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Divination card

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Divination Card
Also referred to as:
    Path of Exile Awakening: What Are DIVINATION CARDS? - How Divination Cards Work & Where they Drop

    A divination card is a type of item that can be collected to exchange for a reward. There are many different cards, each one dropping in a different part of the game and granting a different reward.


    Divination cards drop from monsters and loot containers. They are stackable, tradeable items that take up 1x1 inventory space. A full set of cards can be vendored to Tasuni in Highgate or Navali at your hideout in exchange for the item referenced on the card. Each card type drops in specific areas of Wraeclast, so farming said area allows for the player to maximize their chances of obtaining the desired item. Additionally, divination cards are affected by the drop rate penalty.[1] Character level is never considered to be higher than 68 in regards to drop rate penalty, meaning that high level characters (68+) can farm world areas in later acts without severe drop rate penalties. For example if the monster level is 66 there is a 0% drop rate penalty, and in zones with level 56 monsters there is a 25% drop rate penalty.


    Divination cards that award an item whose level depends on the player's level, are capped at item level 80.[2] If a set of divination cards awards a corrupted item, then the corruption effect is guaranteed be an implicit mod with the exception of maps, which cannot have implicit mods.[3]

    League-specific items can be obtained from divination cards with a generic description.[4] For example, Shadows and DustShadows and Dust
    Clasped Mitts
    Quality: +20%
    Evasion: (125-142)
    Energy Shield: (24-27)
    Requires Level 31, 25 Dex, 25 Int(20-30)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
    +(20-30)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
    (100-130)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
    0.2% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Mana
    Creates a Smoke Cloud on Rampage
    Gain Unholy Might for 3 seconds on Rampage
    What is fear but a snuffed torch
    and death in the wind?
    , which was a Rampage-exclusive drop, can be acquired by turning in Jack in the BoxJack in the Box4ItemTurn the crank,
    close your eyes,
    and pray to the gods
    for a pleasant surprise.
    . This is only true for items that dropped league-wide. Items that only drop from specific monsters, such as Atziri-exclusive unique items or Breachlord rewards, or items that only dropped from opening league-specific loot containers, such as Zerphi's Last BreathZerphi's Last Breath
    Grand Mana Flask
    Recovers 210 Mana over 10.00 seconds
    Consumes 12 of 30 Charges on use
    Requires Level 1850% increased Charges used
    Grants Last Breath when you Use a Skill during Flask Effect, for (450-600)% of Mana Cost
    "Proof that if you devote yourself to a god of death,
    you may be spared from its wrath."
    - Icius Perandus, Antiquities Collection, Item 408
    Right click to drink. Can only hold charges while in belt. Refills as you kill monsters.
    , cannot be obtained from divination cards with generic descriptions. This includes Time-Lost RelicTime-Lost Relic10League-Specific ItemTime cannot wash away that which cannot be forgotten.. League-specific currency items however, can not be obtained from divination cards with a generic description. For example players can't get Perandus CoinPerandus CoinStack Size: 1000Trade coins to Cadiro Perandus.
    Shift click to unstack.
    through Emperor's LuckEmperor's Luck55x CurrencyThe house always wins..

    List of divination cards

    This is a list of all 251 divination cards currently in game, with their known drop locations. When a card can drop in a certain map area, it drops both in that regular map and its legacy variant, as well as its shaped and elder version.

    Effect(s)Drop AreasAdditional
    Drop Restrictions
    A Dab of InkA Dab of Ink9The Poet's PenThe Poet's blood is the Empire's ink.9The Poet's PenThe LibraryAcademy Map (Betrayal)Museum Map (Betrayal)Scriptorium Map (Betrayal)N/A
    A Mother's Parting GiftA Mother's Parting Gift6Fertile MindNature was her domain,
    Love was her song,
    Family was her devotion,
    Knowledge was her gift.
    6Fertile MindThe Imperial GardensThe High GardensN/A
    Abandoned WealthAbandoned Wealth53x Exalted OrbWhen the world burned, the greedy burned with it, while the clever left as paupers.53x Exalted OrbArsenal Map (Betrayal)Precinct Map (Betrayal)Mao Kun (Betrayal)N/A
    Alone in the DarknessAlone in the Darkness5Delve Item"Sometimes, the most beautiful treasures...are the ones you cannot have."
    - Beryl, Survivor from the Azurite Mines"
    5Delve ItemN/ACan drop from an Abyssal Trove.
    Anarchy's PriceAnarchy's Price13Voltaxic Rift
    Born of relentless fury and abhorrence, warped by turmoil and anguish, tainted through desire and carnality, I thirst for bloodshed once more.
    13Voltaxic Rift
    N/AThis item can drop from Rogue Exiles and the prophecy chain Anarchy's End.
    Arrogance of the VaalArrogance of the Vaal8Item
    Discovery can lead to beauty, or it can lead to ruin.
    Ancient City MapSunken City MapN/A
    Assassin's FavourAssassin's Favour9DaggerBy the time their eyes meet,
    the dark deal has long since been made,
    and his fate long since sealed.
    9DaggerThe MarketplaceThe QuayAlleyways MapArcade MapBazaar MapPark MapPort MapN/A
    Atziri's ArsenalAtziri's Arsenal4Weapon
    In the prison of all sins, will you grasp godhood or sorrow? Only hope lies under the shadows.
    Vaults of Atziri (Betrayal)N/A
    AudacityAudacity5Doryani's Fist
    A jolt, and it moves. Or smolders.
    A current, and it lives. Or dies.
    A surge, and it transcends.
    Or... not.
    Only one way to find out.
    5Doryani's Fist
    The Apex of SacrificeN/A
    Beauty Through DeathBeauty Through Death5Queen's SacrificeHer beauty did not fade
    her humanity did not survive.
    5Queen's SacrificeVaal Temple Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Blessing of GodBlessing of God3Elreon's Jewellery
    Item Level: 85
    When the darkness weighs upon you, grow light from within.
    3Elreon's Jewellery
    Item Level: 85
    N/ACan drop from monsters in Elreon missions.
    Blind VentureBlind Venture7Ring
    "It's risky not knowing where your wares come from. That's why I source my own."
    - Klayver, the Antiquarian
    The Reliquary (Act 5)The Reliquary (Act 10)Museum Map (Betrayal)Relic Chambers Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Boon of JusticeBoon of Justice6Offering to the GoddessSome gifts are obligations while others are simply opportunities.6Offering to the GoddessChateau MapOrchard MapPlaza MapN/A
    Boon of the First OnesBoon of the First Ones6Bestiary ItemWreathed in the skin and bones
    of the beasts she slew,
    her gift came from what she lost:
    her humanity.
    6Bestiary ItemPit of the Chimera Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Boundless RealmsBoundless Realms4MapBoundless is the distance between where we start and where we start again.4MapThe Solaris Temple Level 1 (Act 8)The Solaris Temple Level 2 (Act 8)Ivory Temple MapTemple MapN/A
    Bowyer's DreamBowyer's Dream6Six-Link Harbinger Bow
    Item Level: 91
    If this is my dream, I don't wish to wake.
    6Six-Link Harbinger Bow
    Item Level: 91
    N/ALord of the Ashen Arrow
    Call to the First OnesCall to the First Ones5Tier 1 Talisman
    The Ezomyte, desperate for aid, cried out to the gods.
    5Tier 1 Talisman
    Infested Valley Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Cartographer's DelightCartographer's Delight3Map
    Map Tier: 5
    A map is similar
    to a pair of eyes,
    without one you stumble
    around, unable to find your way.
    Map Tier: 5
    The Harbour BridgeThe FoothillsN/A
    Chaotic DispositionChaotic Disposition15x Chaos OrbLife isn't what you make of it, it's already been made for you.15x Chaos OrbPoorjoy's Asylum (Betrayal)N/A
    Coveted PossessionCoveted Possession95x Regal OrbA taste of power brings a hunger for more.95x Regal OrbThe CatacombsThe Ossuary (Act 5)The Ossuary (Act 10)Bone Crypt Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Dark TemptationDark Temptation5Obliteration"Only a fool looks to the occult for power and expects to be spared from its wrath."
    - Voll, Emperor of Purity
    5ObliterationN/ACan also drop from hidden chests in The Azurite Mine.
    DeathDeath4Mon'tregul's GraspThe end of the old,
    the beginning of the new.
    A unique opportunity for transformation,
    for those with the power
    to grasp it.
    4Mon'tregul's GraspThe Karui FortressBog Map (Betrayal)Flooded Mine Map (Betrayal)Marshes Map (Betrayal)Mud Geyser Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Destined to CrumbleDestined to Crumble5Body Armour
    Item Level: 100
    "Let us not forget the most important lesson the Vaal taught us:
    Nothing is eternal."
    - Siosa Foaga, Imperial Scholar
    5Body Armour
    Item Level: 100
    Academy Map (Betrayal)Museum Map (Betrayal)Scriptorium Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Dialla's SubjugationDialla's Subjugation7Superior Support Gem
    Quality: +23%
    A symbol of beauty and innocence
    The gems corrupted her mind
    Malachai corrupted her gems
    All but a glimmer of
    greatness lost in madness
    7Superior Support Gem
    Quality: +23%
    Ivory Temple Map (Betrayal)Temple Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Doedre's MadnessDoedre's Madness9Doedre Item"Hold your tongue before I claim it." - Doedre Darktongue9Doedre ItemThe Harvest (area)Doedre's CesspoolDoedre or corresponding bosses
    Earth DrinkerEarth Drinker5Granite FlaskTaste and grow strong. Drink too much and be buried.5Granite FlaskThe Vastiri DesertThe OasisThe FoothillsDesert Map (Betrayal)Dunes Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Emperor of PurityEmperor of Purity7Six-Link Holy Chainmail
    Item Level: 60
    True to his title,
    Voll, newly crowned,
    had many of the
    Eternal Empire's signature
    extravagances destroyed.
    7Six-Link Holy Chainmail
    Item Level: 60
    The Western Forest (Act 6)The Chamber of Sins Level 1 (Act 7)The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 7)Overgrown Ruin MapOvergrown Shrine MapFungal Hollow MapN/A
    Emperor's LuckEmperor's Luck55x CurrencyThe house always wins.55x CurrencyThe Imperial GardensThe High GardensCourtyard MapOrchard MapTerrace MapN/A
    Forbidden PowerForbidden Power4Balefire
    Some things should not be used. Some power is too great a risk.
    The Solaris Temple Level 2 (Act 8)The Harbour BridgeTemple Map (Betrayal)Dawn, Harbinger of Solaris, Solaris, Eternal Sun, Jorus, Sky's Edge
    Gemcutter's PromiseGemcutter's Promise3Superior Gem
    Quality: +20%
    "I swore to use my position to help the people. What good is power when it just accumulates on the already-powerful?" - Erasmus, Imperial Gemcutter
    3Superior Gem
    Quality: +20%
    The Ebony BarracksThe Lunaris ConcourseColonnade Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Gift of the Gemling QueenGift of the Gemling Queen9Level 20 Support GemOur Lady Dialla,
    as a symbol of our progress,
    shines greater than all the gems.
    9Level 20 Support GemThe TunnelThe QuarryCrystal Ore Map (Betrayal)Dig Map (Betrayal)Excavation Map (Betrayal)Geode Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Glimmer of HopeGlimmer of Hope8Gold RingWhen you dwell in total darkness, even the faintest light may guide you out.8Gold RingThe Cavern of Anger (Act 6)Underground Sea Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Grave KnowledgeGrave Knowledge6Summon Raging Spirit
    Quality: +20%
    The dead tell me great insights. They've had nothing but time to sit and think.
    6Summon Raging Spirit
    Quality: +20%
    Bone Crypt Map (Betrayal)Olmec's Sanctum (Betrayal)Cursed Crypt Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Harmony of SoulsHarmony of Souls99x Shrieking EssenceShrieking souls locked away
    Hate splits frozen cells asunder
    The knot of corruption
    undone at last
    99x Shrieking EssenceN/AThis item can be acquired from map boss versions of the Act 9 Trio (Shavronne, Doedre, & Maligaro)
    Her MaskHer Mask4Sacrifice FragmentTo her beauty you submit,
    lest your neck the great Queen slit.
    4Sacrifice FragmentAlleyways MapAncient City MapArcade MapArid Lake MapArmoury MapAshen Wood MapAtoll MapBarrows MapBeach MapBurial Chambers MapCage MapChannel MapCity Square MapCourtyard MapCursed Crypt MapDesert MapDungeon MapExcavation MapFlooded Mine MapGeode MapGlacier MapGraveyard MapGrotto MapHaunted Mansion MapIceberg MapJungle Valley MapLair MapLeyline MapLookout MapMarshes MapMausoleum MapMaze MapNecropolis MapOvergrown Shrine MapPen MapPeninsula MapPit MapPort MapPrimordial Pool MapPromenade MapRamparts MapResidence MapSepulchre MapSpider Lair MapFungal Hollow MapStrand MapSulphur Vents MapThicket MapCrater MapUnderground Sea MapVault MapCan drop in tier 1 to 6 maps.
    HeterochromiaHeterochromia2Two-Stone RingBlack and White, Silver and Gold
    Let us see the world Unfold
    Red and Blue, Yellow and Green
    Let us remake it in colours Unseen
    2Two-Stone RingEstuary Map (Betrayal)N/A
    HopeHope5Prismatic Ring
    The others succumbed to madness and depravity, but Lori fought on. Alone in the darkness, she could still see the dull light of hope's distant dawn.
    5Prismatic Ring
    Beach Map (Betrayal)Dungeon Map (Betrayal)Graveyard Map (Betrayal)Lookout Map (Betrayal)N/A
    House of MirrorsHouse of Mirrors9Mirror of KalandraWhat do you see in the mirror?9Mirror of KalandraThe Alluring AbyssN/A
    HubrisHubris5Ring"This one? It is NOT for sale. You would sooner pry it from my lifeless hand."
    - Jonfé Darontos, Ringmaker
    5RingThe LibraryCan drop from Jeweller's Strongboxes.
    HumilityHumility9Tabula Rasa9Tabula RasaThe AqueductThe Blood AqueductChannel Map (Betrayal)Waterways Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Hunter's ResolveHunter's Resolve8BowPrimed, curved and sleek.
    Decisive and final.
    For malice and righteousness.
    There's but one solution.
    8BowThe Riverways (Act 6)Ramparts MapFungal Hollow MapN/A
    Hunter's RewardHunter's Reward3The TamingTo tame a beast, you first must subdue its heart.3The TamingGrotto Map (Betrayal)The Putrid Cloister (Betrayal)Underground River Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Immortal ResolveImmortal Resolve6Fated ConnectionsThe threads of fate are the strongest ties.6Fated ConnectionsCarcass Map (Betrayal)Vault Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Jack in the BoxJack in the Box4ItemTurn the crank,
    close your eyes,
    and pray to the gods
    for a pleasant surprise.
    4ItemThe Sarn RampartsThe Imperial FieldsThe Harbour BridgeThe Grand PromenadeThe Lunaris ConcourseThe QuayThe Grain GateArsenal Map (Betrayal)Ghetto Map (Betrayal)Port Map (Betrayal)Precinct Map (Betrayal)Promenade Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Lantador's Lost LoveLantador's Lost Love7Two-Stone RingThey fought the storm together as one,
    Until the longest of days was done.
    Their love grew stronger
    with every breath,
    Until it was broken apart in death.
    7Two-Stone RingThe Twilight Strand (Act 6)The Riverways (Act 6)The Wetlands (Act 6)The Southern Forest (Act 6)The Cavern of Anger (Act 6)The BeaconThe Brine King's ReefThe Coast (Act 6)The Tidal Island (Act 6)The Mud Flats (Act 6)The Karui FortressThe RidgeThe Lower Prison (Act 6)Shavronne's TowerPrisoner's Gate (Act 6)The Western Forest (Act 6)Maelström of Chaos (Betrayal)Lighthouse Map (Betrayal)Mineral Pools Map (Betrayal)Reef Map (Betrayal)Underground Sea Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Last HopeLast Hope3Mortal HopeAs their civilisation crumbled, the Vaal looked to their queen. In her, they saw a way out. In them, she saw a burden she was happy to free herself from.3Mortal HopeVaal Temple Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Left to FateLeft to Fate4Map
    Map Tier: 16
    Unidentified Corrupted
    Many strive for greatness,
    but it is challenge, unforseen,
    that forges heroes.
    Map Tier: 16
    Unidentified Corrupted
    The Pale CourtN/A
    Light and TruthLight and Truth2Crystal SceptreTime and change
    shall naught avail,
    To dim the Light
    of Truth's fair grail.
    2Crystal SceptreThe Upper Sceptre of GodResidence Map (Betrayal)Villa Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Lingering RemnantsLingering Remnants16Vaal Temple Map
    Item Level: 83
    Never dying, yet not living,
    Endlessly they wander
    beneath the harvest moon.
    16Vaal Temple Map
    Item Level: 83
    Acid Caverns MapArachnid Tomb MapArsenal MapBasilica MapBog MapBurial Chambers MapCaldera MapCarcass MapCastle Ruins MapChateau MapPit of the Chimera MapColonnade MapColosseum MapCore MapCourthouse MapCrimson Temple MapCrystal Ore MapDark Forest MapDefiled Cathedral MapDesert Spring MapDig MapFactory MapGhetto MapLair of the Hydra MapIvory Temple MapLair MapLava Lake MapMalformation MapMesa MapMaze of the Minotaur MapNecropolis MapOvergrown Shrine MapPalace MapPark MapForge of the Phoenix MapRacecourse MapReef MapShrine MapSiege MapSummit MapSunken City MapTerrace MapPrimordial Blocks MapTower MapVilla MapCan drop from T11-T16 maps.
    Lost WorldsLost Worlds8Map
    Map Tier: 15
    "There are worlds that lie beyond the edge of my page, the edge of my understanding. Worlds of wonder. Worlds of terror."
    Aramil - Cartographer to Emperor Chitus
    Map Tier: 15
    N/ASold by Zana
    LoyaltyLoyalty53x Orb of FusingBound by fate,
    inseparable by choice.
    53x Orb of FusingThe Den (Act 7)Barrows MapGrotto MapLair MapN/A
    Lucky ConnectionsLucky Connections720x Orb of FusingLuck is a fool's game, and I know plenty of rich fools.720x Orb of FusingThe DocksThe QuayPier Map (Betrayal)Port Map (Betrayal)Shipyard Map (Betrayal)Wharf Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Lucky DeckLucky Deck910x Stacked DeckWhen the outcome is the same, does it matter if it is fortune or trickery?910x Stacked DeckRamparts Map (Betrayal)Also Shaped variants.
    Lysah's RespiteLysah's Respite6Agate Amulet
    So many memories,
    so much pain in
    such a small token.
    Drown it in blood
    so you can forget.
    6Agate Amulet
    Maelström of Chaos (Betrayal)Mineral Pools Map (Betrayal)Underground Sea Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Mawr BlaiddMawr Blaidd16Eyes of the GreatwolfRigwald believed he'd seized great power, but it was the great power that had seized Rigwald16Eyes of the GreatwolfDark Forest MapN/A
    Merciless ArmamentMerciless Armament4Merciless Two-Hand Weapon
    Item Level: 100
    "Through thick and thin,
    blood and bone,
    a peaceful life
    is one I can't condone."
    - Tukohama, Father Of War
    4Merciless Two-Hand Weapon
    Item Level: 100
    Armoury Map (Betrayal)Colonnade Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Might is RightMight is Right9TrypanonThe mind had much to endure before the advent of thaumaturgy.9TrypanonThe Ossuary (Act 5)The Reliquary (Act 5)The Reliquary (Act 10)The Ossuary (Act 10)Mausoleum MapRelic Chambers MapSepulchre MapN/A
    MittsMitts5GlovesThose whose hands are their livelihood know the importance of keeping them safe and warm.5GlovesThe AscentThe Solaris Temple Level 1 (Act 8)The Solaris Temple Level 2 (Act 8)Iceberg Map (Betrayal)Summit Map (Betrayal)N/A
    MonochromeMonochrome310x Cartographer's Sextant"You cannot portray the world using just one colour. Together, you and I, we will paint our world into perfection."
    - Kyra, renegade thaumaturgist
    310x Cartographer's SextantMaelström of ChaosThe Vinktar SquarePillars of ArunThe Twilight TempleWhakawairua TuahuPoorjoy's AsylumOba's Cursed TroveVaults of AtziriN/A
    No TracesNo Traces930x Orb of ScouringThere is no mistake so great that it cannot be undone.930x Orb of ScouringThe Ossuary (Act 5)The Reliquary (Act 10)The Ossuary (Act 10)Mausoleum MapSepulchre MapN/A
    Item Level: 100
    Shaper Item
    There are countless worlds, but only those with limitless potential will be able to achieve perfection.
    Item Level: 100
    Shaper Item
    Pit of the Chimera Map (Betrayal)Lair of the Hydra Map (Betrayal)Maze of the Minotaur Map (Betrayal)Forge of the Phoenix Map (Betrayal)Drops from the Guardians of the Void.
    Pride Before the FallPride Before the Fall8Kaom's Heart
    As Kaom slew the last of his kin,
    something deep inside him broke.
    And through the cracks, corruption,
    pure and black, spread forth.
    8Kaom's Heart
    The Coast (Act 6)The Tidal Island (Act 6)The Mud Flats (Act 6)The Karui FortressCaldera Map (Betrayal)Lava Lake Map (Betrayal)Marshes Map (Betrayal)Volcano Map (Betrayal)N/A
    ProsperityProsperity10Perandus' Gold RingAccumulating wealth has its own costs.10Perandus' Gold RingThe Tidal Island (Act 6)Shore Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Rain of ChaosRain of Chaos8Chaos OrbFire filled the sky that night
    Chaos reigned
    Where the shards fell
    All was destroyed
    -Jozen Kasigi, retelling an urban legend of the Cataclysm
    8Chaos OrbThe Crossroads (Act 7)The Imperial FieldsCastle Ruins Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Rain TempterRain Tempter9Strand Map
    Item Level: 73
    Be like water, friend.
    9Strand Map
    Item Level: 73
    Grotto Map (Betrayal)N/A
    RatsRats8Rat's NestWhoever said 'more is always better' has obviously never met a rat.8Rat's NestThe Imperial FieldsThe Grain GateFactory Map (Betrayal)N/A
    RebirthRebirth27Charan's SwordHe shattered Her smile
    Scattered the fragments like ash
    All she did was laugh
    27Charan's SwordThe Slave PensThe Ruined SquareThe Desecrated ChambersThe Control Blocks (Act 10)The Reliquary (Act 10)The Ossuary (Act 10)The Broken Bridge (Act 7)The Crypt (Act 7)The Ashen FieldsThe Blood AqueductThe Vastiri DesertThe FoothillsN/A
    Sambodhi's VowSambodhi's Vow3Mortal FragmentHe dispels dark realms
    until mortal sufferings
    yield to hopeful light.
    3Mortal FragmentN/ACan drop from members of the Immortal Syndicate.
    Scholar of the SeasScholar of the Seas7Mao KunI've never come upon a ship I could not command. I have however met sailors that were not willing to be led.7Mao KunThe Brine King's ReefCoves Map (Betrayal)Reef Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Seven Years Bad LuckSeven Years Bad Luck13Mirror ShardIf enough people believe something to be true, whether or not it is becomes irrelevant.13Mirror ShardDefiled Cathedral MapN/A
    Shard of FateShard of Fate4Vivid JewelTheir whims left unknown,
    Their life left for others.
    4Vivid JewelThe Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 7)Museum Map (Betrayal)Overgrown Ruin Map (Betrayal)Overgrown Shrine Map (Betrayal)N/A
    Struck by LightningStruck by Lightning3Electrocuting Jewellery
    Item Level: 76
    'Lightning never strikes the same place twice'
    is really just wishful thinking.
    3Electrocuting Jewellery
    Item Level: 76
    Cemetery Map (Betrayal)Courtyard Map (Betrayal)Graveyard Map (Betrayal)Infested Valley Map (Betrayal)Leyline Map (Betrayal)Promenade Map (Betrayal)Shipyard Map (Betrayal)Tower Map (Betrayal)Wharf Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The AdmirerThe Admirer9Atziri ItemLucian lost himself in ancient scrolls and found in those scrolls a love whose power bridged a millennium.9Atziri ItemAncient City Map (Betrayal)Maze Map (Betrayal)Vaal Pyramid Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The AestheteThe Aesthete8Shavronne Item"Some see our mortal flesh as a limitation. I see it as an opportunity for vast, miraculous improvements."
    - Shavronne of Umbra
    8Shavronne ItemThe Harvest (area)Core MapScriptorium MapTower MapShavronne or corresponding bosses
    The Arena ChampionThe Arena Champion10Colosseum MapThe fight is the easy part. It's the years of training that'll kill you.10Colosseum MapN/AN/A
    The Army of BloodThe Army of Blood6BloodbondI gave my mind without a fight,
    The twelfth hour I lost control.
    The day is gone but there is light,
    eyes that glow like red-hot coal.
    6BloodbondThe Lunaris Temple Level 2 (Act 3)Shrine Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The ArtistThe Artist11Level 4 Enhance
    "Paint, metal, flesh... A true artist does not limit himself." - Malachai the Soulless
    11Level 4 Enhance
    The AvengerThe Avenger12Mjölner
    Justice comes swift
    Equal to the crime
    Revenge is a gift
    Life for a life
    Eye for an eye
    Primordial Blocks Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Battle BornThe Battle Born5Axe"No man can best me, no demon can fell me. For I vanquish all with my axe!"5AxeKaom's DreamKaom's StrongholdCaldera Map (Betrayal)Volcano Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The BeastThe Beast6Belly of the BeastTo know the monster, you must become the monster.6Belly of the BeastThe Belly of the Beast Level 1The Belly of the Beast Level 2The Belly of the Beast (Act 9)N/A
    The BetrayalThe Betrayal9Maligaro's VirtuosityIt's sad times we live in when a friendship has a price people are willing to pay.9Maligaro's VirtuosityThe Riverways (Act 6)The Southern Forest (Act 6)The Western Forest (Act 6)The Crossroads (Act 7)The Northern Forest (Act 7)Burial Chambers Map (Betrayal)Mesa Map (Betrayal)Spider Forest Map (Betrayal)Fungal Hollow Map (Betrayal)Strand Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Blazing FireThe Blazing Fire6Chin SolLethal, untouchable, keen, aflame. Just what I was looking for.6Chin SolThe Ruined SquareThe Torched Courts (Act 5)The Ravaged SquareThe Torched Courts (Act 10)Alleyways Map (Betrayal)Haunted Mansion Map (Betrayal)Siege Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The BodyThe Body4Body ArmourThey say it is the head that leads, but all must flow through the body at some point.4Body ArmourN/ACan drop from an Armourer's Strongbox.
    The BreachThe Breach4Breach ItemEver get the feeling you're being watched...?4Breach ItemN/ADrops from Null Portals that spawn in Elder-Influenced maps.
    The Brittle EmperorThe Brittle Emperor8Voll's Devotion
    "When Voll spared Malachai, accepting his aid in pursuit of Purity, the strongest faith was infected by Corruption and made brittle as glass."
    - Victario, the People's Poet
    8Voll's Devotion
    The Dried LakeVoll, Emperor of Purity or corresponding bosses (The Brittle Emperor)
    The CacophonyThe Cacophony83x Deafening EssenceNothing can be heard above the din or seen amongst the turmoil. The senses are shattered. All is left to fate.83x Deafening EssenceMaelström of Chaos (Betrayal)Crimson Temple Map (Betrayal)Excavation Map (Betrayal)Mineral Pools Map (Betrayal)Sepulchre Map (Betrayal)Underground Sea Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The CallingThe Calling6Beyond ItemBlood flows not just through veins, but through worlds.6Beyond ItemN/AThe Calling can drop from Beyond demons.
    The Carrion CrowThe Carrion Crow4Life ArmourFrom death, life.
    From life, death.
    The wheel turns,
    and the corbies wheel overhead.
    4Life ArmourThe Western Forest (Act 2)The City of SarnThe Ebony BarracksThe BattlefrontThe AqueductThe AscentThe Grand PromenadeThe Blood AqueductColonnade Map (Betrayal)Courtyard Map (Betrayal)Promenade Map (Betrayal)Ramparts Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The CartographerThe Cartographer110x Cartographer's ChiselIt's always easier to find your way if you draw a map of the progress you've made.110x Cartographer's ChiselN/ACartographer's Strongbox
    The CataclysmThe Cataclysm13Level 21 Spell Gem
    The mighty warriors traded in blows, the nimble archers in arrows, yet it was the brazen thaumaturgists who would bring catastrophe to all.
    13Level 21 Spell Gem
    Strange SinkholeConcealed CavitySunken ShingleClouded RidgeForgotten OublietteRemote GulchCremated Archives (Act 10)Narrow RavineMystical ClearingCovered-up HollowHidden PatchEntombed AlcoveSecret LaboratorySecluded CopseForbidden ChamberQuarantined QuartersInner GroundsSealed CorridorsRestricted GalleryDisused FurnaceBlind AlleyEntombed ChamberSacred ChambersStagnant CanalWalled-off DuctsNeglected CellarArcane ChambersForgotten ConduitAncient CatacombHaunted MineshaftAbandoned DamDesolate TrackReclaimed BarracksSealed BasementSecluded CanalForbidden ArchivesCremated Archives (Act 5)Twisted InquisitoriumDeathly ChambersRestricted CollectionSide ChapelRadiant PoolsClouded LedgeFlooded ComplexForbidden ShrineSealed RepositoryEvacuated QuarterConcealed CaldariumMoonlit ChambersShifting SandsForgotten GulchDesolate IsleDusty BluffN/A
    The CatalystThe Catalyst3Vaal OrbSimple actions can lead the world to an early grave.3Vaal OrbThe Vaal CityThe Temple of Decay Level 1The Temple of Decay Level 2Ancient City Map (Betrayal)Maze Map (Betrayal)Vaal Pyramid Map (Betrayal)Vaults of Atziri (Betrayal)Vaal Temple Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Celestial JusticarThe Celestial Justicar6Six-Link Astral PlateWrapped in the glory of the heavens, she comes to mete out justice for the fallen.6Six-Link Astral PlateThe Crypt (Act 7)Cursed Crypt Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Celestial StoneThe Celestial Stone10Opal Ring
    Item Level: 100
    Shaper Item
    Stare into its depths too long, and you may lose yourself entirely.
    10Opal Ring
    Item Level: 100
    Shaper Item
    Basilica Map (Betrayal)Lair of the Hydra Map (Betrayal)Terrace Map (Betrayal)Can drop from Jeweller's Strongboxes.
    The Chains that BindThe Chains that Bind11Six-Link Body ArmourScarier than any criminal is an innocent man in chains, for when he breaks free, his revenge will be justified.11Six-Link Body ArmourCage Map (Betrayal)Lava Chamber Map (Betrayal)Pen Map (Betrayal)Pit Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Coming StormThe Coming Storm8Lightning CoilNo man may hope to turn back the storm. You can only hope you do not attract its ire.8Lightning CoilColonnade Map (Betrayal)Graveyard Map (Betrayal)Infested Valley Map (Betrayal)Leyline Map (Betrayal)Shipyard Map (Betrayal)Villa Map (Betrayal)Wharf Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The ConduitThe Conduit9Doryani's FistThe path to godhood is guided by the hand of sacrifice.9Doryani's FistThe Upper Sceptre of GodDominus or corresponding bosses
    The Cursed KingThe Cursed King8Rigwald's CurseThe First Ones
    may be blasphemy,
    but they are
    powerful blasphemy.
    8Rigwald's CurseN/AN/A
    The Dapper ProdigyThe Dapper Prodigy6Six-Link Body Armour
    Item Level: 100
    "Many believe murder is a grisly, grim, and grotesque crime. Then there are those who simply make art of it."
    6Six-Link Body Armour
    Item Level: 100
    Residence Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Dark MageThe Dark Mage6Six-Link Staff
    Item Level: 55
    With staff in hand
    and wrath in heart,
    your soul and corpse
    shall surely part.
    6Six-Link Staff
    Item Level: 55
    The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 7)Overgrown Ruin Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Darkest DreamThe Darkest Dream6Severed in Sleep
    A dream from which you cannot awake is nothing other than a nightmare.
    6Severed in Sleep
    Whakawairua Tuahu (Betrayal)N/A
    The DeceiverThe Deceiver4Belt of the Deceiver
    Beware the combatant who shows no confidence, yet still enters the ring, for they are surely hiding something.
    4Belt of the Deceiver
    The Grand ArenaArena Map (Betrayal)Colosseum Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The DemonessThe Demoness5Death's HandWherever she went, death was sure to follow.5Death's HandThe Northern Forest (Act 7)N/A
    The DoctorThe Doctor8Headhunter"They said I needed my head examined, but I'd rather just take yours." - Klopek the Cannibal8HeadhunterBurial Chambers Map (Betrayal)Spider Forest Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The DoppelgangerThe Doppelganger2Superior Mirror Arrow
    Quality: +20%
    Upon seeing her face, I am terrified—the moon shows me my own form!
    2Superior Mirror Arrow
    Quality: +20%
    The Crossroads (Act 7)Whakawairua Tuahu (Betrayal)N/A
    The DragonThe Dragon4Coruscating ElixirScaly beast of the skies,
    watching with his golden eyes.
    Shadow that blocks out the sun,
    it's too late for you to run.
    4Coruscating ElixirDark Forest Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Dragon's HeartThe Dragon's Heart11Level 4 Empower
    They say when a dragon dies, the flesh smoulders and burns until all that remains is the still, white-hot, heart.
    11Level 4 Empower
    Pit of the Chimera Map (Betrayal)The Putrid Cloister (Betrayal)N/A
    The DreamerThe Dreamer6Chayula ItemA dark note drips
    from the dreamer's lips,
    A honeyed melody.
    We stand, we fall
    on his beck and call,
    for in his dream we're free.
    6Chayula ItemN/AThe Dreamer can drop from Agents of the Void.
    The DreamlandThe Dreamland8Poorjoy's AsylumAll dreams vanish when the dreamers wake.8Poorjoy's AsylumLaboratory Map (Betrayal)Can drop from Cartographer's Strongboxes.
    The Drunken AristocratThe Drunken Aristocrat8Divination DistillateThe finer the brew, the harder it is to remember drinking it.8Divination DistillateN/AN/A
    The Encroaching DarknessThe Encroaching Darkness8Map
    No matter where your dreams take you, Nightmare follows close behind.
    Chayula's DomainTul's DomainXoph's DomainEsh's DomainUul-Netol's DomainAcademy Map (Betrayal)Acid Caverns Map (Betrayal)Arachnid Nest Map (Betrayal)Arachnid Tomb Map (Betrayal)Arena Map (Betrayal)Armoury Map (Betrayal)Arsenal Map (Betrayal)Ashen Wood Map (Betrayal)Atoll Map (Betrayal)Maelström of Chaos (Betrayal)Basilica Map (Betrayal)Bazaar Map (Betrayal)Belfry Map (Betrayal)Bog Map (Betrayal)Bone Crypt Map (Betrayal)Olmec's Sanctum (Betrayal)Caldera Map (Betrayal)Carcass Map (Betrayal)Castle Ruins Map (Betrayal)Cemetery Map (Betrayal)Hallowed Ground (Betrayal)Pit of the Chimera Map (Betrayal)Colonnade Map (Betrayal)Colosseum Map (Betrayal)Coral Ruins Map (Betrayal)Core Map (Betrayal)Courtyard Map (Betrayal)The Vinktar Square (Betrayal)Coves Map (Betrayal)Crimson Temple Map (Betrayal)Crystal Ore Map (Betrayal)Cursed Crypt Map (Betrayal)The Coward's Trial (Betrayal)Dark Forest Map (Betrayal)Defiled Cathedral Map (Betrayal)Desert Spring Map (Betrayal)Dig Map (Betrayal)Dunes Map (Betrayal)Pillars of Arun (Betrayal)Area:MapWorldsElder~DesertArea:MapWorldsElder~ElegantArea:MapWorldsElder~GardenArea:MapWorldsElder~ReefArea:MapWorldsElder~RefineryArea:MapWorldsElder~ReliquaryArea:MapWorldsElder~RiverArea:MapWorldsElder~SceptreArea:MapWorldsElder~SulphurArea:MapWorldsElder~TempleArea:MapWorldsElder~TowerArea:MapWorldsElder~VolcanoArea:MapWorldsElderArenaFactory Map (Betrayal)Fields Map (Betrayal)Gardens Map (Betrayal)Geode Map (Betrayal)Ghetto Map (Betrayal)The Beachhead (High Tier) (Betrayal)The Beachhead (Mid Tier) (Betrayal)Lair of the Hydra Map (Betrayal)Infested Valley Map (Betrayal)Jungle Valley Map (Betrayal)Laboratory Map (Betrayal)Lair Map (Betrayal)Lava Chamber Map (Betrayal)Lava Lake Map (Betrayal)Malformation Map (Betrayal)Mausoleum Map (Betrayal)Mesa Map (Betrayal)Mineral Pools Map (Betrayal)Maze of the Minotaur Map (Betrayal)Moon Temple Map (Betrayal)The Twilight Temple (Betrayal)Mud Geyser Map (Betrayal)Museum Map (Betrayal)The Putrid Cloister (Betrayal)Necropolis Map (Betrayal)Death and Taxes (Betrayal)Orchard Map (Betrayal)Overgrown Ruin Map (Betrayal)Overgrown Shrine Map (Betrayal)Acton's Nightmare (Betrayal)Palace Map (Betrayal)Park Map (Betrayal)Phantasmagoria Map (Betrayal)Forge of the Phoenix Map (Betrayal)Pier Map (Betrayal)Pit Map (Betrayal)Plateau Map (Betrayal)Plaza Map (Betrayal)Precinct Map (Betrayal)Primordial Pool Map (Betrayal)Promenade Map (Betrayal)Hall of Grandmasters (Betrayal)Racecourse Map (Betrayal)Ramparts Map (Betrayal)Reef Map (Betrayal)Residence Map (Betrayal)Scriptorium Map (Betrayal)Sepulchre Map (Betrayal)The Shaper's Realm (Betrayal)Shipyard Map (Betrayal)Shore Map (Betrayal)Mao Kun (Betrayal)Shrine Map (Betrayal)Siege Map (Betrayal)Spider Forest Map (Betrayal)Summit Map (Betrayal)Sunken City Map (Betrayal)Temple Map (Betrayal)Poorjoy's Asylum (Betrayal)Terrace Map (Betrayal)Thicket Map (Betrayal)Primordial Blocks Map (Betrayal)Oba's Cursed Trove (Betrayal)Tower Map (Betrayal)Crater Map (Betrayal)Tropical Island Map (Betrayal)Underground River Map (Betrayal)Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack's Den (Betrayal)Underground Sea Map (Betrayal)Vaal Pyramid Map (Betrayal)Vaults of Atziri (Betrayal)Vaal Temple Map (Betrayal)Vault Map (Betrayal)Villa Map (Betrayal)Wasteland Map (Betrayal)Waste Pool Map (Betrayal)Waterways Map (Betrayal)Wharf Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Endless DarknessThe Endless Darkness9VoidforgeGaze towards the stars, but beware what gazes back.9VoidforgeThe Beachhead (High Tier) (Betrayal)The Beachhead (Low Tier) (Betrayal)The Beachhead (Mid Tier) (Betrayal)N/A
    The EnduranceThe Endurance4Vivid Crimson JewelCrimson rubies, drops of vigour,
    flowing through my veins,
    flesh like coal, try to crush me,
    diamond is what remains.
    4Vivid Crimson JewelThe Mines Level 1The Mines Level 2The Crystal VeinsThe TunnelExcavation Map (Betrayal)Geode Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The EnlightenedThe Enlightened6Level 3 EnlightenWeaving the six,
    a serpent stands tall.
    Wearing a crown,
    the thousand petals call.
    6Level 3 EnlightenAshen Wood Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The EtherealThe Ethereal7Six-Link Vaal Regalia"Long ago, people looked to the stars, believing they influenced us. Soon, it will be us who influence the stars."
    - Doryani, Queen's Thaumaturge
    7Six-Link Vaal RegaliaThe Apex of SacrificeThe Eternal Labyrinth
    The ExplorerThe Explorer6Map
    A map is only useful if you know where you stand.
    The Dread Thicket (Act 7)Thicket Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Eye of the DragonThe Eye of the Dragon10Jewel
    Some powers are far too great even for the
    gods of old.
    The Boiling LakeMarshes Map (Betrayal)Sulphur Vents Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Fathomless DepthsThe Fathomless Depths8LightpoacherFall into endless night; a voyage into an ocean of oblivion.8LightpoacherThe Cavern of Anger (Act 6)Flooded Mine MapUnderground Sea MapN/A
    The FeastThe Feast5Romira's Banquet
    Shame what happened to my husband. He had such good taste.
    5Romira's Banquet
    The Northern Forest (Act 2)The SewersThe Toxic ConduitsLair of the Hydra Map (Betrayal)Toxic Sewer Map (Betrayal)Waste Pool Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The FiendThe Fiend11Headhunter
    Your era is now,
    your power unwavered,
    soon we will see
    who the gods truly favoured.
    The Putrid Cloister (Betrayal)Shrine Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The FletcherThe Fletcher5Drillneck
    Let these fine arrows pack a punch.
    The ClimbThe Riverways (Act 6)Ironpoint the Forsaken, Steelpoint the Avenger, Lieutenant of the Bow
    The Flora's GiftThe Flora's Gift5Five-Link Staff
    Item Level: 66
    Sturdy and strong,
    grown from the stream.
    The Flora that live here,
    A combatant's dream.
    5Five-Link Staff
    Item Level: 66
    Jungle Valley Map (Betrayal)Tropical Island Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Formless SeaThe Formless Sea7VarunastraFormless might,
    Wild beauty tamed,
    The brine of gods,
    The seas restrained.
    7VarunastraReef Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The ForsakenThe Forsaken7Umbilicus ImmortalisYou gave us life and love, more than you could spare. Now you're gone, and we are stranded, alone, cold and without purpose.7Umbilicus ImmortalisBone Crypt Map (Betrayal)Olmec's Sanctum (Betrayal)N/A
    The FoxThe Fox6Level 20 Gem"Masters of wit, strength and cunning. To survive the harsh winters, you must be like the fox."
    - Ezomyte Proverb
    6Level 20 GemThe Western Forest (Act 2)The Vaal CityThe Crossroads (Act 7)The Fellshrine Ruins (Act 7)Barrows Map (Betrayal)Sunken City Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The GamblerThe Gambler5Divination Card"I don't believe in karma. If it were real, I would never win."5Divination CardArea:3~ClassicTreasuryThe Pale CourtChayula's DomainTul's DomainXoph's DomainEsh's DomainUul-Netol's DomainThe Apex of SacrificeThe Alluring AbyssCrypt Map (pre 2.0)The Coward's Trial (Original)Dungeon Map (pre 2.0)Grotto Map (pre 2.0)Overgrown Ruin Map (pre 2.0)Dunes Map (pre 2.0)Arid Lake Map (pre 2.0)Tropical Island Map (pre 2.0)Orchard Map (pre 2.0)Necropolis Map (pre 2.0)Death and Taxes (Original)Plateau Map (pre 2.0)Bazaar Map (Original)Crematorium Map (pre 2.0)Precinct Map (pre 2.0)Academy Map (pre 2.0)Shipyard Map (pre 2.0)Shrine Map (pre 2.0)Palace Map (pre 2.0)Courtyard Map (pre 2.0)Vaal Temple Map (pre 2.0)Wharf Map (pre 2.0)Arsenal Map (pre 2.0)Thicket Map (pre 2.0)Atoll Map (pre 2.0)Maelström of Chaos (Original)Cemetery Map (pre 2.0)Sewer Map (pre 2.0)Arcade Map (pre 2.0)Ghetto Map (pre 2.0)Spider Lair Map (pre 2.0)Vaal Pyramid Map (pre 2.0)Vaults of Atziri (Original)Reef Map (pre 2.0)Mao Kun (Original)Springs Map (pre 2.0)Mud Geyser Map (pre 2.0)Museum Map (pre 2.0)Catacombs Map (pre 2.0)Overgrown Shrine Map (pre 2.0)Acton's Nightmare (Original)Crystal Ore Map (pre 2.0)Shore Map (pre 2.0)Spider Forest Map (pre 2.0)Promenade Map (pre 2.0)Hall of Grandmasters (Original)Underground River Map (pre 2.0)Pier Map (pre 2.0)Bog Map (pre 2.0)Graveyard Map (pre 2.0)Coves Map (pre 2.0)Villa Map (pre 2.0)Temple Map (pre 2.0)Poorjoy's Asylum (Original)Arachnid Nest Map (pre 2.0)Strand Map (pre 2.0)Whakawairua Tuahu (Original)Ashen Wood Map (pre 2.0)Colonnade Map (pre 2.0)Torture Chamber Map (pre 2.0)Oba's Cursed Trove (Original)Waste Pool Map (pre 2.0)Cavern Map (pre 2.0)Jungle Valley Map (pre 2.0)Terrace Map (pre 2.0)Cells Map (pre 2.0)Canyon Map (pre 2.0)Dark Forest Map (pre 2.0)Peninsula Map (pre 2.0)Underground Sea Map (pre 2.0)Maze Map (pre 2.0)Olmec's Sanctum (Original)Gorge Map (pre 2.0)Residence Map (pre 2.0)Academy Map (Betrayal)Acid Caverns Map (Betrayal)Alleyways Map (Betrayal)Ancient City Map (Betrayal)Arachnid Nest Map (Betrayal)Arachnid Tomb Map (Betrayal)Arcade Map (Betrayal)Arena Map (Betrayal)Arid Lake Map (Betrayal)Armoury Map (Betrayal)Arsenal Map (Betrayal)Ashen Wood Map (Betrayal)Atoll Map (Betrayal)Maelström of Chaos (Betrayal)Barrows Map (Betrayal)Basilica Map (Betrayal)Bazaar Map (Betrayal)Beach Map (Betrayal)Belfry Map (Betrayal)Bog Map (Betrayal)Bone Crypt Map (Betrayal)Olmec's Sanctum (Betrayal)Burial Chambers Map (Betrayal)Cage Map (Betrayal)Caldera Map (Betrayal)Canyon Map (Betrayal)Carcass Map (Betrayal)Castle Ruins Map (Betrayal)Cells Map (Betrayal)Cemetery Map (Betrayal)Hallowed Ground (Betrayal)Channel Map (Betrayal)Chateau Map (Betrayal)The Perandus Manor (Betrayal)Pit of the Chimera Map (Betrayal)City Square Map (Betrayal)Colonnade Map (Betrayal)Colosseum Map (Betrayal)Conservatory Map (Betrayal)Coral Ruins Map (Betrayal)Core Map (Betrayal)Courthouse Map (Betrayal)Courtyard Map (Betrayal)The Vinktar Square (Betrayal)Coves Map (Betrayal)Crimson Temple Map (Betrayal)Crystal Ore Map (Betrayal)Cursed Crypt Map (Betrayal)The Coward's Trial (Betrayal)Dark Forest Map (Betrayal)Defiled Cathedral Map (Betrayal)Desert Map (Betrayal)Desert Spring Map (Betrayal)Dig Map (Betrayal)Dunes Map (Betrayal)Pillars of Arun (Betrayal)Dungeon Map (Betrayal)Area:MapWorldsElder~DesertArea:MapWorldsElder~ElegantArea:MapWorldsElder~GardenArea:MapWorldsElder~ReefArea:MapWorldsElder~RefineryArea:MapWorldsElder~ReliquaryArea:MapWorldsElder~RiverArea:MapWorldsElder~SceptreArea:MapWorldsElder~SulphurArea:MapWorldsElder~TempleArea:MapWorldsElder~TowerArea:MapWorldsElder~VolcanoArea:MapWorldsElderArenaEstuary Map (Betrayal)Excavation Map (Betrayal)Factory Map (Betrayal)Fields Map (Betrayal)Flooded Mine Map (Betrayal)Gardens Map (Betrayal)Geode Map (Betrayal)Ghetto Map (Betrayal)Glacier Map (Betrayal)Graveyard Map (Betrayal)Grotto Map (Betrayal)Area:MapWorldsHarbingerThe Beachhead (High Tier) (Betrayal)The Beachhead (Low Tier) (Betrayal)The Beachhead (Mid Tier) (Betrayal)Haunted Mansion Map (Betrayal)Lair of the Hydra Map (Betrayal)Iceberg Map (Betrayal)Infested Valley Map (Betrayal)Ivory Temple Map (Betrayal)Jungle Valley Map (Betrayal)Laboratory Map (Betrayal)Lair Map (Betrayal)Lava Chamber Map (Betrayal)Lava Lake Map (Betrayal)Leyline Map (Betrayal)Lighthouse Map (Betrayal)Lookout Map (Betrayal)Malformation Map (Betrayal)Marshes Map (Betrayal)Mausoleum Map (Betrayal)Maze Map (Betrayal)Doryani's Machinarium (Betrayal)Mesa Map (Betrayal)Mineral Pools Map (Betrayal)Maze of the Minotaur Map (Betrayal)Moon Temple Map (Betrayal)The Twilight Temple (Betrayal)Mud Geyser Map (Betrayal)Museum Map (Betrayal)The Putrid Cloister (Betrayal)Necropolis Map (Betrayal)Death and Taxes (Betrayal)Orchard Map (Betrayal)Overgrown Ruin Map (Betrayal)Overgrown Shrine Map (Betrayal)Acton's Nightmare (Betrayal)Palace Map (Betrayal)Park Map (Betrayal)Pen Map (Betrayal)Peninsula Map (Betrayal)Phantasmagoria Map (Betrayal)Forge of the Phoenix Map (Betrayal)Pier Map (Betrayal)Pit Map (Betrayal)Plateau Map (Betrayal)Plaza Map (Betrayal)Port Map (Betrayal)Precinct Map (Betrayal)Primordial Pool Map (Betrayal)Promenade Map (Betrayal)Hall of Grandmasters (Betrayal)Racecourse Map (Betrayal)Ramparts Map (Betrayal)Reef Map (Betrayal)Relic Chambers Map (Betrayal)Residence Map (Betrayal)Scriptorium Map (Betrayal)Sepulchre Map (Betrayal)The Shaper's Realm (Betrayal)Shipyard Map (Betrayal)Shore Map (Betrayal)Mao Kun (Betrayal)Shrine Map (Betrayal)Siege Map (Betrayal)Spider Forest Map (Betrayal)Spider Lair Map (Betrayal)Fungal Hollow Map (Betrayal)Strand Map (Betrayal)Whakawairua Tuahu (Betrayal)Sulphur Vents Map (Betrayal)Summit Map (Betrayal)Sunken City Map (Betrayal)Temple Map (Betrayal)Poorjoy's Asylum (Betrayal)Terrace Map (Betrayal)Thicket Map (Betrayal)Primordial Blocks Map (Betrayal)Oba's Cursed Trove (Betrayal)Tower Map (Betrayal)Toxic Sewer Map (Betrayal)Crater Map (Betrayal)Tropical Island Map (Betrayal)Underground River Map (Betrayal)Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack's Den (Betrayal)Underground Sea Map (Betrayal)Vaal Pyramid Map (Betrayal)Vaults of Atziri (Betrayal)Vaal Temple Map (Betrayal)Vault Map (Betrayal)Villa Map (Betrayal)Volcano Map (Betrayal)Wasteland Map (Betrayal)Waste Pool Map (Betrayal)Waterways Map (Betrayal)Wharf Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Garish PowerThe Garish Power4JewelMaligaro may have valued function over form, but that did not mute his flair for the dramatic.4JewelThe Chamber of Sins Level 1 (Act 7)The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 7)Overgrown Ruin Map (Betrayal)Overgrown Shrine Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The GemcutterThe Gemcutter3Gemcutter's PrismIn the hands of a master craftsman, a worthless pebble can adorn the crown of a king.3Gemcutter's PrismN/AGemcutter's Strongbox
    The GentlemanThe Gentleman4Sword
    "Axes and mauls are so uncivilised. A good clean cut to the neck with a sharp blade, that's the Sarn way!"
    The SlumsThe Sarn RampartsThe Grain GateGhetto Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The GladiatorThe Gladiator5Nightmare BascinetThe thumb turns down
    and the crowd roars,
    they want death
    and the blood is yours.
    5Nightmare BascinetDaresso's DreamThe Grand ArenaArena Map (Betrayal)Colosseum Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Golden EraThe Golden Era7Flaring Eclipse Staff
    Item Level: 100
    Before gemlings, before thaumaturgy, a simple court magician could enthrall the masses.
    7Flaring Eclipse Staff
    Item Level: 100
    The Hale HeartThe Hale Heart4Item
    Item Level: 100
    Elder Item
    Though the years weakened his mind, his body remained deadly as ever.
    Item Level: 100
    Elder Item
    N/ACan drop from Elder guardians.
    The HarvesterThe Harvester11The HarvestTaste not of their
    forbidden fruit.
    Theirs is a harvest of
    the darkest kind,
    twisted, rotten and
    damned for eternity.
    11The HarvestN/AN/A
    The HermitThe Hermit9LifesprigThe hermit's only friend is the greenery he can find.9LifesprigThe Broken Bridge (Act 7)The CausewayThe Vaal CityThe Crossroads (Act 7)The Fellshrine Ruins (Act 7)The Ashen FieldsN/A
    The HoarderThe Hoarder12Exalted Orb"More! I want more!" - Faendris, the Insatiable12Exalted OrbThe Belly of the Beast Level 1The Belly of the Beast Level 2The Harvest (area)The Rotting CoreVault Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The HungerThe Hunger9Taste of Hate"How many lives have you consumed?"
    "How many times have you blinked?"
    9Taste of HateThe Belly of the Beast Level 1The Belly of the Beast Level 2The Harvest (area)The Belly of the Beast (Act 9)The Rotting CoreCarcass Map (Betrayal)Malformation Map (Betrayal)Phantasmagoria Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The ImmortalThe Immortal10House of Mirrors"Greetings! Just because you think I'm greedy doesn't mean I'm not willing to share. You'll just have to kill me first."
    -Grandmaster Dy'Ness
    10House of MirrorsThe Hall of GrandmastersN/A
    The IncantationThe Incantation4The Whispering IceWhen there is no other choice, even the meekest whisper can bring about the greatest storm.4The Whispering IceThe Western Forest (Act 6)Burial Chambers Map (Betrayal)Spider Forest Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The InnocentThe Innocent1040x Orb of RegretHis brother would not atone, so he took his brother's life, and with it, his sins.1040x Orb of RegretThe Chamber of InnocenceBasilica MapN/A
    The InoculatedThe Inoculated4Seraphim's ArmourChaos spread, wreaking havoc and death. They said none would be spared, and yet here I stand.4Seraphim's ArmourAcid Caverns Map (Betrayal)Primordial Pool Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The InsatiableThe Insatiable3The Harvest
    A lust for souls. The urge to kill just to satisfy its thirst. An unbearable burden that would make even the purest heart blacken over time.
    3The Harvest
    The Rotting CoreCarcass Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The InventorThe Inventor610x Vaal OrbJump right in,
    But beware
    Of things broken
    Or beyond compare.
    610x Vaal OrbThe Temple of Decay Level 1The Temple of Decay Level 2Maze Map (Betrayal)Vaal Pyramid Map (Betrayal)Vaal Temple Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Iron BardThe Iron Bard9Trash to TreasureDo the simple words used
    alone cause men to cheer?
    One hundred others might
    just as soon make a jeer.
    Perchance it was the turn
    of the tone in this bit.
    See how their hearts shone once,
    by my song, they were lit.
    9Trash to TreasureThe Vinktar Square (Betrayal)N/A
    The JesterThe Jester9Merciless One-Hand Weapon
    Item Level: 100
    Summoned for the King's desire,
    soon applause came from the court.
    However insanity was his only sire,
    so the King's reign was cut short.
    9Merciless One-Hand Weapon
    Item Level: 100
    The Jeweller's BoonThe Jeweller's Boon5The Jeweller's TouchThe jeweller's true talent is the capacity to see a jewel's beauty before they draw it out.5The Jeweller's TouchThe Crystal VeinsCrystal Ore Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The JourneyThe Journey3Harbinger's OrbOh the places you will go, the sights you will see, the things you will meet.3Harbinger's OrbLighthouse Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The King's BladeThe King's Blade5Bloodthirsty Eternal Sword
    Item Level: 66
    "To know for what you fight. To get up again when you've been struck down. To outmanoeuvre someone faster, trick someone smarter, crush someone stronger. That's what it takes to claim the crown."
    - Daresso, the King of Swords
    5Bloodthirsty Eternal Sword
    Item Level: 66
    Daresso's DreamPit Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The King's HeartThe King's Heart8Kaom's Heart500 times Kaom's axe fell, 500 times Kaom's Heart splintered. Finally, all that remained was a terrible, heartless Fury.8Kaom's HeartThe Coast (Act 6)Caldera Map (Betrayal)Volcano Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The LandingThe Landing5The Beachhead
    Map Tier: 15
    Warriors of a distant land, you embark on a journey from which you may not return, but which we will be all the better for.
    5The Beachhead
    Map Tier: 15
    Shore MapMao KunStrand MapWhakawairua TuahuN/A
    The Last One StandingThe Last One Standing10Atziri's DisfavourThe strongest emerge from suffering. The toughest bear the most scars. The sole survivor claims the greatest of rewards.10Atziri's DisfavourHall of Grandmasters (Betrayal)N/A
    The LichThe Lich12Midnight Bargain
    When the dead raise and master their own, the land is truly lost.
    12Midnight Bargain
    The Upper PrisonBone Crypt Map (Betrayal)Sawbones, Xixic, High Necromancer
    The Life ThiefThe Life Thief6Zerphi's Heart"The process of eternal youth is a give and take. You give them death and take their youth."
    - Zerphi of the Vaal
    6Zerphi's HeartN/AN/A
    The LionThe Lion5Lioneye ItemThe Eternals lauded his valour. The Karui relished his defeat. Yet the final thoughts of Marceus Lioneye were naught but lament for his pride.5Lioneye ItemGlacier MapN/A
    The Lord in BlackThe Lord in Black6Ring of Bameth
    Item Level: 83
    Thy knee shall bend
    in shifting dark,
    thy blade shall serve his vigil.
    Thy oath shall bind thee
    to his mark,
    thy flesh shall bear his sigil.
    6Ring of Bameth
    Item Level: 83
    N/AThe Lord in Black can drop from Bameth, Shifting Darkness.
    The Lord of CelebrationThe Lord of Celebration4Sceptre of Celebration
    Shaper Item
    Though they were a pack of elite combatants, the Emperor's royal guards were not ready to face one of his notorious parties.
    4Sceptre of Celebration
    Shaper Item
    The LoverThe Lover2Jewellery
    Item Level: 79
    "I wanted to give you three things. I've given you my eternal love. I've sung to you my most beautiful song. I'd have given you the moon last, but it couldn't be found. I hope you'll accept this instead."
    Item Level: 79
    Maelström of Chaos (Betrayal)Mineral Pools Map (Betrayal)Underground Sea Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Lunaris PriestessThe Lunaris Priestess5Sire of ShardsEmbrace the Light,
    Await the Morrow,
    No more Spite,
    And no more Sorrow.
    5Sire of ShardsThe Lunaris Temple Level 1 (Act 3)The Lunaris Temple Level 2 (Act 8)Shrine MapN/A
    The Mad KingThe Mad King7The King's PathFear the man who lusts for power, for he will do anything to get it.7The King's PathCaldera MapDark Forest MapLair MapReef MapThe Cursed King
    The MasterThe Master4Bisco's CollarIn a world filled with chaos, he could always seek comfort in the hands of his master.4Bisco's CollarPen MapN/A
    The Master ArtisanThe Master Artisan520x Quality CurrencyPerfection is the standard, excellence will be handled on a case by case basis.520x Quality CurrencyN/AN/A
    The MayorThe Mayor5The Perandus ManorA ruler is only as powerful as he is wealthy.
    Control the coin, control the empire.
    5The Perandus ManorIvory Temple MapCan also drop from Armourer's Strongboxes.
    The MercenaryThe Mercenary5Shield
    Loyalty can be bought. Just make sure you know who the buyer is.
    The Broken Bridge (Act 7)Castle Ruins Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The MessengerThe Messenger4Harbinger Fragment4Harbinger FragmentCrystal Ore MapN/A
    The Metalsmith's GiftThe Metalsmith's Gift6Prismatic RingA month's work, a year's wages, a foolish shortcut through a Rhoa's nest, and a grieving bride-to-be, who never received her betrothed's great gift.6Prismatic RingThe Mud Flats (Act 1)The Fetid PoolThe Mud Flats (Act 6)The Karui FortressN/A
    The NurseThe Nurse8The DoctorWe tried to tell him to get his head checked.8The DoctorShavronne's TowerArachnid Tomb MapTower MapN/A
    The OathThe Oath6Death's OathAn oath once made is an oath never broken. Do not delay in keeping it, for I take no pleasure in fools.6Death's OathThe Belly of the Beast (Act 9)The Rotting CoreCarcass Map (Betrayal)Core Map (Betrayal)Malformation Map (Betrayal)Phantasmagoria Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The ObscuredThe Obscured7BreachstoneOur world, dangerous as it is, is far safer than what lies just beyond our sight.7BreachstoneN/AThe Obscured can drop from Abyss monsters.
    The OfferingThe Offering8Shavronne's WrappingsEternal beauty has a cost, one which Shavronne was happy to pay with the lives of others.8Shavronne's WrappingsThe Rotting CoreCells MapCore MapScriptorium MapTower MapDrops from Shavronne of Umbra and her map boss variants.
    The One With AllThe One With All6Le Heup of All
    Embrace death to honour the lost,
    no fear in life no matter the cost.
    With one of all we are,
    and all of one we trust,
    throughout past, present and future... be just.
    6Le Heup of All
    The Tidal Island (Act 6)Oba's Cursed Trove (Betrayal)N/A
    The OpulentThe Opulent5Ring
    Item Level: 100
    Wealth can, in fact, buy happiness.
    Item Level: 100
    Chateau Map (Betrayal)Conservatory Map (Betrayal)Crimson Temple Map (Betrayal)Ivory Temple Map (Betrayal)Laboratory Map (Betrayal)Relic Chambers Map (Betrayal)Residence Map (Betrayal)Temple Map (Betrayal)Vaults of Atziri (Betrayal)Vault Map (Betrayal)Villa Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Pack LeaderThe Pack Leader6Alpha's HowlBecome the leader you were born to be.6Alpha's HowlN/AN/A
    The PactThe Pact9Pledge of Hands"On this day I mark the first of many agreements that I will have with this land and its people."9Pledge of HandsThe QuayN/A
    The PenitentThe Penitent5Unset RingFirst, I gave my wealth, and we went hungry. Next, I gave my land, and we were homeless. Then, I gave my family, and I was alone. Last, I gave my eyes, and all I could dream was mine.5Unset RingCells Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The PoetThe Poet9Blood of Corruption
    God had forsaken the land
    And Victario wept.
    Corruption consumed the land
    And Victario's tears turned to blood.
    9Blood of Corruption
    The MarketplaceThe QuayArcade Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The PolymathThe Polymath3AstramentisGenius knows no limits.3AstramentisThe Reliquary (Act 5)The Reliquary (Act 10)Relic Chambers Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The PorcupineThe Porcupine6Six-Link Short Bow
    Item Level: 50
    The first quill separates the quick learners from the dead.
    6Six-Link Short Bow
    Item Level: 50
    The High GardensGardens Map (Betrayal)Plaza Map (Betrayal)Terrace Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Price of ProtectionThe Price of Protection5Elder Chateau Map
    Map Tier: 16
    To protect her mansion, she would cut a deal with anyone. Anything.

    Something answered.
    5Elder Chateau Map
    Map Tier: 16
    N/ACan only drop from Invasion bosses.
    The ProfessorThe Professor4The Putrid CloisterThe academic route to knowledge is wide and well-trodden; but it is the untaught one who scales the mountain.4The Putrid CloisterLaboratory Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The PuzzleThe Puzzle55x Breachstone SplinterAs countless fractures weaken the divide, nightmares seep through from the other side.55x Breachstone SplinterN/AThe Puzzle can drop from Beyond demons.
    The QueenThe Queen16Atziri's AcuityThe power of the world,
    lies upon your hands.
    16Atziri's AcuityVaults of Atziri (Betrayal)N/A
    The Rabid RhoaThe Rabid Rhoa4Malicious Gemini Claw
    Item Level: 83
    "Experiment 22A: Rhoas, when deprived of water, secrete a most delightfully potent toxin."
    - Maligaro
    4Malicious Gemini Claw
    Item Level: 83
    Arid Lake Map (pre 2.0)Arid Lake Map (Betrayal)The Rabid Rhoa can only drop from Drought-Maddened Rhoa.
    The RealmThe Realm5Superior PortalIf you wish to rush into strange places, be prepared to face strange things.5Superior PortalN/ABreach
    The RiskThe Risk3Ventor's Gamble"There is no right or wrong choice, no best or worst. There are only choices and their consequences."3Ventor's GambleN/AN/A
    The Rite of ElementsThe Rite of Elements5Level 21 Golem Gem
    A mind as quick as lightning,
    fists as hard as stone,
    a heart that burns with fury,
    and eyes that chill to the bone.
    5Level 21 Golem Gem
    Courthouse Map (Betrayal)Coves Map (Betrayal)Flooded Mine Map (Betrayal)Grotto Map (Betrayal)Vault Map (Betrayal)Waterways Map (Betrayal)Wharf Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Road to PowerThe Road to Power7Runic One-Hand Weapon
    Item Level: 100
    A beacon on the horizon; a guiding light, a call for help, or a warning to turn back.
    7Runic One-Hand Weapon
    Item Level: 100
    Castle Ruins Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Ruthless CeintureThe Ruthless Ceinture7Meginord's Girdle
    In combat, a warrior must first be resourceful,
    and second, decisive.
    7Meginord's Girdle
    The DescentThe FoothillsDig Map (Betrayal)Maze of the Minotaur Map (Betrayal)Summit Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The SacrificeThe Sacrifice4Six-Link Sacrificial Garb
    Item Level: 100
    For some, the price of power is never too great.
    4Six-Link Sacrificial Garb
    Item Level: 100
    The Saint's TreasureThe Saint's Treasure102x Exalted OrbPublicly, he lived a pious and chaste life of poverty. Privately, tithes and tributes made him and his lascivious company very comfortable indeed.102x Exalted OrbThe SlumsThe MarketplaceThe Imperial FieldsThe Grain GateAlleyways MapArcade MapArsenal MapBazaar MapGhetto MapPort MapPrecinct MapN/A
    The Samurai's EyeThe Samurai's Eye3Watcher's EyeAt night, when the seas are calm, and the skies dark, he can see it. The formless fiend that took his eye, and fractured his mind.3Watcher's EyeN/AThis item can be acquired from an Abyssal Lich in the Abyssal Depths.
    The Scarred MeadowThe Scarred Meadow9Wake of DestructionThe earth offers nourishment, growth and healing. Unless, of course, the sky has other plans.9Wake of DestructionThe Old FieldsAshen Wood Map (Betrayal)Fields Map (Betrayal)Peninsula Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The ScavengerThe Scavenger8Carcass JackTake small pieces of things and then assemble them together8Carcass JackThe AqueductChannel Map (Betrayal)Ghetto Map (Betrayal)Underground River Map (Betrayal)The Hundred Foot Shadow, The Winged Death, Hephaeus, The Hammer, It That Fell
    The ScholarThe Scholar340x Scroll of WisdomIt is with the smallest of words that we find the largest of truths.340x Scroll of WisdomThe LibraryThe ArchivesAcademy Map (Betrayal)Museum Map (Betrayal)Scriptorium Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The SeekerThe Seeker93x Orb of AnnulmentAll that is flawed is worthless. The slightest error, and this might as well be trash.93x Orb of AnnulmentArea:Incursion~Temple1N/A
    The SephirotThe Sephirot1110x Divine OrbIf the path to divinity were simple, we'd all be gods.1110x Divine OrbThe Upper Sceptre of GodPalace Map (Betrayal)Dominus or corresponding bosses
    The SigilThe Sigil3Unassailable AmuletThree men travel
    through the gate;
    they carry a protective ward.
    A faction conspires
    against their fate,
    but magic unravels the sword.
    3Unassailable AmuletOvergrown Shrine Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The SirenThe Siren7The Whispering Ice
    At the beck and call
    of The Siren's hand,
    winter ravages
    the trembling land,
    and the weight of ice that binds
    will break the strongest of minds.
    7The Whispering Ice
    The Cavern of Anger (Act 6)The Brine King's ReefMaelström of Chaos (Betrayal)Underground Sea Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The SoulThe Soul9Soul Taker"Most people only have one. I'm a bit of a hoarder."9Soul TakerOvergrown Shrine Map (Betrayal)Sepulchre Map (Betrayal)Crater Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Spark and the FlameThe Spark and the Flame2Berek's RespiteWhen sky meets ground the flames can be found, but who has the will to tame them.2Berek's RespiteAtoll Map (Betrayal)Maelström of Chaos (Betrayal)N/A
    The Spoiled PrinceThe Spoiled Prince4Dictator's Prophecy Wand
    Item Level: 100
    A boy who grows up with everything learns to appreciate nothing.
    4Dictator's Prophecy Wand
    Item Level: 100
    Vaal Pyramid Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The StandoffThe Standoff3Rustic SashSometimes your greatest enemy is the only one keeping you breathing.3Rustic SashThe Torched Courts (Act 5)The Torched Courts (Act 10)Bone Crypt Map (Betrayal)Lava Chamber Map (Betrayal)Forge of the Phoenix Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The StormcallerThe Stormcaller4Agnerod StaffIf you beckon the
    Lord of Lightning,
    do not be surprised
    when you are struck.
    4Agnerod StaffN/AN/A
    The SummonerThe Summoner6Superior Minion Gem
    Quality: +20%
    To own a piece of the Nightmare, you must first belong to the Nightmare.
    6Superior Minion Gem
    Quality: +20%
    The Fetid PoolThe Lower Prison (Act 1)The Upper PrisonThe Crypt Level 2The Chamber of Sins Level 1 (Act 2)The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 2)The CatacombsShavronne's TowerBone Crypt Map (Betrayal)Cells Map (Betrayal)Cursed Crypt Map (Betrayal)Dungeon Map (Betrayal)Overgrown Ruin Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The SunThe Sun7Rise of the PhoenixEach night, the light dies, and each morning she is born anew, embracing the land in her golden wings.7Rise of the PhoenixThe Solaris Temple Level 1 (Act 3)The Solaris Temple Level 2 (Act 3)The Solaris Temple Level 1 (Act 8)The Twilight TempleN/A
    The SurgeonThe Surgeon4Surgeon's Flask"He might be lacking in vision, but his virtuosity is undeniable."
    - Malachai, on Maligaro
    4Surgeon's FlaskThe Chamber of Sins Level 1 (Act 7)The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 7)Overgrown Ruin Map (Betrayal)Overgrown Shrine Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The SurveyorThe Surveyor4Map
    Map Tier: 14
    Exploring lands made of flesh and sorrow, we'll reap and plunder like there's no tomorrow.
    Map Tier: 14
    Core Map (Betrayal)Malformation Map (Betrayal)Phantasmagoria Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The SurvivalistThe Survivalist37x Orb of AlchemyA lucky number
    For us all
    To help us through
    The perils told.
    37x Orb of AlchemyThe Wetlands (Act 2)Mineral Pools Map (Betrayal)Underground Sea Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Sword King's SaluteThe Sword King's Salute7Daresso's SaluteMany were slain by the sword king
    Their blood decorating his ring
    Those who retreated were slaughtered
    Those who fought bravely were honoured
    7Daresso's SaluteColosseum Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The ThaumaturgistThe Thaumaturgist8Shavronne's Revelation
    "Mastery of thaumaturgy is like any other pursuit; it requires dedication and sacrifice. Sometimes several sacrifices."
    - Shavronne of Umbra
    8Shavronne's Revelation
    Shrine Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The ThroneThe Throne2Kaom's Roots
    A king's movement is unwavering.
    2Kaom's Roots
    Lair of the Hydra Map (Betrayal)Toxic Sewer Map (Betrayal)Waste Pool Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The TowerThe Tower6StaffA tower built of the strongest stone is not eternal; a towering intellect is not enlightened.6StaffThe Sceptre of GodThe Upper Sceptre of GodResidence Map (Betrayal)Tower Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The TraitorThe Traitor4Wand
    Sometimes an apprentice becomes a master through countless hours of hard work and practice.
    Sometimes it happens by force.
    The BattlefrontThe Sarn RampartsThe Solaris ConcoursePromenade MapRamparts MapN/A
    The TrialThe Trial7Map
    Map Tier: 15
    You cannot journey to new lands until you have the courage to leave the safety of home.
    Map Tier: 15
    Arachnid Nest Map (Betrayal)Arachnid Tomb Map (Betrayal)Arena Map (Betrayal)Armoury Map (Betrayal)Bazaar Map (Betrayal)Belfry Map (Betrayal)Bog Map (Betrayal)Bone Crypt Map (Betrayal)Colonnade Map (Betrayal)Coral Ruins Map (Betrayal)Courtyard Map (Betrayal)Coves Map (Betrayal)Cursed Crypt Map (Betrayal)Dunes Map (Betrayal)Estuary Map (Betrayal)Factory Map (Betrayal)Gardens Map (Betrayal)Geode Map (Betrayal)The Beachhead (Mid Tier) (Betrayal)Infested Valley Map (Betrayal)Laboratory Map (Betrayal)Lair Map (Betrayal)Lava Chamber Map (Betrayal)Mausoleum Map (Betrayal)Mesa Map (Betrayal)Mineral Pools Map (Betrayal)Moon Temple Map (Betrayal)Mud Geyser Map (Betrayal)Museum Map (Betrayal)The Putrid Cloister (Betrayal)Orchard Map (Betrayal)Overgrown Ruin Map (Betrayal)Pier Map (Betrayal)Pit Map (Betrayal)Plateau Map (Betrayal)Precinct Map (Betrayal)Primordial Pool Map (Betrayal)Promenade Map (Betrayal)Ramparts Map (Betrayal)Residence Map (Betrayal)Scriptorium Map (Betrayal)Sepulchre Map (Betrayal)Shipyard Map (Betrayal)Shore Map (Betrayal)Siege Map (Betrayal)Spider Forest Map (Betrayal)Temple Map (Betrayal)Tower Map (Betrayal)Crater Map (Betrayal)Tropical Island Map (Betrayal)Underground River Map (Betrayal)Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack's Den (Betrayal)Vaal Pyramid Map (Betrayal)Vault Map (Betrayal)Wasteland Map (Betrayal)Waste Pool Map (Betrayal)Waterways Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The Twilight MoonThe Twilight Moon6The Twilight TempleThe day is dying, the night is born, the air grows cool, the sky is torn.6The Twilight TempleMoon Temple Map (Betrayal)Temple Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The TwinsThe Twins8Gemini Claw of Celebration
    Item Level: 83
    Two sides of a coin;
    Heads for a friend,
    tails a foe;
    Gemini toss up
    8Gemini Claw of Celebration
    Item Level: 83
    Ivory Temple Map (Betrayal)Moon Temple Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The TyrantThe Tyrant9Merciless Weapon
    Item Level: 100
    "Fear controls the masses."
    - Laszlo, the Scourge
    9Merciless Weapon
    Item Level: 100
    Precinct Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The UndauntedThe Undaunted5Nemesis Item
    "Fate was always my nemesis...
    But it didn't stop me then, and it won't stop me now."
    - Kjetilbrann, The Undaunted
    5Nemesis Item
    Basilica Map (Betrayal)Courthouse Map (Betrayal)Precinct Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The UndisputedThe Undisputed8Merciless Vaal Axe
    Item Level: 100
    Elder Item
    To create something truly spectacular, you must risk total failure.
    8Merciless Vaal Axe
    Item Level: 100
    Elder Item
    N/AThis item can be acquired from Chayula, Who Dreamt
    The UnionThe Union710x Gemcutter's PrismOn the 21st of Eterni,
    two become one,
    their light outshines
    the setting sun.
    710x Gemcutter's PrismCemetery Map (Betrayal)Graveyard Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The ValkyrieThe Valkyrie8Nemesis ItemThe villain strikes,
    the world is torn.
    A war begins, a hero is born,
    The nemesis sets the sky alight.
    A hero's sacrifice
    sets everything right.
    - Drake's Epitaph
    8Nemesis ItemN/AN/A
    The Valley of Steel BoxesThe Valley of Steel Boxes9Monstrous Treasure"The most valuable treasures should be hidden in plain sight."
    - Ina, Keeper of Goods
    9Monstrous TreasureN/AThe Valley of Steel Boxes can drop from strongboxes.
    The VastThe Vast7Song of the SirensCan you hear the siren's calls,
    Just beyond the sea?
    A voice which hearts
    of men enthralls,
    I too am hooked to thee.
    7Song of the SirensCoral Ruins Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The VisionaryThe Visionary6Lioneye's VisionLioneye looked to the heights of glorious victory. And thus he missed the defeat right under his nose.6Lioneye's VisionThe Grand ArenaColosseum Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The VoidThe Void1Reach into the Void and claim your prize.1N/AN/AN/A
    The WardenThe Warden4Amulet
    Brutus' first innovation as Lord Incarcerator was a weighted chain around every neck so that his prisoners would forever bow to him.
    The Lower Prison (Act 1)The Upper PrisonThe Slave PensThe Lower Prison (Act 6)Shavronne's TowerCage Map (Betrayal)Dungeon Map (Betrayal)Pen Map (Betrayal)Tower Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The WarlordThe Warlord6Six-Link Coronal Maul
    Item Level: 83
    To cure the Goddess,
    and break the chains of corruption,
    you must shatter the world.
    6Six-Link Coronal Maul
    Item Level: 83
    Arsenal Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The WatcherThe Watcher12Crown of EyesStrange eyes on top of spines
    Gaze beyond the veil of time
    Deep down below the mines
    A dream of crimson and of grime
    12Crown of EyesGrotto Map (Betrayal)N/A
    The WebThe Web8Weapon of CraftingA weapon, a shelter, a prison.
    The web's purpose changes
    with the spider's needs.
    A lesson we should
    take to heart.
    8Weapon of CraftingThe Weaver's ChambersArachnid Nest Map (Betrayal)Arachnid Tomb Map (Betrayal)Spider Lair Map (Betrayal)N/A