Essence of Umbra

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Essence of Umbra is a quest in Act 6.

Essence of Umbra
Essence of Umbra quest icon.png
Required Yes
Start Speak with Sin in Lioneye's Watch
Objective Kill Shavronne
Completion Talk to Tarkleigh
Boss Shavronne the Returned
Shavronne the Returned


Talk to Sin in town to find out what to do.

Sin: Despite your best efforts, beast Slayer, a splinter of hope remains. The very seed that brought my Beast into existence. The Dark Ember.

Never again shall it birth a life so magnificent as the Beast, yet a residue of that power still lingers. Enough to give us a fighting chance against the ravenous Kitava.

How do we obtain this Dark Ember? Three hearts were silenced, three hearts must sing again, one last time. In that final flickering of life, our saviour seed shall be born. All I need are three fine souls with which to stoke the flames.Shavronne of Umbra . Inquisitor Maligaro . Doedre Darktongue . Three spirits of near unfathomable resilience and vigour, freed with the Beast's final exhalation. So let us begin the harvest!

Shavronne has come home, to Axiom. We shall give her the warm welcome she sincerely deserves.

Sin wants you to find the spirit of Shavronne of Umbra in her tower in the Prison and kill her.

You have killed Shavronne and Sin has harvested her soul. Talk to Tarkleigh for your reward.

Sin: And so it begins. My aetherial veins now run with dark ambition. Let’s turn that trickle into a torrent. Let’s harvest ourselves a Grand Inquisitor.

Just as Shavronne’s spirit chose to return to comfortable climes, Maligaro’s essence once again dwells in his very own Chamber of Sins. Though I hasten to add that Maligaro’s sins are not my sins. I prefer transgressions of a more natural order than does he.

I’d carry you to Phrecia if I could, yet I expended too much of myself when I snatched you from the jaws of Kitava . You will need to find your own path, as will I. Make the journey, and please survive it. We two have much work left to do.

Tarkleigh: Good work clearing another path through Axiom Prison. I’m starting to think those stories I’ve heard about you might be true.

Quest Complete - You have killed Shavronne and Sin has harvested her soul.Tarkleigh has rewarded you.

Quest rewards

Class →WitchShadowRangerDuelistMarauderTemplarScion
Quest ↓
Essence of Umbra
Act 6

Vendor rewards

Class →WitchShadowRangerDuelistMarauderTemplarScion
Quest ↓

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