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Item allocation is the system by which dropped items are assigned to members of a party. Each area instance has an allocation setting which is fixed when the instance is created. This will default to the party leaders default allocation setting, which can be changed in the options panel, or changed for a specific party in the social panel.

An allocated item will be greyed out to other players and they will not be able to pick it up. However, alert sounds or visual effects will still play for all players.

There are currently 3 allocation options:

  • Permanent Allocation:
Once allocated to a player, the allocation is set until that player leaves the area.
  • Short Allocation:
The allocation lasts 5 seconds then becomes available to all players.
  • Free for All:
No items are allocated.

The allocation will only assign the following items, all others are always considered free-for-all:

Allocation is cleared if the item is picked up and dropped again, if the assigned player leaves an area, or if 5 minutes pass. Items will be allocated to be somewhat balanced between party members with a few notable exceptions: