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Fated items are upgraded versions of existing unique items. Some prophecies will require the player to have a certain unique item in their inventory in order to complete them. When the prophecy is fulfilled, that item will be permanently imbued with new power and a new name. Fated items cannot be obtained through random drop, divination cards or an Orb of ChanceOrb of ChanceStack Size: 20Upgrades a normal item to a random rarityRight click this item then left click a normal item to apply it.
Shift click to unstack.
. Sockets of the fated unique stay unchanged. Identical modifiers will keep the same roll for the fated version. New or changed modifiers are rolled seperately.

Only one item may be upgraded to a fated item from a single prophecy. Having multiple copies of the target unique in the inventory does not cause all of them to be upgraded, just one.

List of fated items