.

List of league bosses

Boss name League Found in
Na'em, Bending Stone Beyond league Maps w/ Otherworldly modifier
Haast, Unrelenting Frost Maps w/ Otherworldly modifier
Tzteosh, Hungering Flame Maps w/ Otherworldly modifier
Bameth, Shifting Darkness Maps w/ Otherworldly modifier
Ephij, Crackling Sky Maps w/ Otherworldly modifier
Abaxoth, the End of All That Is Maps w/ Otherworldly modifier
Xoph, Dark Embers Breach league Xoph's Domain
Esh, Forked Thought Esh's Domain
Tul, Creeping Avalanche Tul's Domain
Uul-Netol, Unburdened Flesh Uul-Netol's Domain
Chayula, Who Dreamt Chayula's Domain
Stygian Spire Abyss league Abyssal Depths
Ulaman, Sovereign of the Well Abyssal Depths
Amanamu, Liege of the Lightless Abyssal Depths
Farrul, First of the Plains Bestiary league Farrul's Den
Saqawal, First of the Sky Saqawal's Roost
Fenumus, First of the Night Fenumus' Lair
Craiceann, First of the Deep Craiceann's Cove
Atmohua, Architect of Iron Incursion league The Temple of Atzoatl
Puhuarte, Architect of the Forge
Xopec, Architect of Power
Citaqualotl, Architect of the Swarm
Zilquapa, Architect of the Breach
Cholotl, Architect of the War
Uromoti, Architect of Expansion
Juatalotli, Architect of the Hoard
Paquate, Architect of Corruption
Estazunti, Architect of the Vault
Quipolatl, Architect of the Nexus
Hayoxi, Architect of Destruction
Zalatl, Architect of Thaumaturgy
Guatelitzi, Architect of Flesh
Tacati, Architect of Toxins
Xipocado, Royal Architect
Ahuana, Architect of Ceremonies
Topotante, Architect of Storms
Zantipi, Architect of Concealment
Tzamoto, Architect of Torments
Matatl, Architect of Fortifications
Azcapa, Architect of the Guild
Ticaba, Architect of the Arena
Jiquani, Architect of Industry
Opiloti, Architect of Strife
The Vaal Omnitect
Ahuatotli, the Blind Delve league Azurite Mine
Kurgal, the Blackblooded Azurite Mine
Aul, the Crystal King Azurite Mine
Catarina, Master of Undeath Betrayal league Mastermind's Lair
Altered Synthete Synthesis league Altered Distant Memory
Augmented Synthete Augmented Distant Memory
Twisted Synthete Twisted Distant Memory
Rewritten Synthete Rewritten Distant Memory
Fractal Gargantuan Cortex
Fractal Titan
Synthete Masterpiece
Aukuna, the Black Sekhema Legion league Domain of Timeless Conflict
Cardinal Sanctus Vox
General Marceus Lioneye
Queen Hyrri Ngamaku
Viper Napuatzi
Omniphobia, Fear Manifest Delirium league Simulacrum
Kosis, The Revelation
Oshabi, Avatar of the Grove Harvest league The Sacred Grove

Invasion bosses

Invasion bosses can only be found in Zana missions or with the Invasion league modifier on the map device.

Boss name League
Alpha Paradisae Invasion league
Balus Stoneskull
Bladeback Guardian
Blood Morpher
Blood Stasis
Corrector Draconides
Docere Incarnatis
Evocata Apocalyptica
Genesis Paradisae
Guardian of the Mound
Harbinger of Elements
Judgement Apparatus
Kall Foxfly
Mother of the Swarm
The Bolt Juggler
The Book Burner
The Duchess
The Firestarter
The Raging Mask
The Revenant


Boss name League
Great Webmother Talisman league
The Scourge of the Wilds
Sire of the Falling Skies
Legion of Lost Souls
Death Blossom
Ululat, Maggot-Bearer
Rigwald, the Wolven King
Junith Perandus, Keeper of Vaults Perandus league
Tantalo Perandus, Seller of Secrets
Actaeo Perandus, Master of Beasts
Vitorica Perandus, Maker of Marvels
Stasius Perandus, Merchant of Corpses
Darsia Perandus, Collector of Debts
Milo Perandus, Handler of Swords
Celona, Vault Sentry
Hortus, Knee Breaker
Kuto, Hired Muscle
Luthis, Bounty Hunter
Belatra, Hired Assassin
Liana, Indebted Peasant
Marius, Indebted Smuggler
Vera, Indebted Aristocrat
Percia, Indebted Poacher