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Gathering Winds

Gathering Winds
Ascendancy Notable Passive Skill
If you've used a Skill Recently, you and nearby Allies have Tailwind
+1000 Evasion Rating while you have Tailwind
10% increased Effect of Tailwind on you for each Skill you've used Recently, up to 100% [1]

Gathering Winds is a notable Ascendancy passive skill for the Deadeye.

With Gathering Winds allocated, using any skill applies Tailwind, a temporary aura that grants the character and nearby allies 10% increased action speed for four seconds. Gathering Winds increases the effect of Tailwind on the character for each skill they have used recently by 10%, up to a maximum of 100%. Gathering Winds also grants 1000 additional evasion rating to the character while they have Tailwind.

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