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Endless Pain

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Endless Pain
Endless Pain
Location(s) The Lord's Labyrinth
Resistance(s) 0/0/0/0
Skill(s) "Revive After Duration"
Aura(s) Increased Damage Taken Aura
Proximity Shield

Endless Pain is a kind of Sentinel trap that can be find in The Lord's Labyrinth, The monster apply a debuff of the same name to the player character, from its monster aura skill. Some variant also came with Proximity Shield. The trap cannot be destroyed entirely; the damaged trap will temporarily deactivated, but will re-emerge from the ground and re-activate the aura after a while.


Endless Pain
Endless Pain status icon.png

You are taking increased damage from all sources

50% increased Damage taken
  • Monster aura skill known for its internal name "Increased Damage Taken Aura", while apply the debuff Endless Pain: 50% increased Damage taken.
  • "Revive After Duration"

Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.