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Iron Grip

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Iron Grip
Keystone Passive Skill
Iron Grip passive icon.png
  • The increase to Physical Damage from Strength applies to Projectile Attacks as well as Melee Attacks
Legend tells of bows so powerful that only giants could draw them back.

Iron Grip is a keystone passive skill that applies the physical damage bonus from strength to projectile attacks as well as melee attacks.

Strength inherently grants 0.2% increased physical damage with melee weapons per point. Taking Iron Grip applies this bonus to attacks with ranged weapons as well.

Item modifier

These unique items have the Iron Grip modifier, which provides the same effect as this keystone. Taking the keystone in addition to equipping one of these items will impart no additional benefit.

  • GiantsbaneGiantsbane
    Bronze Gauntlets
    Quality: +20%
    Armour: (154 to 169)
    Requires Level 23, 36 StrAdds (3-6) to (10-12) Physical Damage to Attacks
    +(30-40) to Strength
    (80-100)% increased Armour
    Iron Grip
    The monstrous men of yore used bows, they were just bigger.


Iron Grip is a standalone keystone located on the southwest edge of the skill tree.

Class Distance from start
Duelist 11
Marauder 11
Scion 15
Ranger 18
Templar 15
Shadow 25
Witch 22

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.