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Einhar, Beastmaster

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Einhar Frey
Einhar Frey Beastmaster
Areas: Act 2, The Menagerie
Functions: Offers beast hunting missions, vendor

Einhar Frey is a major NPC as well as a master.

In the Bestiary leagues, Einhar provides the player introduction the bestiary, beast hunting, and how to capture them with nets. He also sold Bestiary OrbsBestiary OrbStack Size: 10Stores a Beast in an item so it can be tradedRight click on this item then left click on a Beast in your Menagerie to turn it into a tradable item.
Shift click to unstack.
to itemize beasts for trading. As a master, Einhar directly assists the player in beast hunting by attacking monsters and throwing nets.

Einhar can also be found in the Menagerie, where you can use captured beasts for beastcrafting.


In zones where Einhar can appear, the zone will contain special beasts, indicated by their icons. There will be 3-4 yellow beasts and 1 red beast. Yellow beasts have 1 Bestiary mod, while red beasts have 2 Bestiary mods.

Once a beast is brought to low health, Einhar will appear. He is an invulnerable NPC and attacks with ranged shots, as well as a volley of shots and bombs. Einhar will throw a net at weakened beasts, capturing it and moving it to the Menagerie. Beasts cannot be killed.

Once all beasts in the zone are captured, the mission is complete and Einhar will leave the area.


ItemMaster levelFavour



That look in your eye... I recognise it. A survivor, just like Einhar.

That is my name, exile. Einhar. In my native tongue it means 'lone fighter'. That is what Einhar was for many years.

But it is dangerous now to fight alone. Too dangerous, even for the mighty Einhar. We are in the final days of this world, exile. Of that, I am sure.

The animals in this land are sick. Sick in the body and sick in the mind. I have never seen such a sickness before. Only one thing can be done. We survivors must prepare for the end, and delay its arrival as long as we can.

For that we will need supplies. Weapons. Shelter. Food. This is where you come in.

The First Ones

They were the first survivors. The First Ones showed my people that to win, you must outlast. They left this world long ago to seek other survivors, but they will return. And when they do, I will join them in the Great Grove. And you will join Einhar, yes? Yes.


Not all beasts were born equal, survivor. The First Ones look upon some captures and sacrifices more fondly than others. You may not even deem some beasts worthy of sacrifice!

Do not worry. Einhar has imbued some Orbs with powerful blood magic. You can use these Bestiary Orbs on any beast in the Menagerie and the beast will be bound to the Orb. Then you can do whatever you want with it. Give it to a handsome man like Einhar, maybe? You cannot tell, but I am very handsome under this mask.

Once a Bestiary Orb contains a beast, you can use it again to release the creature to the Menagerie. Be careful, though, it will break the Orb.


You want to know Einhar's past? That is Einhar's business. No one else's.

The Hunt

Einhar has collected many things. Some useful, some not. Many explosive. I can hunt the beasts of this land for meat, but you can only learn a little from meat. To survive, we must know how to raise them. We must collect them. We must catch them alive, and keep them fed and healthy. I can do the keeping alone, but not the catching.

There are beasts here that show promise. I need you to capture them. To do this, you must weaken a beast. Then throw a net on it. I have created many ingenious nets. I will give you some. You will use them.

When the beast is subdued, I will take it to the Menagerie, where it will be kept alive... I think. For a little while, at least.

When the time comes, the animal will become food. Food for Einhar, food for the other beasts, and food for the First Ones.

But first, we hunt. Here. Now.

The Bestiary

You have shown Einhar that you are indeed a survivor, and you have given the First Ones their first gift. So now, a gift for you.

I do not look like an artist, but I am an artist all the same. Look. When you catch a beast, Einhar will note it down. A little picture. Some words. When the world ends, we will need to have books. Information is needed to survive. To stave off the boredom and madness. To learn how to rebuild. You will help me fill it out, yes?

The Menagerie

It will surprise you to learn that I am not popular. The others here are ignorant. They do not see the end coming. They are not survivors like me... Or you.

Before we met, I kept beasts in the encampment. They got into the grain, then the meat. They were not as picky as Einhar about where they did their business. I learned that Rhoas do not digest Rhoa meat very well.

So I moved them to a new location. The Menagerie. Far away. It is a secret place. This is where we will perform the ritual for the First Ones. I have built a Blood Altar for such a purpose.

Do you wish to see it? Tell Einhar. You will be taken there.

Saqawal, First of the Sky

During a cold winter, Einhar camped on a mountain. I have many furs to keep me warm in the cold. ... I did not bring them. But I did have Rhoa ooze. While sipping warm ooze, Einhar had a vision. A lizard, feathered and crimson, watching from shadows of shadows.

An avatar of the First Ones. A test. Saqawal, First of the Sky. In my cup, ooze swirled. Another vision, in the blood of the birds and reptiles. It is lucky I had so much to drink that night, or else this secret may have remained a secret.

Find many birds and reptiles, Exile. The path to the First of the Sky is in their blood.

Farrul, First of the Plains

Years ago, Einhar was wandering the fields near Sarn in search of a worthy Survivor. I did not find one. Then I did not find water. Then I did not find shelter. This was a learning moment for Einhar.

Beneath the hot sun, Einhar saw a swirl of red and white. A flash of teeth. Farrul, First of the Plains, an Avatar of the First Ones. I pursued it, and as night fell, so did I... right into a Hellion pit. I drank my fill of Hellion blood that night. That is how I learned I do not like Hellion blood.

It is also how I learned that Farrul's secrets lie in the blood of hounds, cats, and others of warm blood. Go, find many, and we will find Farrul.

Craiceann, First of the Deep

Einhar has many talents. You will learn. I sailed to Wraeclast alone, a risky and brave feat. You are impressed, yes?

My boat was small and not well prepared for the journey. Then my ship ran aground... but there was no ground. Very confusing. Water all around, but the ship could not move. My food spoiled quickly. I am very good at fishing. I will have to show you how some time... maybe. I caught many fish. And crabs. And squid. I ate very well, but there was little water. I had booze. I threw the scraps to the sea.

Then... the ship moved. Lifted. I looked aft. A crab, massive and red, stood on a lone rock, covered in my scraps. It was Craiceann, an Avatar of the First ones.

Einhar knows the secret of Craiceann. It lies in the bellies of the sea creatures. Find them, and we will see Craiceann again.

Fenumus, First of the Night

Einhar is a brave explorer. The secret to my bravery? I do not think. One day I did not think as I went into a cave. It was very brave. But then I got lost. It was dark. I did not think, so I did not think to bring a torch.

I walked in total darkness by touch until... a light. Then two. Then many! So many lights! I got closer and closer. The lights got brighter and brighter. Then... I slipped. I fell very far. Einhar was sure he was dead. But then I was caught... in a web. The lights moved and swirled. Insects. And in front of them was a shadow of a spider. Fenumus... An Avatar of the First Ones.

Her web was strong, but Einhar's blade was stronger. I cut myself free. Into the river below. Washed to shore. A fun adventure.

The path to Fenumus is in the blood of bugs. Spiders. Insects. Carrion queens. Get them, and Fenumus will follow.

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Version Changes
  • Einhar Frey is now a master. You can first meet him in Act 2. He will help you capture beasts which can be used to craft items at the blood altar in his menagerie.