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Elder Guardians

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The Elder Guardians are the four bosses of The Elder. These are the four guardians:


The Elder Guardians appear along The Elder after 20 maps become Elder-influenced in the Atlas. All four must be defeated before you can fight The Elder.

Elder Guardians replace the map boss of the map it is occupying. A portal will appear in the boss arena leading to a side zone which contains the Elder Guardian. Their monster level matches the base map of where the Elder is occupying (For example, a Shaped Tier 6 map (level 78) will be treated as a regular Tier 6 map (level 73)), regardless of the tier of the map they are occupying.

Each Elder Guardian is faced in one of three randomly chosen arenas, which contain different environmental hazards. In Tiers 6 to 11 maps, at 1/2 health you will be teleported to another arena with different stage hazards, and the same applies for Tier 11+ maps at 2/3 and 1/3.

Since patch 3.3 as long as Elder possesses any red tier map, you will be able to obtain Memory Fragments XI-XV from the defeating the Guardians and Elder while keeping Shaper alive during the final encounter.


  • All guardians replace the map boss when entering the boss arena or area.
  • Running guardian occupied maps will remove Elder influence for that map on the atlas.
  • Once all guardians are run, Elder is able to be faced.
  • The area you'll find the guardians in aren't predetermined before entering a map, meaning you can do a map several times to try to get the area you want as long as you don't kill the guardian.
  • WARNING - Facing the Elder will change ALL Elder influence on the atlas over to Shaper influence.

Version history

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