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Lani is an NPC first met in Overseer's Tower, the Act 5 town. She reappears in Oriath Docks, the Act 10 town, as well as in the Epilogue.


Act 5 (Pre-Death to Purity)


An exile returned? How is that even possible? Rising out of the darkness to claim the souls of our enemies like Hinekora in the stories my mother used to tell me. Well, your 'divine intervention' gave us just the diversion we needed to take this power, so if you keep doing things like that then I might have to start believing in the gods again.


We'd been planning it for months. Spreading the word. Stealing weapons. Gathering support. Utula and his followers did most of the dirty work. I just carried a few messages here and there. Should've known I'd end up like this when the real fighting started.

In the darkest hour before dawn, that's when we broke our chains, and as many overseer necks as we could wrap our hands around. We took the panopticon as the sun rose over Theopolis, and that's as far as we got. When you're up against cold steel and colder hearts, there's only so far that anger will take you.


I'd be dead right now if not for Vilenta. I just hope I live long enough to repay her. And how will I do that? By talking Utula out of his inclination to slice Vilenta's throat open.

As far as I'm concerned, our pasts are as broken as our chains.

Oriath Square

When I was a courier for my father's house, I'd cross Cathedral Square a hundred times in a day. On the fairest days that square would be filled to bursting with Oriath's high born, come to bask in the sun and each other's glowing nobility. It was a pretty sight, depending on where you stood.

Act 5 (Post-Death to Purity)


I can't yet begin to unpick the lies that Utula has told us, but this piece of truth I do have. Utula sensed that very moment when you struck your final blow, when you broke the Templar's power. He turned to me and told me this.

"Now our King comes to us. He'll be hungry, so very hungry. I shall prepare him a feast!"

Then he gather his followers and left.

Where's he gone? Oriath Square. You won't need directions. Just follow the screams


Bannon is...unexpected. At least, he's not the sort of Templar that I'm used to dealing with. His ideas about innocence almost make sense to me. The way he worships Innocence, and receives such power in return, it's like his devotion actually brings out the best in his god.

But how is that possible? A god is a god. They bless us and they punish us, not the other way around. Yet for Bannon, somehow it's...different.

The King's Feast

The King's Feast is an ancient ritual born of less enlightened times. Long before the Karui followed the Way, one tribe would conquer another and a feast would be prepared for the triumphant King. The main dishes of this feast were selected carefully, for the sweetness of their nature and the tenderness of their flesh.

You see, when the conquered fills the belly of the conqueror, two tribes become one.

And that's what's happening out there in Theopolis right now. The tribe of Kitava is feeding upon the Tribe of Oriath, and the feast won't end until two tribes become one.

Cult of Kitava

Remember what Utula said about Kitava?

"He is the Tormented One, destined to rise up from the darkness...And we, his children, rise with him."

It was there all along, in eyes too bright and smiles too wide. Cunning concealed by kindess. Conquest wearing the mask of Freedom. I didn't see it because I was looking for something else. Hope.

The Cult only wanted what it's always wanted. To be born again in their father's image. They are Kitava's children, the first of his tribe. Unless you do something about it, they won't be the last.