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Essence of the Hag
Essence of the Hag quest icon.png
Required Yes
Start Kill Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows, then talk to Sin
Objective Find and kill Doedre
Completion Talk to Hargan
Boss Doedre the Vile
File:Doedre the Vile.png

Sin wants you to kill Doedre Darktongue, so he can harvest her soul.


After you defeat Arakaali, talk to Sin and it will start the quest.

Quest Notification.png Defeat Tukohama.

You can reach Sarn Encampment through the Sarn Ramparts.

Quest Notification.png Find and kill Doedre.

So the only way you can go forward is through The Toxic Conduits, where Doedre is.


If you speak with Hargan, he tells you, theat Doedre is in The Toxic Conduits.

Quest Notification.png Go to the Sewers. Then Quest Notification.png Kill Doedre.

You will find an are, called Doedre's Cesspool, in The Toxic Conduits. In Doedre's Cesspool there is another sub area, The cauldron, which is the boss arena. In there you will have to interact with a valve, and then the bossfight starts.

After defeating Doedre, Sin harvests her soul.

Quest Notification.png Talk to Hargan for your reward.

You will get the reward from Hargan, not from Sin. Hargan is in the Sarn Encampment.