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Fenumus, First of the Night

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Fenumus, First of the Night
Fenumus, First of the Night
Level(s) 77
Location(s) Fenumus' Lair
Health 7.3M
Damage Physical
Resistance(s) Resists Elemental Damage
Resists Chaos Damage
Resists Curses
Resists Slows
Skill(s) Spit Mortar
Summon Spiders
Tail Spike
Tail Spike Swing
Ground Stab

Fenumus, First of the Night is a unique boss located in Fenumus' Lair. It is one of the four Spirit Beasts. Portals to Fenumus' Lair can be obtained by using the beastcrafting recipe, which is obtained by capturing a Fenumal Hybrid Arachnid. Once the recipe is obtained, the player can purchase the beast from other players instead of capturing themselves if they are playing in trade leagues. The recipe requires a Fenumal Hybrid Arachnid and 3 other beasts.


  • Poison on hit : The area has a poison on hit mod and triple poison duration.
  • Tail Spike : Its basic attacks are ranged, throwing a somewhat slow dart with a low attack speed.
  • Tail Spike Swing : It sometimes also throws a volley of darts instead.
  • Spit Mortar : Throws a green magma orb-like projectile that forks every time it hits the ground, chaining 5 times.
  • Ground Stab : Stabs the ground, spreading green webs which slow by 50% and deal nearly 2000 chaos dps for 12s. A web also always appears under the character, this one does not spread.
  • Hallucinate : Makes the edge of the screen blurry, other effects unknown, lasts 5s.
  • Summon Spiders : Often summons at least 6 scorpion/spider minions.
  • Chaos Spark Spiders : During the 2nd phase, every 12 seconds, 4 webbed stones will pulsate green before unleashing a swarm of green little spiders that deal chaos damage.


First of all, pick up some chaos resistance, it'll go a long way.

Fenumus has a low attack speed and only attacks from range, meaning if you continuously move around, its dart will miss you.

Spit Mortar and Ground Stab both have a wind-up, so you can be ready to dodge them. When you see it preparing ground stab, move away from it and continue moving to dodge the web appearing at your feet. For Spit Mortar, it'll shoot in the direction it's facing, so try to get behind it. The projectile's first few rebounds won't be too big, but the later will practically engulf half the room.

At 50% hp, you will be webbed and teleported to an underground mine. Obviously, any ground effects or totems will disappear, as well as debuffs on Fenumus.

The webbed stones will unleash their chaos spark when the 3rd green pulse ends, allowing you to easily position yourself to avoid getting shotgunned; single sparks do not deal much damages.

Do note that poisons will last longer than usual, which will notably delay energy shield recharge.

Exclusive drops

Fenumus will always drop one of the following:

  • Fenumus' ShroudFenumus' Shroud
    Widowsilk Robe
    Quality: +20%
    Energy Shield: (360-390)
    Movement Speed: -3%
    Requires Level 67, 187 Int+(30-40) to Intelligence
    (120-140)% increased Energy Shield
    Regenerate (80-100) Energy Shield per second
    Enemies affected by your Spider's Webs deal 10% reduced Damage
    Enemies affected by your Spider's Webs have -10% to All Resistances
    (50-70)% increased Aspect of the Spider Area of Effect
    The First of the Night was the first explorer
    It was she who first braved night's terrors and found comfort in silence and solace.
  • Fenumus' SpinneretsFenumus' Spinnerets
    Assassin's Boots
    Quality: +20%
    Evasion: (338-387)
    Energy Shield: (67-76)
    Requires Level 63, 62 Dex, 62 Int(160-200)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
    +(20-30)% to Lightning Resistance
    +(17-23)% to Chaos Resistance
    25% increased Movement Speed
    Aspect of the Spider can inflict Spider's Web on Enemies an additional time
    Gain (15-20) Energy Shield for each Enemy you Hit which is affected by a Spider's Web
    (40-50)% increased Aspect of the Spider Debuff Duration
    When the fires spilled out of the mountain, The First of the Night wove a net and was carried into the night on its hot winds.
    Though we cannot live without danger, we can learn to live with it.
  • Fenumus' ToxinsFenumus' Toxins
    Necromancer Circlet
    Quality: +20%
    Energy Shield: (176-192)
    Requires Level 65, 112 IntAdds (16-21) to (31-36) Chaos Damage to Spells
    (220-250)% increased Energy Shield
    10% chance to gain a Power Charge on hitting an Enemy affected by a Spider's Web
    (6-10)% chance to Poison per Power Charge
    (15-20)% increased Damage with Poison per Power Charge
    Aspect of the Spider inflicts Spider's Webs and Hinder every 0.5 Seconds instead
    A hunter uses everything at their disposal.
    The First of the Night did not hold back her venom. She used it to weaken her enemies, and used her enemies to strengthen her many children.
  • Fenumus' WeaveFenumus' Weave
    Carnal Mitts
    Quality: +20%
    Evasion: (216-261)
    Energy Shield: (43-52)
    Requires Level 50, 39 Dex, 39 IntGrants Level 20 Aspect of the Spider Skill
    (120-170)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
    +(40-50) to maximum Life
    (6-9)% increased Attack and Cast Speed
    (40-60)% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments against Enemies affected by 3 Spider's Webs
    Adds (8-10) to (13-15) Chaos Damage for each Spider's Web on the Enemy
    A burden shared is a burden made lighter. The First of the Night teaches us that our burdens are not just ours to bear, but ours to use against oppressors.

And will be captured by Einhar, unlocking the Aspect of the Spider craft.

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