Essence of the Artist

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Essence of the Artist is a quest in Act 7.

Essence of the Artist
Essence of the Artist quest icon.png
Required Yes
Start Talk to Sin
Objective Kill Maligaro, The Inquisitor
Completion Talk to Helena
Boss Maligaro, The Inquisitor
Maligaro, The Inquisitor


Talk to Sin in town about Maligaro.

Sin: Judging by that rather curious ship and its aberrant captain, I imagine you had rather an interesting voyage here.

Now,Maligaro, The Inquisitor … we must have his soul. He has most certainly returned to his old haunt, yet his manifestations are like wisps on the wind: there one moment, gone the next. While I am familiar with the phantasmal trails and tributaries that filigree this reality, Maligaro’s exact whereabouts eludes me.

Sin wants you to kill Maligaro, so he can harvest his soul. Travel to the Crypt beneath the Fellshrine and search for Maligaro's MapMaligaro's Map"Certain maps can only be rendered in the most vivid of viscera."
- Inquisitor Maligaro
, which will lead you to him.

Sin wants you to kill Maligaro, so he can harvest his soul. Now that you have entered Maligaro's Sanctum, search for him and kill him.

You have killed Maligaro and Sin has harvested his soul. Talk to Helena for your reward.

Sin: Our brutal construction nears completion and now only the wretched Doedre Darktongue remains.

Unlike her compeers who, in undeath, have yearned for the familiar, Doedre appears drawn to the old wounds of calamity. The cataclysm took Sarn and left much that a parasite like Doedre might enjoy.

I shall meet you in Sarn, where I hope you shall make swift and bloody work of that foul hag.

Helena: One less twisted intellect perverting our world. There is still much to be done, but at least we can rest easier in the knowledge that Maligaro and his foul creations will trouble Wraeclast no longer.

Here. I know that you and Greust didn’t see eye to eye, but I’m sure he would have wanted to recognize this deed. It’s the act of a warrior, after all.

Quest Complete - You have killed Maligaro. Helena has rewarded you.

Quest rewards

Class →WitchShadowRangerDuelistMarauderTemplarScion
Quest ↓
Essence of the Artist
Act 7

Vendor rewards

Class →WitchShadowRangerDuelistMarauderTemplarScion
Quest ↓

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