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Fingers of Frost

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Fingers of Frost
Notable Passive Skill
Breathofrime passive skill icon.png
Enemies Become Chilled as they Unfreeze
10% chance to Freeze Enemies which are Chilled
12% increased Cold Damage
10% increased Effect of Chill
+10% to Cold Damage over Time Multiplier [1]

Fingers of Frost is a notable passive skill that grants additional chance to freeze enemies.

It also causes frozen enemies to become chilled as they unfreeze. On a typical cold damage hit that freezes a monster, the monster is also chilled from the cold damage. The chill duration starts concurrently with the freeze duration and normally expires briefly after the monster becomes unfrozen. With this passive, the "full" chill duration effectively starts after the enemy unfreezes. This is accomplished by adding the freeze duration to the chill duration with both effects beginning simultaneously. As such, the enemy is still considered chilled while frozen, which is important to note with the Hypothermia support gem.[1]

Version history

Version Changes
  • Now provides a total of 28% increased Cold Damage (down from 36%), +22% to Cold Damage over Time Multiplier, 20% increased effect of Chill, 20% increased Chill Duration (down from 30%), 20% increased Freeze Duration, 5% chance to Freeze, 10% chance to Freeze Enemies which are Chilled, and causes enemies to become chilled as they Unfreeze.
  • This is now spread across 5 total passives (from 4).
  • Now gives 10% chance to Freeze Enemies which are Chilled (rather than 5% chance to Freeze), 12% increased Cold Damage, and 10% increased Chill Effect.
  • The preceding skills have also changed: They now all give 8% Cold Damage and an additional bonus to either Chill Duration, Freeze Duration, Chill Effect or Freeze Chance.
  • The area surrounding the Witch, Shadow and Ranger has been redesigned.


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