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an Azmeri hunter

Greust, the stoic warrior of the Azmeri tribe, is an NPC that can be found in The Forest Encampment in Act 2. He also functions as a vendor of weapons and armour, and some PvP match types are accessed through him.

He is very distrustful in nature, suspecting some ulterior motives even when helped. He is also very direct and blunt in his attitude, and seems to pay no attention to words - valuing action, strength and courage above all else.


Greust has little patience for the exiles - foreigners who invade his land and cause trouble for his people. As the protector of his little tribe he regards the exiles with some suspicion and his trust is hard earned. It is not certain what is his exact role in the Encampment, but it is clear he is one of its leaders in hunting and combat, spending most time on these two matters.

There is an obvious strong rivalry and dislike between him and Silk - with each one accusing the other of cowardice and making up their stories about their hunting exploits. He does not seem to like Eramir either, mostly due to the fact that he is also a foreigner and an exile, and mocks Yeena's visions and claims of talking with the spirits, saying "she talks to herself". He is also quite hostile to Helena on her arrival in the Encampment, seeming rather willing to kill her instead of trusting her in any way.

Despite his hard and distrustful character, however, it is clear he cares deeply about the safety of his people, and even Eramir claims that "no man would do more to protect them".

Behind the scenes

Greust is voiced by New Zealand actor, Barnie Duncan.