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The term kill refers to causing death of a creature.

When kills are made by summoned minions, totems, traps or mines, player characters are credited for kills for the purposes of increased item quantity and rarity, flasks, and achievement-related stats, but generally not combat-related stats, where the non-player entity would get the credit for the kill instead.[citation needed] However, there is currently a bug that causes any damage over time kills to always grant credit to the player character even if they are caused by a minion, totem, trap, or mine.[citation needed]


Most creatures leave corpses on death. Totems and non-unique monsters killed when frozen or under certain effects (e.g. Lua error: callParserFunction: function "#ask" was not found.) don't leave corpses.

Corpses can be:

  • raised (Lua error: callParserFunction: function "#ask" was not found., Necromancer monsters)
  • exploded (Lua error: callParserFunction: function "#ask" was not found., strongboxes with the {{#ask:
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}} prefix)

On/when kill effects

Similarly to on-hit effects, there are effects that trigger when creature has been killed: