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The Betrayer
Kira The Betrayer
Area: Highgate (Act 4), The Quarry (Act 9)
Functions: weapon and armour vendor

Kira is an NPC that can be found in Highgate in Act 4. She also functions as a vendor of weapons and armour. Since 3.0.0, in act 9, Kira has been possessed by the queen of the sand Garukhan and has betrayed Highgate by kidnapping Oyun.

Sharing some similarities with Greust from Act 2, Kira is a proud warrior who dislikes and strongly distrusts foreigners, only assisting with providing equipment out of a sense of duty.

Kira is voiced by New Zealand actress Chye-Ling Huang.


A descendant of the legendary Sekhema Deshret, Kira is deeply attached to Maraketh tradition, in particular that begun by her ancestor. She is bitterly opposed to Oyun's decision to end the two centuries long isolation of the Maraketh people and accept exiles into the city (Petarus and Vanja being the first ones), and she is even more opposed to the idea of breaking Deshret's Seal and attempting to kill The Beast - convinced that anyone attempting to do that will certainly die and bring doom upon the city.

However, her attachment to tradition also makes her unwaveringly loyal and as a result, deeply conflicted - she constantly voices her frustration with Oyun's decisions and questions her judgement, but fulfills her duties without hesitation nevertheless.

It seems that Kira is universally admired for her loyalty and bravery - and universally disliked for her closed-mindedness.