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This page is about the passive skill. For the itemisation mechanic, see influenced item.
Notable Passive Skill
14% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills [1]

Influence is a notable passive skill that grants increased effect magnitude for auras cast by the character.


Influence is located in the top right area of the tree, just above the Shadow starting area. It is in a cluster of 3 nodes with a Reduced Mana Reservation node and an Aura Effect node.

Class Distance from start
Shadow 12
Witch 13
Scion 15
Ranger 18
Templar 20
Duelist 24
Marauder 25

Version history

Version Changes
  • Now able to allocate via anointment .
  • (Not in patch note) The wording of the passive skill has changed from 14% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras you Cast to 14% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills
  • Introduced to the game.
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