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FirestormSpell, AoE, Duration, Fire
Radius: 25 / 10
Mana Cost: (9-25)
Cast Time: 0.75 sec
Critical Strike Chance: 6.00%
Effectiveness of Added Damage: 45%
Requires Level 12Flaming bolts rain down over the targeted area. They explode when landing, dealing damage to nearby enemies.Per 1% Quality:
1% increased Damage
Deals (7-200) to (11-300) Fire Damage
Base duration is 2 seconds
One impact every 0.1 seconds
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
Firestorm skill icon.pngFirestorm inventory icon.png
Level: 12
Purchase Costs
Normal1x Orb of Transmutation
Sell Price
1x Scroll Fragment
Item class: Active Skill Gems
Metadata ID: Metadata/Items/Gems/SkillGemFirestorm

Firestorm skill screenshot.jpg

Firestorm is a spell that rains numerous fiery bolts in an area, each bolt dealing area of effect fire damage.

Skill functions and interactions

Area of Effect: Increased AoE will increase both the area in which the fireballs randomly fall and also the radius of the individual fireball damage. Full spell damage is done at any point within the AoE of a fireball, however due to the fact that enemies take up an area and not simply a point, less spell damage is dealt to any given enemy as area increases. For this reason increasing the AoE of Firestorm paradoxically decreases the average damage dealt to a single target.

Duration: Increasing duration with either supports or passives will increase the total number of fireballs that fall before the spell ends.

Damage Effectiveness: Damage from secondary sources like 'added damage' supports or heralds applies at only 30% of their listed value.

Damage per Second: Due to the complexity of estimating actual DPS of the skill including all possible factors, ingame tooltip shows only average damage per hit of one fireball, with actual DPS of the skill being considerably higher. The closest currently available estimate can be obtained by using the damage calculator.

Gem level progression

Exp.Total Exp.
1123397 to 1100
21539109 to 1415,24915,249
319481112 to 1941,51756,766
423561216 to 2481,983138,749
527641321 to 31147,968286,717
631731426 to 40250,557537,274
735811533 to 50405,086942,360
838881640 to 59447,7181,390,078
941941747 to 70615,3182,005,396
10441001855 to 82834,6392,840,035
11471061864 to 961,570,7604,410,795
12501131975 to 1121,633,9876,044,782
13531192087 to 1312,151,0308,195,812
145612521101 to 1522,812,18911,008,001
155913222118 to 1775,099,36016,107,361
166213822136 to 2049,400,73125,508,092
176414223150 to 22515,273,36640,781,458
186614624165 to 24826,286,58267,068,040
196815124182 to 27362,890,590129,958,630
207015525200 to 300212,046,017342,004,647
217215925219 to 329N/AN/A
2274N/A26241 to 361N/AN/A
2376N/A26264 to 397N/AN/A
2478N/A27290 to 435N/AN/A
2580N/A27318 to 477N/AN/A
2682N/A28348 to 522N/AN/A
2784N/A28381 to 572N/AN/A
2886N/A29417 to 626N/AN/A
2988N/A30456 to 685N/AN/A
3090N/A30499 to 749N/AN/A
3191N/A30522 to 783N/AN/A
3292N/A31546 to 818N/AN/A
3393N/A31570 to 855N/AN/A
3494N/A31596 to 894N/AN/A
3595N/A31623 to 935N/AN/A
3696N/A32651 to 977N/AN/A
3797N/A32680 to 1021N/AN/A
3898N/A32711 to 1067N/AN/A
3999N/A33743 to 1114N/AN/A
40100N/A33776 to 1164N/AN/A

Item acquisition

Upgrade paths

This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:

6The FoxThe Fox6Level 20 Gem"Masters of wit, strength and cunning. To survive the harsh winters, you must be like the fox."
- Ezomyte Proverb
random level 20 gemAutomatic
13The CataclysmThe Cataclysm13Level 21 Spell Gem
The mighty warriors traded in blows, the nimble archers in arrows, yet it was the brazen thaumaturgists who would bring catastrophe to all.
random corrupted level 21 Spell gemAutomatic
3Gemcutter's PromiseGemcutter's Promise3Superior Gem
Quality: +20%
"I swore to use my position to help the people. What good is power when it just accumulates on the already-powerful?" - Erasmus, Imperial Gemcutter
random superior gem (Q20)Automatic

Quest reward

This item is given as a quest reward for the following quests:

Class →WitchShadowRangerDuelistMarauderTemplarScion
Quest ↓
The Siren's Cadence
Act 1

Vendor reward

This item can be bought at the listed NPC vendors, after completing the following quests:

Class →WitchShadowRangerDuelistMarauderTemplarScion
Quest ↓
The Siren's Cadence
Act 1
A Fixture of Fate
Act 3
Fallen from Grace
Act 6
Lilly Roth

Related helmet enchantments

The following helmet enchantments affect Firestorm.

NameFor generated item/monster modifiers the minimum item/monster level respectively. Some generation types may not require this condition to be met, however item level restrictions may be raised to 80% of this value.StatsSpawn Weighting
Enchantment Firestorm Damage 16625% increased Firestorm Damagehelmet 100
default 0
Enchantment Firestorm Damage 27540% increased Firestorm Damagehelmet 100
default 0
Enchantment Firestorm Duration 16620% increased Firestorm Durationhelmet 100
default 0
Enchantment Firestorm Duration 27530% increased Firestorm Durationhelmet 100
default 0
Enchantment Firestorm Explosion Area Of Effect 16616% increased Firestorm explosion Area of Effecthelmet 100
default 0
Enchantment Firestorm Explosion Area Of Effect 27524% increased Firestorm explosion Area of Effecthelmet 100
default 0


The list below shows microtransactions for Firestorm.

Siege Firestorm EffectSiege Firestorm EffectFirestorm Skin
Stack Size: 20
Your Firestorm becomes a flaming siege assault
Your Firestorm becomes a flaming siege assault

Version history

Version Changes
  • Now deals 7 to 11 Fire Damage at gem level 1 (from 4 to 11).
  • Now has an added Damage effectiveness of 45% (from 30%).
  • Mana Cost at gem level 20 is now 25 (was 26).
  • Now deals 4 to 11 Fire damage at gem level 1 (unchanged) and 200 to 300 Fire damage at gem level 20 (from 202 to 302).
  • Now has a cast time of 0.75 seconds (from 0.9).
  • Now deals 4-11 fire damage at gem level 1 (up from 4-10), up to 202-302 fire damage at gem level 20 (up from 162-243).
  • Damage increased by around 20% higher at level 20.
  • Firestorm: Had a very slight damage buff. Area of effect of explosions increased by 11% (9 to 10). It now grants 1% area damage per 1% quality instead of reduced delay between fireballs. The Duration of Firestorm has been increased from 1.3 seconds to 2 seconds at all levels. Base Cast Speed has been increased from a cast time of 1 second to 900ms. Critical Strike Chance has been increased from 5% to 6%.
  • Firestorm: The radius of the area that fireballs land in has been increased by 39%. The delay between strikes has been reduced from 0.15 seconds to 0.10 seconds. Damage has been increased by 35%. The quality bonus has been reduced by 33.33% to match the reduced projectile delay.
  • Reduced mana cost.
  • The damage done by the Firestorm spell when used by all versions of Ambrosia and Merciless Fire Fury has been increased.
    Merciless Gravicius's Firestorm has been very slightly increased in damage.
  • Spells with Damage Effectiveness no longer have their own damage affected by Damage Effectiveness.
    Damage values on these skills have been updated to reflect this.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters in high level areas would not do the correct Firestorm damage.
  • Fixed the randomness when it was used with Traps.
  • Increased the damage and made its cluster tighter.
  • Fixed a bug where the damage from Firestorm would not display on the client at the right time.
  • Changed Firestorm to be affected less by additional damage from support gems.
  • Fixed a bug where Firestorm could hit monsters through walls.
  • Modified Firestorm's behaviour so that the explosions have a larger radius and
    are more likely to fall near the centre of the affected area.
  • Doubled the number of fireballs that fall and rebalanced damage around these changes.
  • Raised the overall damage and its high level damage scaling.
  • Firestorm has been added to the game.