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This is a basic cheatsheet for wiki markup. For a more in-depth listing, see Wiki Markup.


Description Input Notes
Redirect to another page #REDIRECT [[another page]] Only works if it's the only text on the page.

Works anywhere in the text

Description Input Result
Italics, bold, and both ''italics'', '''bold''', and '''''both''''' italics, bold, and both
Link to another page [[skill]]




Pipe a link to change the link's text [[Path of Exile Wiki talk:Community portal|Community Portal]] Community Portal
Link to a section [[Currency#References]]




Red links indicate missing pages [[missing page]] missing page
References and footnotes Users can refer to the wiki editing cheatsheet<ref>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Cheatsheet</ref>.

References: <references/>

Users can refer to the wiki editing cheatsheet[1].


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External link (off-wiki) http://www.curse.com/

[http://www.curse.com/ Curse]



Show deleted or inserted text You can <del>strike out deleted content</del> and <ins>underline new content</ins>. You can strike out deleted content and underline new content.
Superscript and Subscript <sup>superscript</sup> and <sub>subscript</sub> superscript and subscript
Hidden text for editors <!-- This is a hidden comment -->

Internal image link [[:File:Wiki.png]] File:Wiki.png
Internal category link [[:Category:Images]] Category:Images

Works only at the beginning of a line

Description Input Result
Image Resized [[File:Wiki.png]]


Image thumbnail with caption

(defaults to right side of page)

[[File:Wiki.png|thumb|Caption Text]]
Caption Text
Image with different landing page [[File:Wiki.png|link=Main Page]] Wiki.png

(a table of contents is created
with four or more of these)

= First Tier =
== Second Tier ==
=== Third Tier ===
==== Fourth Tier ====
===== Fifth Tier =====
====== Sixth Tier ======

First Tier

Second Tier

Third Tier

Fourth Tier

Fifth Tier
Sixth Tier
Numbered List

#Point One
#Point Two
#Point Three
##Three Subpoint One
#Point Four

  1. Point One
  2. Point Two
  3. Point Three
    1. Three Subpoint One
  4. Point Four
Bullet List

*First Point
*Second Point
*Third Point
**Third Point Subpoint One
*Fourth Point

  • First Point
  • Second Point
  • Third Point
    • Third Point Subpoint One
  • Fourth Point
Indented Lines or Paragraphs

No Indent
:First Indent
::Second Indent
:::and so on

No Indent

First Indent
Second Indent
and so on