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The Eternal Laboratory

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The Eternal Laboratory is a side area in The Solaris Temple Level 2 in Act 3. It contains two pieces of environmental lore: the Reverie Device and Malachai's Notes.

Prior to Fall of Oriath, in the Merciless difficulty the Reverie Device was used as a Map Device as a way to use maps for the first time. It was accessible once you have completed the quests for Lady Dialla in Solaris Temple Level 2 in Act 3 on Merciless difficulty. You can then use a waypoint to get there. Zana, Master Cartographer was also found here after completing your first map.

Version history

Version Changes
  • The Eternal Laboratory has been visually revamped and is now present in the Solaris Temple. In Normal and Cruel difficulties, it contains lore.
  • The Eternal Laboratory is now available in Act Three rather than Act Two. You get access from Lady Dialla.
  • The Eternal Laboratory was added to the game.