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Ghost Shroud

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Ghost Shroud is the charge generated by Ghost Dance passive skill of the Trickster ascendancy class, which the charge gave the player certain buff. If the player also selected the Escape Artist passive skill, the charge would also given additional buff to the player. Player can spent the initial 2 ascendancy points to select Ghost Dance right after the Normal Labyrinth, as it was connected to the starting position of the skill tree by minor skill node Attack and Cast Speed, Evasion and Energy Shield, while Escape Artist was connected to Ghost Dance via another Attack and Cast Speed, Evasion and Energy Shield minor skill node. Thus, the player would not be able to have Escape Artist while did not have the charge generator Ghost Dance. Since Trickster's skill tree is the only way to gain and use the charge, this game mechanic is exclusive to Trickster.

Version history

Version Changes
  • Fixed a bug where Ghost Shrouds were not able to be gained after changing areas in a PvP match.
  • Introduced to the game