Gianna, the Master of Disguise

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The Master of Disguise
Gianna The Master of Disguise
Area: The Rogue Harbour
Functions: Deception Job
Counter-Thaumaturgy Job
Perception Job
Using Gianna's interface to reveal a hidden wing in a Grand Heist blueprint
Gianna performing Deception by transforming herself into a heist monster that looks similar to Backbreaker

Gianna icon.png Gianna, the Master of Disguise is a NPC located in the Rogue Harbour. She is a rogue to hire for Deception jobs in a Heist and Grand Heist.


Gianna's unique heist Perks are:

  • Discovers a Blueprint Reveal upon completion of a Heist Contract Mission
  • 5% reduced Blueprint Revealing Cost

Gianna's skill are:

  • Deception (Max Level 5)
  • Counter-Thaumaturgy (Max Level 3)
  • Perception (Max Level 2)

Quest contracts

  • Contract: The Nameless PlayContract: The Nameless PlayClient: Gianna
    Heist Target: "The Nameless Play"
    Area Level: (68-?)
    Requires Deception (Level 2)
    Requires Gianna, the Master of Disguise
    "I heard the script will send any who attempt to perform it mad,
    but that other than that, it is very good."
  • Contract: The Finest CostumesContract: The Finest CostumesClient: Gianna
    Heist Target: Templar Uniforms
    Area Level: (80-?)
    Requires Deception (Level 3)
    Requires Gianna, the Master of Disguise
    "Make sure it'll fit a small man, or a very large child.
    And check for stains! Knew a few people who'd use them for-...
    ...Just check for stains."

Version history

Version Changes
  • Fixed an issue where Gianna could fail to open a Heist door when in a Grand Heist Wing which also contained Nenet.
  • Fixed a rare issue where Gianna, the Master of Disguise could fail to complete a Job.
  • Gianna, the Master of Disguise's Disguise skill no longer has a cooldown. This fixes a case where she was unable to disguise herself in quick succession.
  • Introduced to the game.