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Tapping into the chaotic, hungry elemental force of fire, the caster sends a roaring ball of flame hurling at the target. This searing projectile flies unerringly outward, impacting with tremendous force, and burning not only the target, but adjacent foes as well. Skilled wielders of flame can ignite the enemy, causing them to burn for additional damage. A master of the fireball lays waste to all who beset him, reducing his enemies to cinders.

Description on the official Path of Exile website [1]

Fireball is a spell that fires a projectile, dealing fire damage with an increased chance to ignite.

Skill Functions and Interactions

  • Area of Effect: The radius of the explosion caused by collision (with either an enemy or a terrain obstruction) is affected by all AoE increases. Full spell damage is done to any enemy in range of the explosion. The threshold jewel Lua error: callParserFunction: function "#ask" was not found. causes the radius to increase the further the fireball travels before collision.
  • Pierce, Chain, Fork: A fireball that hits an enemy without terminating will only cause the AoE damage effect on the last enemy struck. Any enemies hit by a projectile that pierces, forks or chains will take full damage but the projectile will not explode and deal AoE damage.

Gem level progression

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Quest reward

This skill is not given as quest reward.

Vendor reward

This skill can be bought at the listed npc vendors after completing the following quests:
Enemy at the Gate
Act 1
A Fixture of Fate
Act 3
Fallen from Grace
Act 6
Lilly Roth

Threshold Jewel

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Alternate skill effects

Name Cost Description
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Shop Item Video Icon.png Preview

Related helmet enchantments

The following helmet enchantments affect Fireball: {{#ask:

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Version history

Version Changes
  • Fireball gains 1 additional unit of radius every 6 levels.
  • No longer gain increased area of effect radius.
  • 50% more damage at gem level 20.
  • Damage increased by 15%. It now has a base chance to ignite. Its projectile speed has been increased by 30%.
  • Increased the damage of Fireball at low and high levels.
  • The area of effect has been increased by 12%. Damage has been increased at all levels (by around 20% at level one and around 23% at level 15).
  • Damage progression increased - now 14% increased by level 15.
  • Damage progression increased. By skill level 15, it's doing 16% more damage than before.
  • Increased the damage at higher levels.
  • The damage has been increased.
  • Increased the damage.
  • Reduced damage by 5%.
  • Fireball splash damage is now centered on the monster itself,
    rather than the point of impact (which was in front of the monster).
  • Increased Fireball's splash Area of Effect.
  • Increased its damage by 23%.
  • Slightly increased Fireball mana cost and reduced its damage
  • Major fix to projectile/fireball code (fixed crashes and strange behaviour)


  1. "Intelligence skills". Official Path of Exile website.